Friday, 14 February 2014

Today you are not getting the blog post you expect

Today you are not getting the blog post you expect.

You are not get a Valentines day related post, mainly because I have no love life to speak of (except the fictional boy drama that exists solely in my own head).

Nor are you getting a post on being single, I’m well on my way to becoming an eccentric and only my deep mis-trust of cats stands between me and being a crazy cat lady, so no-one wants advise on being awesomely single from me.

You are not even getting the post about my increasingly awkward interactions with the cashier at the supermarket we have been frequenting on a daily basis, which was my original plan.

Instead today’s post has been hijacked by the stupid house we are staying in. The heating died last night. We will not have any heating until Monday. And it is snowing outside. So tomorrow (we are working) we are seriously considering going to salsa again straight after work, simply because it’s the warmest place we can think of. So there you go fate wants me to dance. Course I have a theory that she is gutted she let me slip under the radar on Wednesday without causing havoc and she just wants a chance to rectify this state of affairs.

Right I’m off, Maja and I are going to snuggle under the electric blanket we un-earthed in the attic. I want to watch dirty dancing (I forgot to mention that tomorrow night’s salsa session is dirty dancing themed!), however as Rowan may be joining us I’m not sure that will fly lol!


  1. Oh no! Sorry about the lack of heat! Yes, definitely go dancing and get that heart rate up! That will help! Try to have a good weekend!

  2. No need to mistrust cats! They are your friend!!!! :)

    Hope the dance class went just as good as the last one! :)