Saturday, 26 July 2014

A Love letter to Kigo shoes

Remember last year when I wrote an Ode to my froggy shoes?

Well today I'm back with  another love letter to a pair of shoes (or a review if you want to be awfully dull):

They are Kingo leons. I've bought kingos before, an earlier model, which were comfortable but ugly, even by my standards, comfortable but ugly. Then I saw they were releasing a new collection, a new pretty collection, and I was excited. It just so happened that this occurred at the same time I needed new shoes for work. Comfortable, practical shoes that would keep my feet dry. So  I bit the bullet and bought them. I then had to wait AGES for them to arrive, because I am a numpty and I didn't realise I was pre-ordering, also they are from the states. My  family give me a hard-time over them, often commenting: "they are very you" which is actually an insult. but I've been door knocking all across Scotland in them, and not a single comment has been made, and  trust me if they were truly bad there would have been many comments, we Scots aren't  afraid to speak our mind.

So asides from being EXCEPTIONALLY comfortable, no seriously, I get home after walking all day and my feet aren't  even tired, the rest of me is, but my feet are good to go. Anyway the company has a pretty cool ethos, they are committed to environmental responsibility. The shoes are made in mexico from re-cycled plastic bottles, pretty cool eh? And once  you've worn them to death, as I suspect I will, the  shoes can also be recycled, and you get a discount off your next pair for doing so. Pretty awesome stuff.

I think you should all get some. I'm not being paid  by Kigo, nor did I get free shoes, though I would love some as I want to try some of the other models for running,  I just think they are great shoes, from a company with a fantastic ethos and therefore wanted to share the love.


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