Monday, 9 March 2015

I've got apologies and excuses a-plenty......

The above title is to be sung to the tune of the little mermaids hoarding song........ don't pretend like you don't know exactly what song I mean, nor that you didn't go back and try and fit the blog title to the tune. PUH-LEEEEASE nobody is buying that!

I could take this opportunity to apologise for being away, to pledge to do better oooooooooooorrr I could sweep it all under the rug and pretend that nothing is amiss, I'll give you 2 guesses as to which option I'm going with......

Ding ding ding. Those of you who selected option Number 2 are the lucky winners of the smug sense of satisfaction that comes with knowing you're right....... you're welcome!

Did I make my 175lb by feb 20th goal...... NOPE... Last Wednesdays weight in saw 179..... opps!

Well did I at least get my application altered for primary school and sent in. HA! Of course not, who do you think you're talking to....... in fact why on earth would I have broken my silence if it weren't the sweet siren call of procrastination.

Well then surely you have done your thesis corrections I hear you cry! Actually no. But mainly because I've decided not to do them...... as in ever. I came to the decision it wasn't worth it to me. I'd have to do more lab work....... and suddenly it dawned on me that this could quite possibly be never-ending, and even if it wasn't in reality it wasn't worth sacrificing my physical and mental health at its alter anymore. Personal growth!

Well what have I been doing???? You mean than finally coming to the above decision about 3 years too late??? Well I have been doing some planning for my epic bike tour. And by planning yes I do mean reading adventure biographies and cycle tour blogs. Also I have bought a bike. I pick it up tomorrow. And guys...... I won it on ebay. As in I actually had the highest bid!!!!! I NEVER win at ebay. Like ever! I may or may not be as excited by that fact as I am about the bike.

I also had an epic catch-up weekend with all my undergrad course mates. It was awesome. There was shopping (I got a new sports bra at a heavily discount price), reminiscing and foooooood, so very much food. 

Reg stole some pudding but I refrained, NSV or what!!!

Also public shout-out to the ever-awesome Desiree, for not only identifying that things had been slipping but kicking butt and actually working her ass off (literally) to reverse it. A brilliant example I definitely need to follow.

That said I have to go......... I need to complete at least 2 sections on this application tonight!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out and glad you are back! Nice to see sweet Reg too! I'm excited to hear all about your biking! You have beautiful country there to do it in!