Thursday, 13 February 2014

I survived!

So, salsa. I’m still here which means I survived!

It was a bit awkward in places, having never been before and only knowing a limited number if moves.So there was a beginners class which Rowan and I attended. It was fun, you swapped couples a lot which is good.Then we watched the intermediate class which Maja and Antonise attended

And then there was the social dance.

Dancing with Rowan was fun, we were hopeless, but had a blast poking fun of our own hopelessness.

 Also in the que to pay I met a young lad, who used to dance but hadn't for years so this was his first time back which was why he was attending he beginners class. Anyway I danced with him a lot at the social. He was nice, a good dancer and very patient teaching me new steps!

There was also an old man, I mean reeeeeeeeeally old, who I danced with quite often who was an amazing dancer and very kind.

I liked dancing with those guys. I guess part of it is they were both non-threatening.

Dancing with some other guys, not so much. Some of them were a bit creepy. And some of the dances felt a tad too intimate, I’m British and therefore naturally squeamish! But other than a lot of squeaking (I have a tendency to squeak when startled, when nervous or when I accidently hit someone else in the face) there were no major disasters (other than the aforementioned hitting someone but he was very kind about it).

The real drama of the night occurred earlier on. Antoinise had been sniping at me all day (often I feel as though I can’t say anything right with him, but it was particularly bad yesterday), which was a bummer because we were paired together. I’m not sure whether he was feeling embarrassed because he forgot his work folder or what but either way it was awkward. We all have a hard time telling if he’s being serious or sarcastic, and generally find him a bit moody but this was taking the biscuit. He really snapped at me in the car before going to the restaurant. So once there I conferred with Maja that a) it wasn’t just in my head that he was being extra snippy and b) that I hadn’t done anything wrong, she said no to both (phew!). He kept sniping throughout dinner and then at one point I’d said that Antonise and Maja could always go somewhere else and grab a snack (dinner was good but small) whilst Rowan and I were at our beginner class and he really bit my head off. Then Rowan lost his cool and basically told him he was being ridiculous and unfair I was just being polite and his behaviour was un-called for and enough was enough. Maja was trying to be nice and was like maybe you don’t mean to express yourself this way but it’s not acceptable. I may have lost my temper a wee bit at one point (his complaint was he didn’t need to be told that that was an option) and said I was being polite, unlike him  who was being unforgivably rude. And he kept saying how am I being rude, and we just looked at him, really you don’t see how you’ve been rude. Eventually I said just to drop it, and write it off as a cultural mis-communication, where he interpreted Brittish politeness for...... controllingness or mothering (I dunno I still don’t get it). So, yeah that was awkward. Fun times!!! But he danced with me at the social later so I guess all is forgiven?
Thankfully today is our day off as we are working saturday, there is no way I could have worked today. I slept so much and woke up with a headache so it would have been miserable today!


  1. So glad there was no twisted ankles, broken noses and missing fingers! Sounds like a fun night. :)

  2. Ok dancing is sounding like a lot of fun! So sorry about the drama with Antionise. Sometimes there are just some personalities that you just don't mesh well with. I love your British politeness and maybe you can just "kill him with kindness". :)