Sunday, 9 February 2014

Weekly catch-up

This week the conversations got little less lofty lol. Poor Antonise was recently dumped. As in 2 weeks ago, yeah that recent. Anyway one of the days we were paired together he seemed out of sorts I pried it out if him (what can I say I’m a ridiculously nosey person) any way since then he’s been a lot more talkative with everyone about things in general, but mainly about how he’s still not over the ex. Anyway, on Friday we were paired together (we take it in turns) and as were had less streets to do than normal we were taking things slowly and talking a lot. And we were discussing relationship related topics, which continued when we were all in the car.

Oh my goodness, they say you should never discuss religion or politics, I say that’s rubbish, you should never discuss relationships. Lets just say it got heated. I introduced the “can men and women ever be friends” discussion, usually its quite light hearted, bad move Kirsty, bad move! I’m not sure how, but from there it came up about how Maja never thought she would get married, and doesn’t believe there is any one person for anyone. So far, so fairly normal right, I mean Antonise disagreed but amicably. Then things got a bit heated, as Maja went onto explain that her husband is the right person for her now, but that he won’t necessarily always be....... which somehow evolved to if she met someone “better” she’d divorce him for the new person, which is where a very European shouting match stated between the two of them. Rowan and I were in the back seat and just looked at each other.

Eventually it was decided they better stop discussing it and should talk about something else. So I then introduced the much safer, if you could have any car what car would you have discussion. Maybe all my friends are abnormally weird, normally this leads us to have long discussions about the pros and cons of various (mostly fictional) cars (side note I ALWAYS want the delorean from back to the future). Yeah, it went down like a lead balloon with this crowd. They all want an electric car, LAME! I DON’T CARE IF ITS GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT THAT’S NOT HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME!!!!!

When we got back Maja’s husband was waiting for us and we all trouped out to the local pub for our tea. The restaurant section was closed but the pub part was still serving a restricted menu (I had the pie, it was insanely good, I also had the chocolate melt, words fail to describe its perfection). Anyway, at dinner the discussion was the much safer topic of politics and we again returned to the theme of whether independence for Scotland was a good idea, and nobody yelled and there was a lot of laughter.

Lesson learnt. Politics good. Relationships bad.

Saturday I shopped till I dropped. I bought wool (I’m making a blanket). I got a yoga block and a speaker (the speakers on my laptop don’t work). Which means I’m all set to utilise our later starts in the morning (they’ve decided to shift our working day a bit) by doing a spot of yoga. I also got my groceries for the week, this weeks meal is vegetarian chilli (although I suspect it will end up more like a spicey veg stew).

Talking of stew I should probably start making it, I really don’t want to but if I don’t I’ll starve tomorrow.


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  1. Politics good, relationship, bad? Is everything backwards in Scotland, or what!? ;)