Tuesday, 25 February 2014

I've been ill :(

I’m so sorry I dropped off the radar this past week. We didn’t make it to salsa because Rowan wasn’t feeling well. Then on Thursday just before I had to drive us home, I got a cold, it just suddenly hit me. I mean I’d been a bit sniffley all week but nothing of note then suddenly 5pm, my throat started to kill me, my head felt all swimmy and I suddenly couldn’t breath through my nose. Seriously it was that quick! Friday I looked and felt like death warmed up. Oh and did I mention I pretty much lost my voice? I swear I had more people agreeing to re-cycle their food waste simply because they felt so bad for me. For most of the day I was paired with Rowan and the lad felt so sorry for me he was climbing to the top floors (a job we normally alternate).

We finished a tad early on Friday (I think they were worried I was just going to drop, although they still let me drive so maybe they just wanted to skive off early?). But it was Maja’s last night with us (she was moving onto a different post for the last week) so I still went out for dinner at the local pub, though I ended up crashing out pretty early and going home to bed. Saturday, I still sounded dreadful but my head was less funny which is good! And basically I emulated a potato Sunday and  Monday and have been slowly getting better. I still can’t breath but I can now talk!!!!! TMI warning: I producing disgusting amounts of flem which makes breathing/talking awkward. And by the end of the day I am feeling quite pants, but still on the mend!

Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling under the weather I want to EAT. And not the type of food that’s good for you either. I have been eating so much junk (or at least not great for you types food, not necessarily junk). I’ve had marcaroni and cheese (at the pub, to Rowans disgust, he couldn’t believe I was having that at a fish place). I had pizza Saturday night. I Bought bread so I could have a sausage butty. Basically all the carbs. All the carbs that I shouldn’t be eating, because I KNOW they don’t agree with my body! And lets not even talk about the PHENOMENAL amount of mini-eggs that have been consumed.

Right just a quick check-in. I’m going to snarf down some food and then probably crawl into bed to watch a film before falling asleep ridiculously early ( like 8pm). Because that’s how I roll!

I’m behind on blog reading......... and I’ve been nominated for the leibster (twice which is sweet), so I’ll get around to that soon too :s


  1. Dude! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Sorry you're feeling crappy!!! I get sick the same way. Yesterday at lunch, I had a few chills, by the night I was losing my voice and now I'm a full-blown, snot-blowing, phlem-producing gross machine. Ears are popping and I feel like crap. Jsut awesome. FEEL BETTER!!!!

  3. Ouch sorry you've been under the weather! I had a bad bout of it too. Hope you are on the mend soon. *(I also want to eat everything in sight when I am sick)