Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The heron conundrum

I think I'm accidentally in a passive aggressive war with a heron. Yes the elegant river bird.

 Lately on my runs I've been encountering a heron. Pretty cool right? Except Harry heron hates me. It all started 2 weeks ago. I was running along the canal when I noticed Harry a bit further ahead. Harry did not seem amused by my approach, it might have been due to the alarming shade of red my face turns when running or the disturbing similarity between the sound of my approach and a herd of stampeding elephants, we may never know.

Once he deemed I was too close, off he flew. Now you'd think he would fly into the canal or onto the opposite bank. You'd be wrong. Harry chose to swoop off and land about 20 yards ahead. Folks this little game continued for the entire run. Yes this does mean when I reached the half way point he too turned around!

We continued this dance most runs, although in his defence after the first he didn't follow me on the return again.

In a bid to give us both a break yesterday I chose to turn right, the opposite direction to normal. And as luck would have, who did I find 100yards down the path, Harry. However, this time he did fly off in the opposite direction, never to be seen again!

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