Sunday, 22 March 2015

Introducing Bessie

I would like you to meet Bessie:

Isn't she lovely. Although I have now removed the rear basket, it felt a bit unnecessary for everyday and panniers seem like a better option for my holiday. Regardless she's still a looker.

We just went out for a very leisurely ride around some of the local villages. It was 7 miles in total and took 48 minutes at a VERY leisurely pace. Which means our goal of 20 miles a day for Ireland is very doable! 

I completely forgot my phone so no pictures, sorry. But I snapped a quick one of Reg and I once we go back.


  1. Bessie is beautiful!!! You'll totally be able to get through Ireland on 20 miles/day! You've got this!

  2. OH I love Bessie! What a fun way to explore your beautiful country! Love the Reg/Kirsty selfie! :D