Monday, 12 May 2014

pretend this is a week ago......

Hellooooooo I'm still alive.

To make up for not posting at all last week I'm going to post 3 separate posts today, because that's how this blogging thing works right?

Todays's post: Last weekend recap.

On my drive up North I stopped in to see my friend Kat. Kat is awesome. She's a vet, one of the most intelligent people I know and plays rugby like the badass that she is. Seriously, its not just me that thinks that, she has more player of the match awards than I care to count. 

Anyho, she also happens to be my oldest friend. We met at 6th form (we'd have been 16ish).  We used to buy a tub of ben and jerry's and go sit on the castle walls and eat it every friday. Fun fact: Lancaster castle is the last working castle in the UK, its a working prison and magistrates court.

I have gone off topic. She's now a vet in Carlise and was supposed to be on call the day I was travelling North but said to call in anyway. I did. I hung around for 4 hours in my car waiting. Every time she even got close to the village she'd have another call out. Her neighbours must think I'm a right weirdo because I was having a wee picnic (eating all the brownies that were supposed to be for her) drinking my favourite tea from a thermos, feet on my dashboard reading a book. Eventually I needed the toilet so I had to give up and go into town in search of facilities. Thank-goodness for super-markets.

By this point it was getting pretty late, so when she rang to say she was delayed again but would DEFINITELY be back within the hour I decided to buy something quick for our tea and just stay the night.

Staying the night meant I got to see this wee lass who was a stray at her surgery:

And take selfies with this little monster when she got called out again the next morning:

Although neither of us look particularly happy to be in this photo! Kipp and I have a longstanding argument over who Kat loves more. I maintain its me and Kip knows it because everytime I ring she starts whinning at Kat for attention! She seems to think that all the belly rubs and treats mean she's the favourite.

Being the kind and caring friend I am I cleaned her kitchen, fed and walked the mutt. I then nipped round to the surgery to say my good-byes. I'd heard her getting up in the morning but decided I didn't love her enough to leave my bed and say goodbye at the time!

Then I drove the rest of the way up North!


  1. I'm loving all these pics! Oh that castle! So beautiful!!!!!

  2. What a beautiful spot to eat ice cream at. I wish there were castles in my country!

    Also, I'd venture to guess Kat loves you more, but shhhhh! don't tell Kip!