Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Weigh in wednesday and a Holiday catch-up

Weigh In Wednesday

Firstly, lets deal with weigh in Wednesday.

This morning I weighed in at 183, which is 3lbs higher than my lowest weight before Christmas but about 4lbs down from my highest weight between Christmas and New years, so all in all not too bad! I've been quite good with working out, getting in some form of activity everyday but my eating is still not 100%, need to work on that!

As Shannon so rightly reminded me the other day, I neglected to update you on Hogmanay, and more importantly I haven’t kept you guys up to date with Reginald. I’m not going to catch you up on my Hogmanay because I was a boring person but Reg had a wild night, stumbling home to bed in the wee hours of the morning.

He had family visit over the Holidays.

 Then for Hogmany he found a new friend.
They bonded over some mead (these boys like their alcohol old school).

They pulled a left over Christmas cracker.

As the night wore on he became increasingly attached to his party horn.

Bobba Felt tried to claim it at one point.

This didn’t go down well.

But they hugged it out.

And like so many of the best nights they ended it taking a photo with some rando who Reg has no memory of!

He had a hang-over the next day but claims it was totally worth it!


P.S Yes, I do have too much time on my hands which is why some one needs to hire me pronto!!!


  1. Great weigh in today! You'll be back down to that weight from before the holidays in no time!

    Looks like Reginald had quite the exciting night! And there is photographic evidence!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS. This is pure GENIOUS! I LOVE Reginald, as well as the Baby from Dinosaurs!!!! I'm going to introduce your site to my husband. I think he would love it!!!!

    You are amazing Kristy. You make me laugh on a daily basis!

    PS, great weigh in!

  3. Popping by from WIW.

    Great job losing! I'm still stuck after Christmas. :P It'll come one day!

  4. I gained over the holidays, too. At least it's coming off! Yay for you!!!