Monday, 12 May 2014

Weekend catch-up


This weekend I changed residencies for a few days so I could look after my cousin's dogs. Different cousin, though also called Lindsay.

Oh my goodness the difference in the dogs is phenomenal. Both lots are needy but in different ways. Molly and Daisy will demand your attention (usually in the form of petting) by either head-butting (Molly) or tapping your hand with a paw (Daisy). And they aren't shy about it, but I guess because they are older and lap dogs, or maybe because the attention they want is just to sit and be stroked for a few minutes, it feels a lot less demanding!

Friday, when I re-located Linley was still there. She ended up having to babysit for 2 of her friend's children, so it was take-away and ice-cream followed by frozen. Saturday she left for a wedding down in leeds at the crack of dawn. Molly, Daisy and I made the most of her Sky box and caught up on Game of thrones. Then I went down to the other Linely's.

Whilst she was away her kitchen cupboards were all painted.It makes a HUGE difference to her kitchen, you would think it was a completely different place. My aunt wanted everything to be put back to rights before she got home so she would get to see it at its best. So a significant portion of the day was spent washing all her dishes and putting them back in cupboards. And then putting all her food back too. You think you know where everything goes in someones kitchen until you have to do a job like this lol! I think we did a good job with the dishes but I know for a fact the food is all worng :s . I then attached all her new handles whilst my aunt cleaned out her bearded dragon's cage. Soooooo many handles, soooo much screwing!

I was tired after all that so the rest of my afternoon looked like this:

and this:

and this:

I know its blurry but it's just too cute!

Then Daisy and I (molly can't walk that far) walked to the shop for supplies. On the way there Daisy was struggling, its a reasonable walk and the hill is VERY steep. On the way back I was struggling lol! Bottles of Irn bru were on offer so I bought 2 (Linley's favourite pop, well, that and the fact I'd polished off a bottle!) plus a couple of other groceries, completely forgetting I had to carry them all home!

Daisy is so well behaved on the lead, it was a such a nice change. She always liked to use the full length (until she got tired that is) but never pulled, never strayed off the pavement and always sat down before crossing a road. Such a sweetie!

They aren't always little angels though, every time they see something out the window, a cat, a car, a person, a bit of rubbish, they bark. A lot. I mean alot alot. And it takes them a very long time to stop. We may or may not have sat with the curtains closed for a considerable amount of time because I was fed-up of the noise. But they do make you feel loved so I guess it all works out ;p

Sunday, I went across to a friends/old ministers church. It was lovely, a bit too far to go every week but worth it to see him, his wife and their 4 children, last time I saw them they only had 1!!! I stayed and had lunch which was loveley, I was a big hit with the girls because I wear earrings. By the time I got back Linley was home and we had a lazy evening watching catfish lol! I ended up staying another night simply because I was too lazy to leave.

The next morning I all but managed to escape without waking her, until the dogs heard the front door and that set them off barking, opps!


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend away visiting your cousin!

    Also, that dog is adorable. :)