Monday, 12 May 2014

and now you have to pretend its wednesday

I'm going to continue writting these posts in the order they should have been written, and ignore the fact I've missed a week. So If you'd all pretend its last Wednesday with me this would go a lot better........

No way in wednesday for me because I haven't got scales here! I may need to invest in some. My meals have been fine this week but I've been snacking a lot, and not necessarily making the best snack choices. However I'm back to walking 6hrs a day soooooo I like to think it'll balance out, it would be nice if I had a scale to confirm this or let me know that it's just wishful thinking. 

In other news this beastie has been plaguing me this week!

She  normally splits her time between my cousins and my aunt (when Linley is at work). But Linley is in Paris this week so Izzy has been here all week. She's only a year old so she's still a puppy really, but it is so hard to remember that when she's asking you to throw the ball for the gazzillionth time or has eaten your shoe. She's such a dork. You can't see it in this photo because she has just been told off for tracking mud all the way up my cousins stairs but she has the biggest dumbo ears that stick right up. But if you say "ears Izzy" she lies them flat against her head! 

Mostly she's so naughty because she has a lot of energy, so we've been going on quite a few walks this week. She hasn't really got the hang of walking on a lead and if it wasn't for the fact she's made to wear a harness she'd probably choke herself from pulling at the lead! However we went into the shop to buy a few bits and bobs and she was left outside tied to a post, and she managed to wiggle out of the harness and run amok!!! We still can't figure out how she managed it but she did it to my aunt again yesterday! If I could train her to walk on the lead properly I'd try running with her which I think would do us both some good but I don't see that happening in the near future!

Until then we will keep playing endless games of catch in the house.  I'll just have to continue to throw he ball under things so she has to crawl to reach it, that usually slows her down a bit! Otherwise she's going to give me tennis elbow!


  1. Aww Izzy is adorable! She sounds like a bundle of energy and need lots of exercise! I want a new puppy so badly!

  2. She's so cute! Sounds like she just needs some training! Love all her spots. :)