Friday, 30 May 2014

NSV: un-expected attitudes


This will be short and sweet as I have 30 mins before I need to get to work (and I'm not showered yet), but my NSV for the week actually happened yesterday and it really floored me!

As ,ost of you know I pretty much spend all day walking around knocking on doors, sometimes this involves flats and therefore stairs. Yesterday one of my colleagues who is 3 years younger than me was grunting and groaning as he was making his way to the top floor (we take it in turns), Being the kind an nurturing soul that I am, I promptly informed him he sounded like an old man and that it was ridiculous because he's the young one. 

And this folks is part a of my NSV because his response was "yes, but you eat healthily and exercise and are therefore fit".

Which leads to part b of my NSV, which was realising that whilst I still struggle with this self image I have of being fat and being viewed as such (and all the assumptions that usually go with it that you must lazy un-fit and eat poorly), others don't see that when the look at me. They see someone who eats well (most of the time) and who is fitter than most of her colleagues. And that guys is defiantly the little boost I needed after my hiatus from good choices.

Pretty cool eh?


  1. Nice! That is a great NSV to see that others notice!

  2. HOORAY! What a great compliment!

    Join my June Challenge, lady! :)

  3. Great NSV! It's always great when others notice :)

    1. It was just such a shock that, yeah I'm still packing the extra pounds, but that I'm still seen as fit