Tuesday, 5 August 2014

a post about knockers.....

I may be about to over-share in this post.

Majorly so.

No really, this may be  too much for you.

And I understand if  you don't want to get so intimate with someone you only know on the internet.

Really, its OK, you can go away and just come back tomorrow when I'll be sharing my weigh in.


Ok, well I gave you ample opportunity to leave and you refused.  So you've no-one to blame but yourself. I've touched on this issue before here.

I have big boos. 

I have always had big boos. I don't remember a time from puberty where I haven't had excessively large boobs.

So with losing weight comes buying new clothes and something a lot less fun, buying new bras. I've needed to do this for a while, but keep putting it off for when I reach a certain size, but as weight loss is going seriously slow I decided it was time to just bite the bullet. Knowing that the stop gap bra from M&S wasn't cutting it and having had no success trying to get new ones from there I decided the only option was bravissimo.

So I went and got fitted by the loveliest girl. And it turns out I've gone down a back size, which is awesome. My boos however have not got the message that they were also supposed to decrease in size and have resolutely stayed the same volume, or grown, I wouldn't put it past them, they are vindictive like that.

 I'm a J folks. This is ridiculous. I ought 2 bras, One of which I may have to return for a smaller back size which actually means that I can't get this bra, because i'd also need a bigger cup with a smaller back and this is the largest it comes in.

I'm also annoyed because I feel my boobs look weird shaped, less rounded. I dunno. Maybe its all in my head because I know how big they are but I feel as though the new bras make me look bigger, boxier somehow.

There was no point to this post I just wanted to rant. Unless you have words of comfort or advice, then please share.

So once again I hate my boobs!!!


  1. J!?!? Holy smokes woman! Hubba hubba! ;) You'll find a man that LOVES that! HAHAHA! :P My boobs have also not shrunk, just the band. Ugh!

  2. Yowzers! J?! You poor thing. I am smaller chested, between a B & C. When I lose weight, those are the first to go :( I would gladly take some of yours! :)

  3. I'm "blessed" in the boob area too. It's a blessing and a curse really. But hubby seems to not mind ;)