Sunday, 27 April 2014

Procrastination productivity

It never ceases to amaze me just how much I can achieve when I’m trying to avoid doing what I’m supposed to be.

Today is an excellent example of this.

I have finally copied all the CD’s onto my hard drive. This has been on my to do list for probably a year, and I’ve finally done it woooo! I then proceeded to make mix CD’s for in my car because I’ve destroyed and/or bored of all the ones currently in my car.

I organised all the jobs I want to apply for. They are now on an excel spreadsheet, with the job title, location, salary and application link, organised in date order. (Yes I am very aware this is sad).

I then decided it was time to get organised with the blog. So I spent longer than I care to admit making the new heading. It was only supposed to be a draft to see if I could do it but then Reginald saw it and demanded it be made permanent. I’ll try to smarten it up at some point, probably next time I really need to procrastinate. I had wanted to give the blog a complete over-haul, but all the tutorials I found to achieve the look I wanted were for wordpress. Making a switch at this stage seems a bit extreme. I’ll save that for when Reginald achieves world domination and this blog becomes mandatory reading! However, if anyone has any nifty tips for blogger customisation please share. Also I’d love to be able to change the font of all my previous posts, so if anyone know how to do that I’d love you forever!

Then I decided it was about time I started using bloglovin properly, at the moment I just read everything via blogger, which meant finding all the blogs I currently follow on their site. I read far more blogs than is healthy I’m sure because it took a very long time! All these poor people are going to think I’m a new follower. Which leads me to my next point, I need to get better at commenting on blogs.

I bought a new theology book. Well that makes it sound more intellectual than it is. I bought a book on Biblical womanhood. Which makes it sound stuffier than it is. I bought a new book which looks great, and lets leave it at that.

I treated myself to a new album. It’s a compilation album and it’s just choc-full of songs that I know I’m going to love. It’s been such a long time since I bought some new music I’m deliriously happy.

I did some online banking, which made me regret the above lol.

I booked my next blood donation session, and put it in my phone calendar so I won’t forget it!

And I switched around all the music on my phone and transferred over a new running mix which means no excuses not to run!

However, I did not work on my thesis or actually apply for any jobs. Opps!
Obviously it’s too late to start any of that now so I may as well relax for the rest of the night. I can always try again tomorrow ;)

I'll leave you with this delightful selfie. I was forced out of my PJs to go out in public on Friday night and I wasn't best pleased, but more on that tomorrow!



  1. KIRSTY! I've missed you. Please blog more regularly.

    Reg, you're so handsome. Kirsty did the right thing putting you in her header.

    My husband does all my blog fixin' for me. Have you thought about downloading a free blogger template? You might be able to find someone you like and then tweak it a little.

    I want your mad organizational skillz.

    PS, xox

  2. LMAO! Ok first off, I LOVE the new blog design and the fact that Sir Reg is front and center of it all. I'm sure he is just pleased as can be!

    Hmm no real tips on bloggy design as I'm kinda learning as I go too. I do know that if you get used to bloglovin, you'll never go back! So easy to get through all the blogs that I read and love now!

    And you look so pretty even with a scrunchy face!

  3. Oh, I definitely have days like that...doing all the things except what you really need to do!