Sunday, 14 December 2014

AWOL .....

So I've been AWOL recently, right in the middle of Reginalds Christmas countdown. But I have some pretty good excuses. 

Firstly I've had 3 job interviews, then i drove down to Wiltshire, spent a weekend re-arranging a friends parents house in preparation for her mums hospital homecoming. Then on the Monday I had an assessment day in London for a teacher training program that I was no longer interested in (but had already paid for the ticket so felt obliged to go). I got back from London to Wiltshire at 8.30 and then proceeded to make the 4.5hr drive home in order to start my new job the next day. And to be quite frank have been too tired for the rest of the week to do anything :p

But from Monday things around here are going to get back on track. My diet has been lax, its been all about emotional eating and convenience. In the interests of accountability I'm still at 184, which is considerably better than it could be! But indulgence needs to stop, I need to meal prep for this week. Its not quite a  full time job, 11:30-5:30, which means no lunch break for me. So by the time I get home at 6.30 I'm ravenous....... I need to come up with something that can be whipped up or re-heated quickly!!!

Also Reg will be resuming his Christmas countdown, so I present: Reg on a reindeer :p


  1. Congrats on the job!!!!! Yay! Love that Reg is having a blast this holiday season!

  2. Congratulations on the job!!! And Reg, you're adorable. :)