Monday, 7 May 2018

I'm baaaaaaaaack!!!

Sooooooooo after a hiatus of some time, *cough* years *cough* I'm back. Now on the off chance someone has been waiting with baited breath for me I'll give a quick recap of my life.
I went into teacher training.
I qualified.
I hoodwinked a school into hiring me.
I hoodwinked Ofsted into thinking I was brilliant (hahahahhahaha).
I have now been sentenced to be a year 6 (final and test year in primary education) next year.

I stress eat. Teaching is stressful. Three guesses as to what happened next, but I bet you'll only need one! I need to break this cycle before next year when the stress levels really ramp up!

So I found myself weighing in at 216.5lbs in January, which incidentally is almost the same weight I was before I started this blog the first time (230).

So I trudged back to Weight Watchers in February and the scales have been moving in the right direction (197.5).

So why have you started blogging again I hear all my imaginary readers cry. Well dear imaginary readers, I have started C25K again and once again I need an outlet for my gushing. Also I need the accountability, more on that next post.

So there you have it. I'm back, nice to "see" you all again. Next on the to do, find blogs to follow, hit me with any that you think are must reads.



  1. Welcome back! I'm no longer blogging but I'm still reading! Life has been crazy, stressful and completely turned upside down for me lately and I'm really needing to get back to healthy routines also. Looking forward to following you again! And congratulations on your teaching job!

    1. Thanks! :s oh dear that doesn't sound good at all! Healthy routines are the first thing to go out the window the moment things get remotely at stressful.

    2. Yep you are so right and that's when the structure really needs to be in place. But I'm slowly starting to get my momentum back!