Thursday, 15 May 2014

The internet is eating all my witty comments

This is quick, because I am about to collapse into my bed from complete and utter exhaustion. However, I wanted to take the time to share that bloglovin hates me.

Yes, it is possible for what is basically a glorified equation to hate a person.

I have been reading most of my blogs on my phone via bloglovin. So far so good. But as I said I would a week ago I've been trying really hard to be better at commenting. And I have been. But for some reason, when i access the blog's original site through bloglovin, and leave a comment....... something gets lost in cyber-space. And that carefully crafted and gloriously funny comment, which I think has been left, never actually makes it.

This distresses me greatly. I don't like to think that the world is being deprived of my wit. So if anyone know how to solve this I'd be ever so greatful.

Until then, know that I am alive and as funny as ever ;P


  1. I refuse to use bloglovin'. I just use the reader thing in blogger? Maybe that's old-fashioned of me...

    PS, the world IS deprived of your wit when your comments are eaten. BOO to that!

  2. Weird, I sometimes have trouble leaving them too through my browser, but I've gotten into the habit of coping it before I submit, so when it disappears then I can just paste it in again until it actually works!