Monday, 26 May 2014

brain explosion

I have missed you all soooooo much.

I'm slowly catching up on blogs, but there is still a long way to go (perhaps a sign I read too many). However, I did read Shannon's latest post and its awesome and expresses everything I wanted to say. Which is handy really, saves me having to try and write a post about it. So go check it out here.

There is soooo much to say.

The great job hunt of 2014 continues. My current job ends in August. My current boss is absolutely convinced that I will find a new job before then, which as Rowan pointed out it's nice someone actually thinks that. In the meantime there have been LOTS of rejections. Some more painful than others.

As you might have gathered from the above statement, this guy is back:

Or rather was. He's gone again. He joined me for the work up in Elgin and has now slinked off to live under his rock again (side note that's really not far from the truth, boy is WEIRD).

Last week was intense. Lots of mileage traveled, not just travelling the length of the county up to the site but once up there, because they have acres and acres of space and not a whole lot of people, all the towns are very spread out.

Once again our accommodation was in a picturesque tiny fishing village miles from anywhere (I'm beginning to think Emily has a fetish).

Don't worry a second, picture filled post is on the cards, with excessive amounts of sea shots and poor attempts at tourist information. I may or may not be procrastinating.

I have eaten so many fish suppers lately(chunky fries and battered fish for you heathens that don't know any better) I should be embarrassed. Note that I said I should, not that I actually was.

My diet has gone so far off course that the cute t-shirts I bought from H&M a couple of months ago are dangerously close to not fitting. To echo Shannon's mantra "enough is enough". But it's OK I have a plan. It involves swallowing my pride, more on that to follow.

Right folks that was a whistle-stop tour of what I got up to whilst in exile.


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  1. I KNOW, RIGHT!?! I'm so over not doing anything. It's time to get my crap together.

    Fish and chips sound absolutely delicious though and I'm sure you've got the best.