Thursday, 24 July 2014

I'm back....

........ anyone else just launch into song...  nope just me, ooooookay then, moving swiftly on.

It's NSV Thursday:


Which is convenient because this weeks NSV IS that I'm back.
Any one confused by the above statement, what all of you? Then allow me to elaborate.

Pain killers give me the munchies. The munchies and the blues. The latter of which is helped by the constant stream of job rejections (and if one of you says "what is meant for you, won't go by you" I will hunt you down and hurt you, I can get pretty creative with my punishments, just ask my cousin HOW I got her netflix password). Anyway I digress.

To return to the point: painkillers, munchies and the blues (which incidenlty sounds like a great jazz song). I have been a weird mix lately. No exercise, because it has been exceptionally hot (for Scotland) and alot of indoor exercises require the use of your hands. Except Hula hoops, which would be awesome at the moment but tragically mine is 50miles away in Lancashire. And my eating habbits haves resembled those of someone suffering from multiple personality disorder where one personality is a compete health freak and the other is a glutton.

Good grief I'm rambly today, even more so than usual, I lame it on the fact that its been such a long time since I blogged.

Why is all this an NSV, nothing to be proud of here I hear you cry. However, I'm here. My hands are no longer making me want to cry (except when I attempt to support my bodyweight with them), and I'm off the painkillers. And instead of hiding away in shame over the drug induced binges and the HUGE jump uo on the scales, I'm here, blogging, saying hi to a community that keeps me accountable and that I know will support/push me back onto the right track.

Total NSV, don't you agree?


  1. That's definitely a great NSV this week :)

  2. I have missed you terribly. xoxoxx

    Time to get back on track losing weight. Love you Kirsty. Let's do this.

  3. I think that is a great NSV :)

  4. Missed you! And yes, a great nsv for sure! Hope you feel better!