Sunday, 12 July 2015

AWOL Part 2

So in part 1 I hinted that as well as all the health problems there was another reason for my absence.

Luckily this time it was a much pleasanter reason. Suddenly everything started happening with my teaching applications. All 3 places I applied for invited me for interview, all of which were taking place within a 2 week window. And there were lessons, essays and interviews to prep for each. Then to add to this I'd already arranged my professional skills tests within this window, prior to them inviting me for interview. And with all the business with my hands I hadn't been able to start preparing for those much before hand. So I had a lot to do in a very short time frame.

Those 2 weeks passed in a bit of a blur. I was convinced I was going to fail the maths component of the skills tests, as I'd been failing the practice exams on a spectacular scale! However, despite computer  meltdowns at the test center (yes really in the middle of my test the thing went poof!) I managed to pass, divine intervention is the only explanation for that one folks.

Uni/training provider No.1 let me know at the end of my interview they were going to offer me a place. Uni/training provider No.2 rang me just as I was driving away from the interview. I dithered over the next few days but ultimately decided to go with No.2, without even interviewing with No.3 as it just felt right.

A condition of both offers was to spend 2 weeks in a primary school before the end of term (mid July here). So I've just squeezed that in. It was brilliant, the school I did it at was awesome and the teachers were delightful. Less delightful is the horrific cold they gifted me, which had me sent home on the last day after the head called me "croaky McGee". 4 days and counting with no voice!

Et voila, you are all caught up!

It's not like I haven't thought of you guys or this little blog. I do frequently! I still read most of the blogs on my reading list, and plan multiple blog posts in my head, but I never seem to find the time to sit down and write them out.

I for see no major obstacles in the near future though!

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