Wednesday, 13 January 2016

skulking back

Soooooo ummmm hi *awkward wave*

Lets be honest I've been AWOL for a very very very long time, I'm not sure exactly how long because I think finding that out will be completely terrifying! 

So if I've been staying away from the world of fitblogging it surely must be because I have been managing on my own and too busy crushing my health and fitness goals to bother writing, right? I think we all know the answer to that is a big fat NO! I did OK for a while, neither gaining or loosing weight, I did lose inches on the build up to my cycling holiday though. So far so good, then I started my teacher training year and slowly but surely I slipped into bad habits, started making excuses and what do you know here I am facing a new year heavier than I started the last one D'oh!!!! So here I am back up to 194lbs, which is actually down 2lbs from last week, turns out I can't do this on my own. I need the motivation and accountability of the online community! 

Oh well no point crying over spilt milk, I'm back and motivated and that's what matters. In  a bid to help motivate myself I got a fitbit. I'm fairly certain I'm not utilizing it to it's full capabilities though. I've had it less than 24hr and so far I have taken several extra trips up stairs just to increase my steps! 

Also in the spirit of honesty...... the only person going to be reading this is probably Shannon, so Shannon how do I find you on fitbit? I seem to remember you can get pretty competitive with it!

I'd upload photos but my phone is practically dead these days (still waiting for the fair phone release!)



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  2. HIIIIII. Longtime reader, bad personal blogger :) Welcome back!! Accountability helps. Not sure if you're tracking on my fitness pal or what, but I just gave up WW for MFP and so far I'm loving it. I just got a new fitbit so I'm on the grind too. Send me a friend request on there!!

  3. Welcome back hun! I'm glad you are doing well. I'm trying to get back to motivation land myself!