Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I'm a bad blogger

This post is all about my weekend and why I'm a bad blogger. One explains the other, 2 birds, one stone.

This past weekend my cousin came down for a visit and brought her niece, Jorja. Slight tangent here, it was terrifying to see my parents policy regarding other peoples children, basically it's give them all the sugar and let them stay up too late! Anyway back to the point. We went to a local amusement park, Jorja's choice. It was a really fun day.

The bad blogger bit? There was this one family that we kept bumping into that were taking lots of very posey selfies. Instead of thinking "I blog, people like photos to illustrate my ramblings" I thought: "weirdos! why not just enjoy the day without constantly cataloging it?". Thus proving I am missing the essential blogger gene!

Food wise it was a bit of a disaster, i tired my best but at an amusement park its more a case of choosing lesser evils rather than making good choices, especially as picnics are not allowed on the premises.

I was the favourite all day with Jorja. Which would be far more flattering if I didn't know I was the back-up choice. My brother was working on Saturday but had come up to see them when they arrived on Friday night and was an instant hit. He always is with small children, my awesomeness is only recognised by them when he is no longer in the vicinity. It's OK though, I made peace with this long ago. Also  I may occasionally use it to my advantage!

Jorja is a child after my own heart, she had no fear when it comes to the big rides! Which is especially impressive at Blackpool as a lot of the rides haven't been updated since they were first built in 1930 and safety was not a thing that troubled the designers much! 

Anyway, the rides were actually a bit of an nsv for me. A lot of them are very old, and not built to accommodate modern people. But I fit!!! A big deal because even though I'm still packing extra weight, I'm down 30lbs. which represents more than just 30lbs. 30lbs isn't a small amount of weight, but the mental shift that has accompanied it is so much  bigger. Because not once, the entire day did I think I wouldn't fit into a ride. Infact the only reason I really noticed was because at one point I saw 2 girls about the size I used to be (maybe a touch smaller even) struggling to get into the seat.

I've been giving myself a hard time lately over my Summer weight gain, and this just acted as a timely reminder for how far I've actually come.

Yeeesh that got a bit heavy didn't it?

Take-aways, I suck as a blogger and I had a fun weekend.


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  1. Glad you had such a good time at the park and that is a GREAT NSV!