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So as mentioned in my first post, I started this blog to commemorate a significant goal in my running career (ha!). And the more I carry on with this running m'larky the more I absolutely love it!

But as I’m not an impressive runner and I don’t rack up hundreds of running miles, there’s no way I could fill an entire blog on my running experiences! So instead this little blog will be a way to chronicle my everyday life, which at the moment includes running, weight loss and a bit of everything in-between. Oh and recipes, because I like to cook and an online catalogue of my greatest hits is a much safer way to archive them than recipe books which will inevitably get lost!

So what do you need to know:

- I’m a novice runner attempting to shift a few extra pounds (ok, more like 50lbs)
- I dabble in cooking, particularly baking
- I'm a Northerner through and through ;)
- I’m a grad student
- I’m a committed Christian
- I LOVE dinosaurs (no really!)

Oh and perhaps most importantly (and the reason for the blog title) I am ridiculously accident prone, I should come with my own disaster warning and have in fact been listed as a hazard all on my own in H&S forms before! But it’s OK, life’s more interesting when it doesn’t run smoothly, right?

So welcome to my wee world, it's a bit different but it's always happy and I hope you'll decide to stay a while,



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