Monday, 17 February 2014

Weekend catch-up

Sunday evening Maja and Antonise went to salsa. Rowan and I stayed at home. We consider it the ultimate irony that we are both feeling like we are under the weather, the two brits who are supposed to be used to the cold are coming down with a cold and the two from hotter climes don’t even have the sniffles!

My boots died, so I spent most of today looking for new boots, problem is, I hate boot chopping, I have a high instep, a wide foot and fat calves. And I needed a practical boot and preferably leather. I wasn’t quite 100% and ended up with a pair of boots from Dune. After getting home and having a nap I woke up and realised I made a monumental mistake, I need to return them and try again!


This week my goal is to get a grip on the snacking and to try and do JM yoga meltdown at least twice! I also have a job application I need to get in and I need to stop avoiding Uni and just deal with it!


  1. Beautiful photos, Kirsty.

    Also, on my blog entry about curling, Desiree and I have decided Reginald would make a great mascot for our team. Do you think he'd agree? :)