Friday, 28 November 2014

fit4fifteen check-in

Fitnasty for Life

So whilst I haven't had to contend with thanks giving temptation this week I have had my own challenges.

I had to drive down to uni ( I like to graze whilst driving) stay overnight at my friends, actually attend my viva (a HUGE stress eating trigger). I snacked on popcorn (1 pre-portioned bag) and 1 coffee (chai tea latte  made with soy, and I went for a small). I did eat pizza at my friends (BAD vegan, but the night before the viva it was this or a killing rampage). I had 1 bar of dark chocolate during the break in my viva (totally justified and I refuse to feel guilty). Another bag of popcorn on the return jouney and this time a small sugar free vanilla latte.

Basically I did really well whilst away. I also had a Chinese takeaway the night I got back, this one I feel less happy with, there was no need, there was especially no need for me to have the starter in addition to my vegetable chow mein!

Also super excited that I've gone down another clothes size and I may have to invest in new bras reasonable soon (this one causes equal amounts of pleasure and pain!).

Short and sweet today, I'm still exhausted: mentally, emotionally and physically (I wasn't back until 3am on the wednesday night).



  1. Glad you linked up!! Sounds like you did good staying on track during the road trip-- that's a weakness of mine too. Mmmm, chinese takeout sounds so good. I was craving some the other day, and might pick some up this weekend. Hope you have a good weekend! :)

  2. I wandered over from the link-up thingy! Hello! As a former vegan, I completely understand your statement about pizza or killing rampage. Sometimes it's best to quell the inner demons. : )