Thursday, 24 May 2018


Sorry for radio silence this week, it was the last week of school before our break and I've been so physically and mentally exhausted there has been no spare energy for anything else. To be honest I'm not sure who has been more tired this week, me or the kids!

Following last weeks divet problem I've had a week off running (boo). However, I broke that on Wednesday and went out and did week 3, run 3 with no problems. Well, the heat was killer, but my ankle was fine. We're currently experiencing an actual summer and it's sending the whole country dolally. Every day this week temperatures have been in the 20s (I live in the North West, its much hotter down South). I imagine some of you are wondering what is so spectacular about 23'C. To put it into perspective, normally we consider it an OK summer with highs of 16'C, and summers with temperatures of 12'C are fairly common. So to have Summer with actual heat is bizarre. Also it hasn't rained for over a week!!!! So when I went for my run at 7pm and it was still 20'C you can imagine the shock, also how hot it felt.

On the other hand the scenery was spectacular:

I also had my official weigh in last night, down 1.5lbs to 196. Gutted it wasn't more, I've been on form with my diet this past week. But a loss is a loss.

How's your week been? Anyone else hot?

Monday, 14 May 2018


So my diet this week has been less than Stella but I've been doing well on the exercise front. Or rather, I was, until tonight's run (week 3, run 2). I hit a divet wrong and .........
Lots of ice and as much rest as is possible (keeping a foot elevated at work really isn't an option!).

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Trading sizes

I alluded to another reason for the blog, accountability. Why the need for extra accountability? Well after dithering and angsting for a decade I've finally booked myself in for a breast reduction!

It's long over-due. I get back ache. I have dints in my shoulders. Scars from underwires. I can't dress the way I'd like (I dress for the boobs and their minimisation). They get in the way when I sleep, they either suffocate me or force my back into a weird c shape. They are a serious hamper to exercise. And I currently work with year 4 (8-9 yo) and their extreme size means that every time a child tries to hug me they're at boob height (cue lots of side hugs, seriously they should warn you when you start training!).

Any way these problems have an expiration date, July 17th to be exact. And the less I weigh/closer to a healthy bmi I can get the better. I'll be going the smallest I can go, DD, which is still generous but 6 sizes smaller :D