Monday, 8 September 2014

its not paranoia if the universe really is out to get you

Sooooooooo the universe hates the idea of me actually sticking to a proposed  exercise regime.

Shortly after my last post, I fell down the stairs. In a impressive way. And by that I mean I have a HUGE bruise on my bahooky that hurts when I move. And I have a matching one on my arm, but its far less inconvenient!

On the upside I've been doing well diet wise so that's good.

Also I saw this is Glasgow a few weeks ago, and realised I had to take a photo for Desiree, enjoy:



    OUCH! Ah I'm so sorry about the tumble! Sounds like only thing bruised was the arm and bahooky though and maybe the ego a little bit. Seriously.. glad you are ok!

  2. You are the most graceful clutz I've ever met. Wait, is that on oxymoron? ;)