Monday, 25 August 2014

life lately.....

It's been a while.... life and  work pesky things that they are, keeping me busy!

Sooooo what's new with me?

Well the keys on my keyboard are still dodge, not only is b still out of action but a couple of other letters, including n,p,q and the space bar are now a tad sporadic, the space bar being the most frustrating.

For a while I was considering moving to Australia, then it turns out the job I was going for wouldn't be financially feasible.

It was my birthday.

I am developing a love hate relationship with the general public.

Life has been getting in the way of health based activities.

I am excited about this challenge:

I will have finished this project at work which will make an exercise routine feasible.

Also I may have a new life plan, prayers and ninja good vibes that it works out  are much appreciated!



  1. NINJA VIBES SENT! Also, your lack of posts makes it difficult to stalk you in return. How rude!

  2. I'm all about ninja good vibes! Hope Reginald is keeping you in line!