Thursday, 6 February 2014

NSV Thursday!

Not having access to a scale, and feeling like I am constantly eating means that this link-up is especially important to me this week. It’s good to be reminded that my health journey isn’t dictated by the number on the scale and that I have done a lot of things right this week.
So my NSV this week has been my meals.
It would have been so easy with this new job to slip into using ready meals, especially as it is only for 5 weeks. But instead I have made 1 meal at the beginning of the week, packed full of veg and lean meat, which I have then had every night (just varying the accompaniment, sweet potatoes, rice, lentils, cous cous). I have made soup for my lunches, making it every few days or so and make sure I always have yoghurt in for my breakfast. I’ve even made egg muffins and 100cal choc muffins for some of my snacks. Its been a real challenge, planning ahead so I have the ingredients in to make a bulk meal, working up the energy to make it when all I want to do at the weekend is slob about, its my NSV!
And what has been really nice to hear, is that seeing me do this has prompted some of my colleagues to make better choices, Maja kept going for  quick (though still reasonabley healthy) options last week, but said that seeing me cook has prompted her to make more of an effort.
Right it has to be short and sweet tonight I’m afraid, Maja’s husband is coming up to visit her this weekend as it’s his Birthday and she wants me to teach her how to bake a cake, or more specifically how to make chocolate avocado cake!


  1. Great NSV! Do you prep your meals for the week every week? I find it so hard to do this :/ I like variety too much

  2. You'll have to let me know how the chocolate avocado cake tastes. Sounds delish!

  3. Starting a new job can be stressful and hectic so not resorting to pre made meals is huge! Good for you, that's a great NSV!