Wednesday, 17 September 2014

weigh in wednesday

Super excited about this weeks weigh in, down 3lbs to 193!!!

So happy, also I'm all mended from my fall. So my goal for this week is to maintain my good eating and start incorporating some exercise. However, I'm not going to be doing 30 day shred or running. 9 months with so much walking has taken its toll on my body, my ankle got sprained towards the end and I kept walking on it so its weak, similarly remember when I developed hip pain from running well towards the end of the summer it was back (probably due to all the walking). So I think it needs a bit of rest and tlc. So I'm going to do Jillians yoga meltdown (yes I finally bought it). I think it will be a proper workout but whilst still being gentle on my body.

So yeah that's the plan! 

How'd everyone else do this week?



  1. OOH YAY! Excellent loss this week! Yoga is an excellent idea. I need to do that more actually!

  2. Great loss! I am loving PiYo now, if you're interested in that sort of thing. :)

  3. Nice loss, Kirsty!!! Even Reg would have to be proud of that! :)

  4. Great job - awesome loss this week!! Let me know how you like the yoga DVD... I've contemplated doing that for so long, I should really just buy it!!