Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Sunday I was off for more adventures with 2 girls from work. Molly: also known as a 20yr old bad influence, and Ann who is the new girl and a transplant from NewZealand. 

We headed into Edinurgh for the fringe. For those of you who haven't the foggiest what  I  mean by that, I'm not talking about the awesome scifi tv show. Its even better than that (a hard thing to  imagine I know). The fringe takes over the whole city for the month of Edinburgh, everything that could be a venue is, churches, abandoned rail cars, children's libaries, pubs you name it they are turned into venues for dance, theater, comedy and music acts. Its as awesome as it sounds. And whats even better a large number of them are free.

The below photos were taken in previous years visits, it was waaaaaay to wet to get my phone out to grab a few shots on Sunday. As you can see the Royal mile is mobbed with people, some are tourists, some are trying to persuade you to see certain shows and some are performers, its pandemonium! 

We went to Frankensteins for lunch. Its one of my favourtite pus, established in 1818!!! How awesome is the building?
Also, it plays the old Frankenstein movie on big screens (silent) all the time and on the hour Frankenstein comes to life, with flashing lights, smoke and thunder. Its pretty much the best place to have lunch! And I've been reliably informed that the cocktails are to die for ;) .

At lunch my faith and dating rules came up....... mainly because Molly brought them up. What followed was the usual grilling, ie hundreds of hypotheticals "but what if......". Which doesn't phase me, I even informed Ann that I doubted she could ask me something I hadn't been asked a dozen times before, and then she did "have you ever thought about becoming a nun?" which was a first for me. Just in case you were wondering the  answer is no. Anyway  she made a joke that she was going to randomly ask guys if they were single and Christian.

We saw a couple of free comedy gigs, which were very good. Then we spent a ridiculously long time in the fudge shop dithering over what fudge flavours to buy, and trying many samples to ensure an informed decision. Anyway we bought a box of slices because it worked out cheaper and left as happy as clams. On the way to the next venue the paper bag that the fudge was in disintegrated in the rain and the box fell to the floor. I kid you not, all three of us screeched "THE FUDGE" as one, such was our distress. Fortunately this story has a happy ending, not only was the fudge OK but a comedian was so amused that she gave us free tickets to her sketch show (which would otherwise had been paid). It was the funniest thing EVER. I laughed so hard I had to be reminded to breath, if that's not the sign of a good show I don't know what is!

At one point we were walling down the royal mile and a young lad approached us to  try and persuade us to go and see his show about WW1. We listened to the whole speil, although he lost us when he said it was paid (We are all poor). At the end suddenly Ann goes, "can I ask you a question, are any of you guys Christian, and single?". I may or  may not have told her she would be walking home. She didn't let it drop either until she got her response, but so taumatising was the experience for the poor lad that later in the day when we crossed paths with him again that he takes one look at us goes "not you guys again" and actually turns around and walks in the other direction!!!!!

We also, managed to get get dinner for £1 each, we had very little time etween 2 shoes  so we ducked into a pizza takeaway and bought a calzone to share which was £3, but the guy gave us another slice (well 1/4 of a pizza) also cut  into thirds on the house, score!

All in all we did rather well out of the fringe. 


  1. Sounds like a great time! ACTUALLY, when I was teaching, my school (and the drama program) was invited to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! I believe they were there actually in the summer of 2010 & 2013! :) Moncton High! What a small world!!!

    Sounds like a great day. I want to go to that Frankenstein pub!

  2. Oh wow what an awesome experience at the Fringe! Once again loving all the pictures! Glad you had a great time!