Monday, 26 May 2014

It's a bit strange up North......

...... the weather that is! Monday and Tuesday it was absolutely sweltering. I was stripping down to as few items of clothing as possible whilst remaining decent. I was also applying factor 50 like it was going out of fashion (did I mention there is nasty rumour that I may be allergic to the sun?).

Monday night I skipped an evening walk in favour of baking banana bread and keeping an eye on Rowan's roasting chicken. I also continued my progress through a not so great book. The bloke is dying of cancer but was also dithering over making a move on the love of his life, very frustrating stuff!

Tuesday I did go for a walk, with Grant. Nice guy, but very odd duck. Very odd. Didn't wear any shoes, but then kept complaining how painful it was on his feet. Takes all sorts I guess. I did see a pod of dolphins pass by when we were admiring the view from the cliffs, not a single photo though as they refused to stay still an pose for one. Terribly rude behaviour really.

The above mentioned bow and fiddle.

You can barely see it here, but there are different coloured stones arranged on the beach to look like the moon and the sun.

That rock isn't actually white, that's bird poo.

Then the temperature suddenly dropped so we walked back.

This was the start of things to come. Wednesday was decidedly cooler and over-cast. I also made vegetable paella for everyone. Even grant, who didn't eat a single other vegetable all week, enjoyed it (seriously how do you eat no veg for a whole week?). We followed it up with ice-cream and Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1.

Thursday was just downright cold. It went from 26' at the beginning of the week to 5 at the end, which came as quite a shock to the system.  I had to retrieve a blanket to snuggle under whilst we watched part 2 of HP, I just could not warm up! Also I went to the chippy for everyon's orders and got given free chips and curry sauce because i refused to believe it could be as good as chips n' gravy. It was good but not quite up to chips n'gravy standard, but still freee chips! Also it did not stop raining. Not once.Until Friday afternoon, just as we were going indoors for a meeting, typical really!

Very pretty area in general. Full of castles and hills and secluded beaches. And whiskey distilleries. So very many whiskey distilleries. I had no idea there were so many. I mean really there can't be a need for that much whisky surely??? But if you like whiskey at all you should totally go!


  1. Those are beautiful photos! You live in such a picturesque country. I wish I had castles in my Province. :)

    Sounds like a horrendous date. No shoes? Seriously?

    Also, mmmm... chips and gravy! Try adding curd cheese to chips and gravy. HEAVEN!

  2. That's a lot of bird poo! LOL

    Ahhh I am LOVING these pics~! I'm not a huge whisky drinker, beer is more my style, but I'd try anything once! :D

    And no shoes guy... WEIRD!