Sunday, 4 January 2015

New year.....

Eh up folks!

Its 2015, is it just me or did 2014 disappear spectacularly quickly? For me, the new year won't feel like its started properly until tomorrow. I spent my new years eve with my Kat up in Carlisle, commuting from there to work on friday. Her new girlfriend in a bid to win my approval cooked up a mostly vegan feast (FYI it totally worked). We ate, we ate some more, we introduced Lisa to our favourite tv show and marathoned it (pretty much our new years eve tradition), and whilst I don't think she really "got it" she was a good sport and didn't complain about it and more importantly didn't object to being the nominated disk changer.

We all had work on friday, but once that was out the way we got right back to the eating and binge tv-a-thon! On saturday we did venture out, we walked to  the priory:

It's very pretty. And as it was super cold it was 100% necessary to visit the on site cafe for afternoon tea before making our way home :p . Then we hit the local pub for some good pub grub, where I managed to bag the best seat ever directly in front of the fire (I get cold soooo easily these days so this was a big coup). Being a vet, Kat has a house full of animals, none of whom approved of the blanket I was making for their owner, every time I sat down to work on it, they sat on it, effectively halting any further work!!! Also Kip (Kat's adorbable dog) loves me and objected every time I tried to leave the couch, and who am I to argue with such an adorable cannine (I'd up load a photo but all I have are a collection of blurry brown balls of fur)!

Anyho, after such a decadently lazy few days filled with eating and minimal movement I dread to think what the scale will say. But for me Monday marks the return to normal, good eating habits and more consistent exercise. 

And as I sucked with Reg's Christmas count down I'm going to leave you with a few highlights from his capers:

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  1. Happy New Year, Kirsty! Sounds like a lovely New Year's Eve!