Monday, 26 May 2014

someone should buy me a new camera so that I can take proper photos.

Desiree and Shannon demanded photos.

And I do have some. But not nearly enough. Firstly because I STILL haven't fixed my camera, to be honest I'd probably be better getting a new one. Also because the weather failed to co-operate. And finally because the most spectacular scenery was whilst we were driving. Oh and I guess working the whole time we were up there didn't help. Pesky job getting in the way of sight-seeing.

To set the scene. There was a team of 4 from my company, henceforth to be known as the crack team. Consisting of a team leader (i.e meeeeeeee, woooo for having new things to spin on the 'ol CV), Rowan (i.e Lurch, doofuss, numpty, human dustbin ect ect), Dave (the driver, retired bloke does this work to earn pennies for holidays/as a favour to the big boss) and Grant (poached from the other team because we were short a body).

We arrived in the middle of nowhere (ie our accomodation) on Sunday night. The young 'ens went straight for a walk leaving the old man to wrestle with the kettle.

Luckily we were far enough north, and late enough in the year that it was 10ish before dusk hit. Also because I am 12 I find the fact that a boat is named fertile, highly amusing.

And thus ended the first day.