Tuesday, 7 October 2014

GMAT...... Part 2

Part 2 of getting my act together involves building a life.

I think its fairly well established at this point that my life is quite nomadic. This year alone I have lived in 4 different places.

But when I moved back home in September, despite uncertainty regarding jobs ect (we'll cover this in part 3) I actually felt really settled. This NEVER happens. so I decided to capitalise on it and actually put down roots. 

When I left for university originally my brother got my room (it was bigger) and I was relegated to his old room. And although I got my old room back when he moved out, I was never back long enough for it to be mine, but I did appreciate all the extra storage space!

And for a long time that's all its been..... a storage facility. But if I'm back and staying for a while it needs to reflect that. So the first step was to have a clear out. Get rid of all the things I don't need or use and clear the clutter and whilst I was at it. I also had a clothes clear out, which means it all fits in the wardrobe and chest of draws, and I don't need the additional unit!

I got new curtains. Bought a new bedspread. And decided I was fed up of purple so started kitting new cushion covers.

I'd upload photos, but I'm feeling exceptionally lazy..... I'll do it once I've bullied my dad into hanging up all my pictures.

Its not all been about the room. I've been intentionally putting down roots in other ways. Like joining and actively participating in a church. Making an effort to get back in contact with friends that still live in the area, make some new ones. Figured out my favourite local pub, that sort of thing.

Its very surreal how settled/at home I feel here. Surreal but nice.

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