Sunday, 6 July 2014

Pictures of the random things I see whilst working: Part 3

Part 3: Miscellaneous items

Some stairs jumped up and attacked me

There were a lot more gnomes. I think having a gnome fetish is actually a more common thing than society realises.

 I think I might have a gnome fetish because I'm always sad when the presence of householders means I can't actually get a photo.

This is a cake!!! Can we all take a moment to appreciate its beauty!

........... I'm disturbed that's big enough problem to need a sign

There is a padlock IN a tree, IN the tree folks

This guy...... there are no words...... please note he appears to beholding a sparrow  and that the frog in the background looks traumatised....... all seems a bit suspect to me

I'm not sure why the 7 dwarfs are in a giant glass jar with a china frog....... any and all explanations welcome

Some of the high rise flats have art.......does any one else find the fist one mildly disturbing, like its the Kracken or something?

I wanted to end with something less disturbing.

I'll be back later....... with a post with words and everything!


  1. Ouch sorry about the knee! That gnome/troll thingy is very creepy!

  2. Those are some interesting things that you've found! WOW!