Monday, 11 August 2014

Life adventures.....

So my off kilter work hours coupled  with near constant job applications means I don't have a lot of free  time. I used to  use that free  time to blog. Lately I've been using it to do thing in real life with humans....... weird!

And now  you get to hear all about my adventures.

So last Friday I went to the tattoo. Its a military pipe event at the castle in Edinurgh. I got the  ticket for free because Ismaels brother got accepted to a fancy pant music summer camp so I got to take his place.I really like things that are free. They make me happy.

However. After spending a day shopping in Glasgow and getting nothing because BOOBS (so many styles just don't work with them), I had a meltdown when trying to pick out something to wear. This was not helped y the weather forecast which meant I needed sensible options.

Which resulted in this:

Who am I kidding, it was ALOT of crying, it definitely wasn't that delicate and probably looked a lot more like this:

I pulled myself together enough to put  on what I wear to work every day  (which  is dull but sensible and practical, jeans, a blouse, cardi and water-proof jacket), and set off. 

Ismael managed to make me look organised with his antics actually getting to the venue which made me chuckle! Then it turns out he'd bought tickets to sit with some friends of his..... and as I was taking his brothers place, I was sitting on the  other side of the  stadium, with his parents, who don't really  speak any English (they're spanish). However, the fringe was awesome. And because I am a shockingly bad blogger, I  just have one solitary, slightly blurry picture for you:

I know an evening of military pipe bands doesn't sound like fun, but it was!

Then when we were waiting to meet back up with Ismael I got chatting with an army lad. And he was flirting with me. I figured this out all on my own (this  is progress) and it must have been obvious enough that it transcended language barriers because Ismaels parents told him all about it when he finally found us!  So that was definitely a nice wee ego boost and so I ended the night looking like this:

The following day involved a very  wet and rainy road trip, where we never actually reached our destination. Instead we saw this rather pretty church and abby ruins

I'll continue with my life lately tomorrow, or later today. who can know?



  1. Ooh Army lad? Did he get your number? Something about a guy in uniform! hmmm. LOVE LOVE LOVE the abbey pics! Everything is so green and lush there!

  2. Army lad!? Tell me you got his number?

    You are beautiful and I always love your photos of Scotland. I'm coming to visit one day, k?