Sunday, 2 February 2014

life up-date and photo dump

So I may have been slow this week on the blogging front but i promise this post is either going to make up for it, or cure you of ever wanting to read my blog again ;p

Living with my colleagues (there are 4 of us) has been super interesting. Some of them have had incredible lives which leads to truly interesting conversation. Slight deviation from the topic, my faith and belief has already come up on a couple of occasions, partly because I am open about it but also because once again people seem fascinated by my dating policies!  I really hope that there are more opportunities to share my faith and the gospel with these people. Anyway, back to  my original point, living with such interesting people has led to a lot of interesting discussions on a wide range of topics.

There has been a lot of discussion about environmentalism and sustainability . We discussed the ethics of the local oil industry. Our thoughts on conservationism, and the types of jobs available in the sector. We talked about agriculture and farmers attitudes to the environment (quite split here). And about how our choices as consumers affect the world as a whole. We talked about our diets and how that impact upon the environment, and how do we strike a balance between eating what we want and what we know to be good for us and the environment. Rowan had talked about how recently he was challenging himself to eat a mostly vegetarian diet and earlier Maja and I had discussed my diet (she’d noticed how calorie conscious I was and couldn’t believe how much weight I’d lost) and how I struggle to eat a low carb/grain diet without over-reliance on meat and dairy. One of the guys did his undergrad dissertation on the ethics of silver mining which was very interesting and led to a discussion about the problem with the term ethical. Some fair-trade mining companies aren't every efficient and therefore cause more environmental degradation but treat their employees far better. Then we moved onto the ethics of diamonds ect. It has just been super interesting and definitely forced me to evaluate some of my choices as a consumer.

Some of these conversations occurred over the course of the week but on Friday we went to the village pub/restaurant for dinner where we really got into politics. Side note, rowan claimed his meal (fish pie) was better than everyone else’s, we didn’t believe him because our meals were good, but then we had a bit and it was amazing! Maja is from Spain and we discussed at length whether Catalonia should gain independence, then moved onto whether independence for Scotland was a good idea (again we were very split over this one). We had a heated discussion about the policies of the EU and Angela Mercle in particular. We talked about how the UK is better (and worse) than Antonies (from Cyprus) and Maja expected, and they praised the democratic system we have here and how comparatively un-corrupt it is. Which of course led to a discussion about the role corruption has played in their respective countries. And we discussed the frustration cultural stereotypes can cause.

And now I’m going to bombard you with photos!

These were taking on Saturday and Sunday, one wild weather day and one glorious weather day, but both of them show how lovely the village is!



  1. OOOH! That little place looks so pretty!!! I can't wait to hear more of your adventures there!

  2. What a beautiful little community!

    It sounds like you're having very in depth conversations! Nice that everyone is being so respectful though. No shouting matches yet? ;)

    What ARE your beliefs then? I'll assume no living together before being married and no sex before marriage, but are they any others? Not to overstep my bounds, but what religion do you practice?

    PS, love your blog even more now, Kirsty. I want to come to Scotland and visit you one day!