Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Weigh In Wedneday
So I thought I'd join in with a new link-up. Wednesdays are my normal weigh in day so it made sense. Also its been great inspiration reading through everyone else's stories. Sometimes its easy to convince yourself that everyone elses weightloss journeys are going alot smoother than yours, its nice to know that everyone else goes through rough patched where they fall out of love with loosing weight!
With that in mind I'm actually really pleased to announce I'm down 1 whole pound! Which really is excellent as I haven't exactly been in the greatest head-space recently. I've been quite good diet wise but I have allowed a couple of bad runs last week to complely de-rail things on the exercise front, so a 1lb loss is brilliant.
Things with work/study have been getting bad, lots of pressure and stress. It seems as though I can only focus on one thing at a time, either living a healthier life-style or work. Which is ridiculous because millions of other people manage both. But every time the pressure over work mounts my healthy life style choices evaporate. I think it stems from a bit of an all or nothing mentality and what I really need to learn is moderation and balance. SO that's what I'm going to try and focus on this week, getting back to healthy diet and exercise habbits AND still dealing with the pressure at work (and not sicking my head in the sand).
So there we go, how did everyone else do, what are your goals for the week?

Monday, 29 July 2013

Apparently I'm a teenager

I HATE the dentist. I know everyone does but it needed to be said. Apparently i have the teeth of a teenager, and she can tell I have a sugar addiction. SO there are fillings in my future. On the plus side, it has giving me the kick up the back-side to do something about it (it being my sugar problem). I manage to work an awful lot of sugar into my daily points allowance. So I’m going to cut out all the treats, and sugar on my fruit ect ect, and apparently I should avoid my morning fruit smoothie? Does anyone have any other tips or pointers for me?

 Anyway I wanted to share one of my very favourite recipies. It started off life as a weightwatchers recipe serves 2 (11pp) but has become seriously modified, whilst maintaining the same points value!

150g whole wheat spaghetti
1 cal cooking spray
Generous pinch of chilli flakes
1 small red onion
1 small onion
1tsp garlic granules (I’m a garlic fiend and normally end up adding alot more!)
Whole bag of fresh spinach
Chestnut mushrooms, (only because they’re my favourite, any type will do, I

usually go overboard and add a whole pack)
250g cherry tomatoes (although often I'll add more, I just LOVE tomatoes)
125g can mackerel in brine  (drained)

Start cooking the pasta, I like to salt the water.
Meanwhile fry off the garlic and chilli, once browned add the onions, then the sliced mushrooms and halved tomatoes. And cook on a high heat until the tomatoes are beinging to disintegrate. Then add in the spinach. Sometimes I like to add a little of the pasta cooking water to all the veg, it helps with cooking the spinach and gives a bit more of a sauce finish. Flake in the mackeral. Lastly stir in a generous amount of basil, I usually end of having to use dried.

(ps. I'm aware this doesn't look like whole wheat pasta, that's because my parents are big babies)
It doesn't look prety but it tastes AMAZING!!!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
In other news I found Jillian's 30 day shred amongst my DVD's the other day. I must have bought it during a prevous attempt to get fit, although I have never actually done it. However, I'm thinking about giving it a real go. What do you guys think, have any of you tried it, is it any good?
Well i better get going, typing out this recpiee has reminded me it's tea time and I'm hungry!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

I got lost running........sort of

Good news, I’m feeling much perkier today! This is probably largely to do with it being Saturday and therefore not feeling obliged to work on my thesis!

 So I wanted to share some of the things that happened whilst away (other than becoming a bus-spotter obviously). I went out for a run on Tuesday morning around a park one of my cousins had taken me to last time I tried running and was attempting to drag her into it with me. Drumprellier park is essentially a small lake and a wooded area. I had to drive there so I parked up and set off (without headphones, I’d inconveniently left them at home). I had no idea how laboured my breathing actually is, yet another advantage of running with headphones! Anyway I knew I‘d have to do several laps of the lake to make my time so I decided to make a detour into the woods. I wasn’t following footpaths so much as deer paths but still it was a lot of fun, I really do love trees! Anyway when I came out of the trees I was all disorientated, but I saw just ahead of me 2 middle aged ladies who I thought I might have passed before entering the woods. Anyway when I caught up with them and stopped them it turns out that they weren’t the same ladies but they very kindly pointed me in the right direction (the car park was hidden behind  a boat house round the far edge of the lake). Anyway having located the car I continued my run and set off round the lake again, when I passed the ladies again they called out wanting to know if I’d gotten myself lost again! Which was both sweet and funny!
It was alott of fun hanging out with some of my family. This is a photo my cousin and I took, when my friend left her phone un-attended. We're sooo cool.
Then on Friday it was HOT. SO very hot. My friend talked me into keeping my shorts on for the drive down. At first I was reluctant because I knew we would be stopping in somewhere for a bite to eat. But as my friend very sensibly pointed put, it was too hot to be self –concious and we would only be going to service station for mac-donalds anyway so its not like the people there would be judging me! So i wore my shorts in public and the world didn’t end, who knew?

 Right I’ll leave it at that for the day, but I’ll be back tomorrow with a recipie.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Loosing my perk....

So I’ve been a terrible blogger.

Since getting back from the week t’up North I’ve just been feeling a bit meh. Actually it started before I went away, I think just getting a bit fed-up with everything. I’ve been on this journey since Easter and I think I’m just frustrated with the results I’ve been seeing, I’ve been averaging 1lb a week. And I know that not bad per ce, I just  get frustrated when I look around at other bloggers who are seeing better results(2-3lbs). It’s frustrating because I’m on point with my diet, excluding the past 10 days, I have stayed within my ww daily and weeklies. I haven’t mentioned it yet on the blog but I have PCOS. Perhaps the worlds most annoying condition ever. Along with a whole host of  delightful symptoms including infertility excessive body hair and adult acne there is what I consider to be one natures biggest cruelties. Associated with the hormone in-balance PCOS causes is weight gain, and the hormone in-balance also makes it very hard to. One of the best things you can do to minimise the effects of the PCOS is to lose weight. So I guess I’ve just been getting a bit frustrated and fed-up with it.

Also I’m currently at the weight that seems to be a bit of a barrier for me, everytime I’ve tried to lose weight in the past this is as far as I’ve gotten before falling off the wagon and allowing my weight to creep back up. Then when I went for my run on Monday my calve muscles were cramping up, so that out me in a bad mood. Which was then followed by an incredibly un-productive week PhD wise just meant I have been throwing myself a bit of a pity party.

However, I dragged my butt out again for a run this morning and my calves felt much better (perhaps because the grass had been cut so I wasn’t hurdling over vegetation!). I didn’t push myself too hard but I’m confident that if I redo a week of the C25k next week I should be back to normal.

So I’m sorry for the pity party and I promise it ends here and we will resume normal service now.
I just want to leave you with a photo of my friend and I doing our best impression of “bus spotters” (also we were photo-bombed by the guard dog who decided at that she finally accepted us)!


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Sorry for going off radar for a few days, I’ve been super busy.

On Saturday I had a friend and his family coming to visit so in preparation I spent Friday baking and cooking up a storm, lasagne, salsa, brownies and shortbread. Which completely undermined my commitment to staying on track diet wise this week because I find it impossible to bake without multiple sampling both during (mmmmm cake batter) and of course you have to test the finished product! And then obviously it would be RUDE not to eat them all with everybody else on Saturday, right?

One of the things I made though was actually reasonably healthy, the salsa. My dad is completely obsessed with it, when I last went down to uni for a few weeks I had a text from mum that said “dad says come home, out of salsa”. That was it, no how are you or love you just a demand for salsa!

So here’s the recipe (adapted from channel 4)

·         1 onion
·         2 big tomatoes and a handful of plum tomatoes
·         ¼ cucumber
·         1 red pepper
·         1 avocado
·         Lemon juice
·         Olive oil
·         Salt & pepper

Finely chop all the ingredients and mix with a generous dollop of oil and lemon juice. It really is that easy! I’m not a very accurate cook so I tend to add things until they look /taste right. To that end I probably have a very tomato heavy salsa. Chopping the plum tomatoes is a pain but I think the taste is worth it!
I’m up in Scotland at the moment with a friend, staying in my cousin’s house whilst she’s away on holiday, so my friend and I are using it as a cheap get away. We have an exhausting schedule of one tree hill and gossip girl marathons! And I’m afraid i won’t be making many healthy choices whist up here, there are just so many food stuffs that i can only get up here so I plan to indulge in them whilst I can. I plan to keep up with the running and try not and go too crazy but I don't want to feel deprived either.
I hope everyone else had a great weekend and I'll check in again later on in the week.

Thursday, 11 July 2013



Super excited to be linking up with the lovely Katie, Ashlee and Lex for NSV’s.
This week I actually have a couple I wanted to share. The first involves this picture:

me in my hammock chair (before it tried to kill me)
Ok so you can’t really tell in the picture but I’m wearing shorts. Which is in and of itself a big deal. I never wear shorts, I always feel too self-conscious, and I was just wearing them around the house so the only people that saw me in them were my family, but still this is a big del for me. And almost just as exciting these are shorts I haven’t worn since I was 19!

Also I know I’ve been harping on about this all week, and I apologise for bringing it up again but I’m just so excited by it, I ran for 28 minutes straight! I couldn’t even imagine getting to this point when I first started working my through the C25k programme in April. Yes it has taken me a lot longer than “they” said it would but I still got here! Next I should probably try and maintain a pace which is faster that walking?

And since Monday I have tracked everything I’ve eaten, even yesterday’s KFC, yay!

Lately I’ve been really enjoying my running and now that running a full 5K is within sight, I’ve been thinking about what’s next? Originally I was just thinking of stepping up to the 10k training programme. But both Carolyn   and Ashlee are working towards a half marathon and I’ve been thinking maybe I should make that my next big goal. What do you guys think? And the fact that I’m even thinking about this, definitely counts as a NSV!

But what are your NSVs this week. Have you been a tracking star or an exercise fiend? Or have you simply changed your attitude towards your body?


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Suicidal inanimate objects and wednesday weigh in

I realised that I forgot to tell you about something that happened at the weekend. My beloved hammock chair attacked me! I was sat minding my own business, reading my latest trashy novel when suddenly I was rudely deposited on my backside and the hammock bar clonked me on my head! The strap I used to hang it in the tree just suddenly decided it had had enough of carrying my hefty behind and lost the will to live (i.e. it just snapped). Sad times!  Don’t panic, asides from a bruised behind I’m fine, and Dad has now slung a rope up in the tree for me to attach the hammock to (parents are handy like that).

Now I’m back at home for a bit I can get back into regularly weighing myself on Wednesdays. And I am excited to report that this weeks 2lb loss means I’ve lost 2 stone since I started, which is fantastic! I get a little over-whelmed when I think I’ve got around 4stone (over 50lbs)still to go. However, I’m really beginning to notice the changes, a lot of my wardrobe is beginning to look too big for me and my new skinny jeans are beginning to get on the big size too (fortunately I prepared for this and bought the smaller size at the same time!). But most importantly my attitude is changing, my confidence which used to be pitifully low is increasing and a lot of the time I now actually like what I see in the mirror, which is a huge difference!

Sadly the scale success may have gone to my head as when my parents suggested KFC for dinner I agreed, ops! Oh well I need to sit down and work out how many points I actually ate but I have a sneaking suspicion that I used up all my weeklies, totally worth it though!

I actually went for my run yesterday, I know what was I thinking running two days in a row! But my legs felt good and I just was really in the mood. Originally I wanted to have my tea and then go for a run about 9ish when it had cooled down but knowing Dad was bummed about missing Monday’s run I invited him to join me, and he persuaded me to go at 6, BIG mistake. It was sooooo hot, which meant I was quite a bit slower but never mind I still did the full 28 minutes (minus the hill) and that’s good! I’m going to try and do an early morning run tomorrow, who knows maybe the cooler temperatures will allow me to tackle the hill?
How's everyone else doing this week on the weight loss and healthy eating fronts?

Monday, 8 July 2013

taking care of business!

Eh up!

How was your weekend? My run Saturday morning was the last productive thing I accomplished all weekend. It was utter bliss. I spent the rest of the time in my hammock chair reading, I’m positive that if you look up the definition of happiness that would be it!

So today’s run. I didn’t get up early to do it when it was nice and cool, the alarm went off and I went back to sleep, opps! I toyed with the idea of putting it off till tomorrow morning, but decided that as it was my laziness to blame I would just have to suck it up and go. So I slathered on the sunscreen and stole some of my Dad's fancy cycling sun glasses and set off.
And after my revelation on Saturday I didn’t touch runkeeper, just started my C25k and headed out. Normally I listen to 101 running songs on shuffle, but today I needed to spend a little time with God on my run. So I stuck on 50 Christian workout hits, because you need to have the right music! I spent a little time praying as I ran, talking through some if the things that have been bothering me, work, boys (of course!) the future. It was nice, there’s something cathartic about praying and running, like your literally exercising your demons lol! Anyway, long after I’d stopped praying there was a song that talked about giving your all, so you wouldn’t have any regrets, and I know it was talking about our relationship with God but I thought that really applies to my commitment to this healthier lifestyle, so often I’m tempted to “cheat”, but the only person I’m cheating is myself. I wish I knew which song it was but I don’t really know the album! After that my thoughts were as spiritual as "God don't let me collapse out here with only the cows for company"!

Anyway, it was HOT!!! And I kept thinking maybe I’ll stop when I get to x style. But then I’d get there and think no I can make it to the horse field at least. And so it went. I did have to walk half up the small hill but its a walking break of less than 30s and I don’t count it because it always floors me, I figure I’ll work on it at a later date. And then as I was running down the leg which is down the side of the bypass the tarmac was so hot I could feel it through my shoes and my poor feet were burning. So then I convinced myself I could stop at 25 minutes but by that point I was re-entering the village and I decided I could go until the 1 minute to go warning and then when I reached that point I realised I could run another minute and make it to the end, although I was beginning to fear I was going to run out of road as I was nearly back at home!

Usually I get to start my cool down walk at some point along the by-pass or since doing the 25mins as I reach the bottom of it so that my walk is though the village and the 5 mins takes me to the end of my street, tops. Today I made it all the way to my house, I had to walk around the garden as my cool down. Actually this worked out quite well as in a bid to stay hydrated I drank a lot before heading out so by the time I had finished the warm-up 5minutes I was already thinking I could visit the facilities right now. So when I got home I could take care of that, grab my water and then do some laps of the garden.

I’m not quite ready to move onto 30minutes run which is what my next session is supposed to be, I think I might repeat the 28mins for the rest of the week (hopefully 2 more sessions) and move onto 30minutes next week.
Is this heat-wave affecting anyone else's work-outs? How do you cope, or can you actually get up in the morning?


Saturday, 6 July 2013

Back on the wagon again

So I made it our for my run this morning at 9.30, its not really early, but come on, no-one really thought I would get up early on a Saturday did you? Anyway, 9.30 IS early for me on a Saturday morning! But to be honest it probably wasn’t early enough, all the moisture had burnt off the grass by the time I got there and it was HOT!

It was a tough run, a really tough run, I felt like I was really struggling as I was going, which I realise I have been saying a lot lately. And it wasn’t until I was doing my cool down walk it clicked for me. My dad got it into my head that I need to really focus on my time/distance. Which is great and he’s right at some-point I do need to work on that just not yet. But at the moment I need to work on building up my endurance, and I can’t do both at the same time. Because when I’m focused on my speed, yes I go faster but I “burn-out” and have to stop and walk to catch my breath. And although this can result in my overall pace being better, I’m not then running that full 25 minutes. And to me at this point it seems more important to run that time continuously. Or am I wrong on this?

Anyway unless I have a sudden change of heart I’m going to stop listening to run keeper in conjunction with my C25k. I’m going to re-focus on endurance. I’ll worry about speed/distance once I can run for a full 30!

Here is a photo me rocking a delightful beetroot colour after my run this morning!

In other news I’m also re-committing to being more intentional with my diet, and tracking everything that I eat. I’ve slipped off the wagon in a big way. With all my gallivanting around, particularly to Uni, I’ve allowed myself to slip back into bad habits. Not tracking everything, allowing myself a few “treats” because they won’t hurt. And they won’t, but only if they are occasional treats tracked and don’t become daily habits that I don’t count! So i need to get my butt back in gear and get back on track!

So there we have it, 2 resolutions for this week, and now it’s out there for all the internet to see I have to stick to it, right?

Friday, 5 July 2013

plodding along

My goodness I’ve been a bad blogger this week, sorry folks. But, I have photos for you so that should totally make up for it right?

So this is the beautiful pom pom display created by yours truly:

I know, I know, I’ve astounded you with my artistic ability!
The beautiful tent, and the flowers aren’t even in yet. I was just so proud, the bride had a clear vision, right down to the delphinium planted milk churns, and was able to make her dream a reality.
The beautiful view from my bedroom window at the farm!
And because I forgot to take a photo of me in my dress (or at least with a digital camera) here is a selfie, but as the only full-length mirror in the house is squeeze between my parents wardrobes, its weird shaped sorry!

Ok, moving on. This week hasn’t been great on the weight loss front. I over-indulged at the wedding and just kept it up for the rest of the week, so when I weighed in today and the scales showed a 2lb gain, it was expected. And you know what I’m OK with that, I think its easier to  deal with a gain when you know exactly what you’ve done to cause it, much worse is when there is a gain and you’re at a complete loss to explain it. But I am determined to get back on track this week.
I went for a run on Wednesday before meeting with a friend. I was proud of myself for using the spare 45minutes in my day to squeeze in a run instead of just watching TV. The run itself was HORRIBLE. I was just really struggling despite the fact the terrain should have made it much easier, I was just on a complete go slow. It might of been a combo of the super hot weather and not properly stretching out after Mondays run as I ended up driving my friend to the doctors and it just slipped my mind (side note I got to sit in a crowded doctors reception in my smelly running clothes, NICE!).

I am going to try and go for early morning runs whilst the weather is so hot (and lets face it in England, I’m not going to have to keep it up for long!). But when I got home yesterday my mum made a comment about the HUGE black circles under my eyes (I’m not kidding when I say I NEED 8hrs sleep), so I deliberately didn’t set an alarm this morning to try and catch up. Fingers crossed I can get up in the morning or it’ll be a very hot run for me tomorrow!

I hope you all had lovely weeks? I’d love to know what you guys got up to?

Monday, 1 July 2013

Mobility scooter derby


I’m back from the wedding. It was absolutely amazing and the bride was truly stunning.

It was a lot of fun even though I didn’t get out for a run until this morning.

On Friday I ended up “guarding” the marquee. There have been issues in the area with people breaking into tents and destroying/stealing things before weddings so we didn’t want to leave the tent un-attended. Luckily I wasn’t in it overnight, one of the lads got that job, I only had to stay there whilst people ate and tended to their livestock and I wasn’t alone for long as eventually the bride and one of the bridesmaids returned with food and wine and we just chilled until the night shift was done feeding his cows!

Then originally I had thought there would be time to go for a run on Saturday morning as I wasn’t part of the bridal party I’d have a bit more free time. However I was staying with Jo (the bride) at her parents with some of the bridesmaids, and being a farm we were awoken at 5.30! Early mornings are fine, just not when preceded by a late night! We had a lot of fun though doing loads of last minute jobs, including riding 3 mobility scooters around to the marquee site for her parents use, we looked hilarious driving along the road on these ridiculous things at like 3 miles an hour! We tried to race but 2 of the scooters barely maintained a walking pace and the third was a beast, so it wasn’t a fair fight! We then drove them along the dirt track to the marquee and I really wished I’d worn a sports bra!


Other than the bride and groom I didn’t really know anyone, except Rob who I’d met once before. SO poor lad got stuck with most of the day and people kept asking whether we were married which is hilarious as Rob is the biggest womaniser I have ever met so he just looked horrified and I couldn’t stop laughing! Also it was highly amusing to watch him try and work his magic on some of the other guests!

Anyway, I don’t really drink so I stayed around to lock up the tent ect, and bully one of the boys into staying over-night again. So it was another super late night, and then Rob the cretin that he is thought it would be hilarious to wake Martine and I up when he went to do the cows. At which point I had only had four hours sleep so I wasn’t going for a run for love nor money and quite frankly considered it enough of an achievement that I didn’t just remove Rob’s favourite body part!

SO it may not have been the best weekend in terms of weight loss, especially as I indulged in all the wonderful food it was completely worth it!

And I promise to upload some photo’s eventually! I really should be better taking photos!

How was everyone else’s weekend? Did you stay on track more successfully than me?