Monday, 20 October 2014

Lets play catch-up

Its been a while since I remembered to actually do one of these (such a bad blogger!).

So lets see. Last week I got to catch up with an old school friend, which was great. we are both rubbish at staying in touch, but its one of those easy friendships where that doesn't matter. Of course it helps that a few years ago we realised we are so bad at staying in touch that we don't talk to anyone else from our school days and so we have to remain friends so we can have an "oldest friend" that doesn't start at university! We visited Lancaster as its a convenient mid-point(ish) for the 2 of us. And because I can't turn down a free pudding I cheated on my veganism by having blueberry pancakes. I was then rewarded with the appearance of several spots 2 days later.

Then Friday I caught up with another friend (aren't I just the social butterfly?), and we went deep into the trough of Bowland (local national park). This time I cheated on veganism accidentally, I forgot to ask for no butter on my baked potato. And now my hands are covered in angry and itchy eczema. 

What can we learn from this? I need to give up dairy for good. Which means a permanent end to my love affair with frozen yogurt, instead of our current hiatus. Understandably both parties are a little distraught over this news.

Saturday brought another friend and a different outing. This time I remembered to actually take a photo!!!

The on Sunday my poor dad spent the afternoon in A&E to find out he had shingles. Naturally my Mum and I responded in a mature and sympathetic manner. Apparently he should have gone when the rash first appeared and not waited 4 days before we forced him to go after he was caught wrapping the affected area in clingfilm. He still maintains it was a logical move to stop the itching!

I've had quite the week really!


  1. Yikes! Sorry about the spots! But give the veganism a full try and see how it goes. Gosh your walk on Saturday was gorgeous!

    Hope your Dad heals up soon and next time listens to your Mum and goes to the doctor immediately next time!

  2. Your Dad sounds awesome!

    Sounds like a fantastic week of visiting. :)