Monday, 24 November 2014

life lately....

I've been a busy girl lately, not just with my risky hair moves.

BTW for those of you waiting on tenterhooks the £11 hair cut turned out just fine. I got her to go a little shorter than was absolutely necessary as I was paranoid about having dried out ends. Consequently its considerably shorter than I normally wear it, I mean its still long by most standards, just shorter for me. I'll try and get a photo up for you guys soon so you can see what I mean. Also friends have assured me that the colour is not as bad as my family would have me believe, it is however possible that unlike my family they are lying to spare my feelings ;p.

On Wednesday we scoured free tickets to the cinema so we went to see the imitation game. Great movie. Tragic story. Afterwards we hit up a local pub and made some new friends. I say friends, they mocked me for poor life choices and accused my scarf of being a blanket in disguise, naturally this endeared them to Reg. Also Reg stole some of their beer whilst they weren't looking.

He may have gotten tipsy.

Friday after the emergency hair appointment we had a craft afternoon with a friend where I attempted to teach her to finger crochet. Reginald was not best pleased by this activity but warmed up considerably when he got a scarf out of it.

Rather dashing don't you think?

Right well the dreaded Viva is wednesday morning so I'm off to do a spot of last minute revision..... that and write a presentation as with less than 48hrs to go the university decided to let me know that I should really give one, the organisation around it has been so far past  ridiculous that I have lost all ability to care!

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  1. "but warmed up considerably when he got a scarf out of it." I see what you did there. : )