Thursday, 1 May 2014

NSV'S and the importance of giving blood.


My NSV has nothing to do with weight-loss, or health (and its only partly because I've been sucking at that). But I do have an NSV. I gave blood.

I am a lousy blood donor, really I suck at it! HA, do you see what I did, subtle vampire reference, really  no-one is laughing at that but me are they? I don't care I'm hilarious! Anyway, I'm terrible. I am absolutely useless for the rest of the day (which is why I normally try to do it in the afternoon). I am dopey and lethargic and quite often get light headed (I once had to lie down in the middle of the students union, that was interesting). And although I'm not dopey the next day I still need to take it easy, no getting up too quickly and DEFINITELY no skipping breakfast. 

It takes me a full 24hrs to recover. Honestly, I can tell the moment my body has replenished that pint. Although a word to the wise wait at least 36 hours before going for your next run, your muscles will thank you for your patience. I once went the next day, after the 24hr mark had passed and my muscles felt bruised and sore for AGES, but I'm not a doctor, and it could have been a co-incidence but I've never wanted to test it.

Anyway perhaps because I am such a big baby after donating my friends and family always ask why I do it. Who can say, maybe its because I reeeeeeeally like the squash, or the free biscuits or the guilt free procrastination or maybe its because its a good thing to do. Actually its the latter. Sure the biscuits are always good (there were chocolate dipped coconut mararoons this time!!!) and I used to love it when the blood bank people came to Uni when I had a big deadline looming, but bigger than that is the simple fact that it is needed. It's the socially responsible thing to do (gee that sounds pompous). 

Giving blood is something we should all do. Its so simple and really asides from being useless for 12hrs (although you probably won't be as pathetic as me) and the occasional bruise it doesn't cost us anything but can make a HUGE difference to the lives of other people.

There seems to be a common misconception that its hard to give blood, or that you won't qualify. But that's really not true, most healthy adults over the age of 17 qualify (there are a few, caveats like having a new tattoo or piercing within the past 6 months which just means you have to wait a bit). And it's not a one off thing either, women can give ever 16 weeks and men every 12. 

So look up your local blood bank and book a donation session. And then enjoy the smug sense of satisfaction you get from doing something good. Oh and the free cookies, you can enjoy them guilt-free too ;)


  1. Aww sorry you have to go through that when you do but kudos that you actually do put yourself through that in order to donate!
    If I could donate, I would and I'm not nearly as squeamish around needles as I used to be! (I do have a blood clotting disorder so alas, the blood bank doesn't want my blood!)

  2. I'm glad you donate blood. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of needles and the few times I gave blood, because I was will, it hurt like a mother, or I balled through the entire 5 minutes. It gives me the heebie-jeebies and the though of giving blood makes me feel ill. How about you do it one extra time for me? ;)

  3. Glad to read your post. You made me think about calling.

  4. I mean to give sometimes I type random...

  5. That's so awesome! I really identify with this - I would love to give blood but I have terrible veins and getting blood drawn is a huge ordeal for me. I hope that it's easier when I'm slimmer and I'm able to! I love this NSV!