Thursday, 3 July 2014

NSV Thursday!


I'm Super duper excited to excited to be linking up with this, partly because its been such a long time since I had NSVs or even SVs to share :p

So I have lots this week:

1) I passed up pizza on sunday in favour of paella, I still ate with my sousins outside in the garden, and I partook of all the fun marshmallow roasting, but rather than using it  as an excuse to blow my diet I ate paella I'd cooked the day before. Moderation. Who knew I was capable.

2) I climbed to the top of a high-rise ( I used the lifts for the first one, but they make me queasy) and the super slim and pretty girl nearly passed out. I was tired but still ale to talk to the top floor residents. This made me very very happy.

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