Monday, 6 January 2014

Weekly goals!

Last time I was here I promised to tell you about my weekend. But meh, that’ll have to wait. I also promised some new years resolutions, but here’s the thing, I have never in my life made them. Shocking, I know. I honestly thought this year would be the year it would change I’d make lots of resolutions and become a whole new version of me. But that seemed like a lot of work, and I’m lazy (I guess a normal person would make a resolution about changing that?). So I have one resolution, well it’s really more a goal, to make it to my goal weight by December 31st. It’s completely doable, if I manage a 1lb a week loss I’ll do it with a couple of months to spare, so there’s built in wiggle room!
But that’s an awfully big and long goal, so in the meantime I’m taking a page from Carolyn's book, and making some weekly goals too.
Fitnasty for Life

1)    Log everything in MFP. Tracking works, it helps me actually think about what I’m eating and keeps me accountable. But sometimes it seems like a lot of faff. That’s a terrible excuse for not doing it, so my first goal is to track everything this week, the good, bad and ugly!


2)    Exercise 5 times. It always works better when I exercise. It doesn’t all have to be high intensity like running or JM, this week even hooping counts, which should mean there is no excuse not to manage it, because there is plenty off good tv about this week that I can hoop to!


3)    Watch the Carbs. With PCOS I have been experimenting with differing diet recommendations. One of the things I found really worked before Christmas was cutting out pasta and bread and trying to favour things like brown rice and sweet potatoes. But I’ve gotten lazy and bread has been working its way back into my life, Having it occasionally is fine, having it daily, not so much!

So there you have it folks, some acheivable goals for the week, and hopefully having them written here for the whole of the internet to see I'll stick to them.


  1. Thanks for linking up-- great goals!! I've been trying to fiddle with my carbs counts too. MFP prescribes a high level of carbs automatically (and I LOVE my carbs), but I probably don't really NEED as many as I've been eating. Hope changing things up works for you too :)

  2. Excellent plan in place! I need to better with the carbs too.

  3. Great goals!!!

    I still want to hear what Reginald did for Hogmany though. ;)

  4. MFP can be so tedious at time! Which is why I struggle with it sometimes. I agree though that using it definitely helps me stay on track. Good luck this week!