Thursday, 20 November 2014

help me, I make poor life choices

Dear internet friends I need your help.

Next time I talk about dying my hair myself...... don't let me.

Remember how I said my viva was next week. well I decided that rather than actually doing proper prep for it, you know useful stuff like reviewing the literature and my thesis, I was going to "fix" my hair, because that's what's important. 

Originally I was going to go to a hairdressers, as a treat. But then I saw the prices, stupid beyond shoulder length hair. So I decided to box dye it..... like I normally do. Except I feel as though my hair has been getting too dark the past couple of times. So I picked up a lighter colour using my normal method of selecting the hair dye brand on offer. BAD BAD BAD move. Today my hair is not only even darker but it feels fried............. my hair is never fried, this is a nightmare. 

So now instead of getting confidence from my hair a la Samson I'm going to actually have to study..... probably.

However, I decided that as my hair is in bad shape I will pay for a haircut rather than my normal hack at it and hope for the best technique (which usually works for me). Maybe that'll help?

Brace yourself in-case tomorrows post is on the perils of getting your haircut somewhere that only charges £11. 

I'm off to make a hair mask using olive oil and egg yolks (hair trials trump veganism), with any luck that'll reverse the damage.

Being poor sucks.

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  1. This is how I feel about hair and the cost of hairdresses:

    What's the ONE thing you have to wear daily? HAIR! You wear jeans maybe once a week, a top every few weeks, etc. But your hair? EVERY DAY. It's worth the money to get it done properly, because if you work out the cost daily, it's really not that bad.

    Best of luck with the treatment!