Friday, 30 August 2013

Falling down and getting back up


Its Friday!!!

So I’ve been thinking a lot about my weight loss journey lately. And then I saw this on pintrest:
I’ve loved this proverb for years, as someone who frequently (and often inexplicabley) finds themselves in a heap on the floor, as a life philosophy its always appealed. But strangely I’ve never thought to apply it to this journey to health. In the past when I’ve fallen down I’ve viewed it as major failing of my personality, and allowed myself to wallow in shame and self-pity, and just given up. Which is a ridiculous, you can’t be perfect 100% of the time and slip-ups are inevitable. When i face-plant in the middle of the street I don’t agonise over it and hide-myself away, I just dust myself off and carry on, and that’s what I need to when I slip with my healthy eating and exercise.  

Bearing that new philosophy in mind it’s no secret that August hasn’t exactly been a stella month on the weightloss front for me. And looking around the blogosphere I’m not alone in this. However, the absolutely beautiful Heather over at pretty strong medicine has come up with a genius plan to make September different: Sweatember. The premise is simple. You just have to sweat everyday, doesn’t matter what you do, whether its working through a specific plan like 30 day shred or simply doing some form of exercise everyday, as long as it gets your heart rate going and gets you sweating that’s all that matters. And with a weekly link-up to blog about it to give an added incentive/accountability it sounds like a fantastic solution to me and I’m definitely going to be signing up for it, anyone else want to join?

Thursday, 29 August 2013

NSV and 6 things

Its NSV Thursday. It’s just a quick one this week because this week hasn’t been super great but yesterday I filled the fridge with healthy foods and I have a plan for getting back on track. And that’s my NSV, I haven’t let one bad week completely derail me, I’ve accepted it and putting it behind me. Its a journey, and one slip-up is not the end of the world, and I think I’ve finally learnt that!
So I was super excited over getting tagged by Carolyn to do this 6 questions thing! Once I’d finished dancing around the house like a lunatic I started to freak out. I mean the first question alone is enough to give a food-loving girl a headache. However, in honour of my lil girl crush on Carolyn I’m going to soldier on through, so be kind!
1.    If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I have agonised over this for the past 24hours. I’m a genuine food lover. The different tastes, textures and smells I just love it. So picking one food to last a lifetime is my worst nightmare! However, I’ve been thinking about it and I’m going to have to bend the rules a little bit and go with a whole meal. I know its cheating but there was no way I could pick just 1 food, a girl needs a little savoury and sweet. So here goes. I’d start with my mums awesome ham and lentil soup (you know its done when your spoon can stand up alone). Then, and this was seriously difficult, steak pie and mash (you just can’t beat pie). And finally brownies..... I don’t feel any explanation of that decision is necessary, brownies rule!
2.    What's your greatest accomplishment?
Wow! Talk about a change of pace! I found this question really tough, and I really didn’t know where to go with it. I thought about mentioning some of my academic achievements but to be honest I’m not as proud of those as some of my less tangible achievements. Namely my ability to see the positive in some truly horrible situations. This is the second time I’ve attempted to do a PhD and the second time for one reason or another it hasn’t worked out. Its been a really tough few years, things have been truly awful. And sure there have freak-outs and things I could have handled better but I haven’t dissolved into a blubbering mess. I’ve made the best out of situations and made I believe to be the best decisions I could have. But over-all I’ve remained positive, I trust that God has a plan and whilst I thought I was there to get a PhD He clearly knew better, and I truly believe I was there for the church, the friends I made and the people I got to meet.
But graduating top of my class was also pretty awesome ;)
  1. Who inspires you?
Old people. Just wait and hear me out before you dismiss this one. I’ve been around the older generation my whole life, that’s what happens when you grow up in a church where your parents are considered young! As a result I’m very comfortable just hanging out with  silver foxes’! And then I got involved in community out-reach to the older generation. It’s something I’m passionate about, I think society as a whole forgets them and dismisses them as useless. Ethel was abandoned at a train station as a baby and grew up in various orphanages before being adopted and meeting her husband at the age of 16 and serving as a land girl. She’s out-lived her husband, 3 of 4 children and is currently watching her last child slowly die and yet she remains positive and has the most amazing faith in the Lord I have ever seen. But perhaps what is most surprising about Ethel’s story is that she’s not alone. I have honestly never met someone who is shall we say of a certain age who doesn’t inspire me. So many of them have the most amazing stories if we only take the time to stop and listen.
  1. Who is/are your blog crush[es]?
Oh my goodness, I have sooooo many blog crushes its embarrassing, other than Carolyn obviously....... Ashlee and Katie both of these ladies blogs are so inspirational. They are both incredibly honest bloggers, documenting both the good and bad and that’s something I really admire.
  1. What's one thing on your bucket list?
This is a toss-up between doing a sky-dive and tour of the west coast of the US to include the world’s tallest, oldest and widest trees (I really like trees).
  1. What's something we don't know about you?
I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky: I used to have a motor-bike, I‘ve done multiple zip-lines including the world’s steepest one and roller coasters are my happy place.
So thanks Carolyn for tagging me this was super fun and I’d like to tag these lovely ladies:
 As for the questions, I’m going to keep them the same. I did think about changing the first one to “who’d win in a fight Bond or Bourne?” but figured that’s the kind of question that can cause feuds to start!
6.    Kourtnee @ Silver linings    

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Weigh in wednesday

Weigh In Wedneday
Linking up with the lovely WIW ladies. Honestly the 3 of them have the most inspiring blogs.
My weight in..... not so inspiring. 0.6lb gain. Which all things considered really isn’t that bad as I have been on a binge spree since Friday evening. However the rentals are away again for a few days and I have been to the supermarket and stocked up on lots of healthy goodies, broccoli, peppers, carrots (the fridge was completely bare so having fresh veg in is exciting). I also have my beloved turkey in. So there are no excuses to not have healthy and scrummy meals for the week. What’s that old saying, fail to prepare and you prepare to fail? Well I’m all prepared so that means I can’t fail right?
In other news my new toe socks arrived in the post this morning. They are aweome! Bright pink (yes I realise they won’t go with my green running shoes but they were cheaper) and ever so soft! Love em and absolutely desperate to try them out. Sadly my ankle isn’t up to it, last night I remembered there was a scotch egg in the fridge from the local bakers (these are the world’s best scotch eggs, no exaggeration) so I skipped into the kitchen (yes I realise most people don’t skip when remembering scotch eggs, that’s how good they are). Anyway clearly my ankle thinks I need to grow up because impressed by the skipping it was not. So running is still off the cards for a bit longer. And everyone keeps suggesting walking but this presents me with 2 problems. Firstly walking for too long doesn’t make the ankle happy either. Secondly i find walking kinda boring, sorry. Logically i know you are all right, walking is a great exercise, but the heart wants what the heart wants and this heart wants to ruuuuuuun!
How did everyone else’s week go?

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

It's soup season!

It's getting towards the end of summer and its no longer melt-your-face-off hot which means its soup season! I'm a huge soup person. there are soups for different seasons, soups for diffferent occasions and even soups for different emotions. But today I wanted to share a good all-round soup. Its ridiculously easy. And very scrummy. However, there is no photo because if you saw what it looked like you wouldn’t make it, and that’s would be real shame so to save you from your own narrow mindedness I’m not posting a photo. You’re welcome!

As previously mentioned when it comes to cooking I’m more of the meh add everything and it’ll be fine school of thought. However, someone pointed out to me recently that some people prefer to follow instructions more detailed than add all the veg that’s about to go bad and hope for the best (I mean that’s still the basic principle of the soup but I’ve split it up).

Empty the fridge soup

1 Onion
Carrots (2-3)
1 pepper (maybe more, depends how many are in the fridge that need using)
Shredded cooked chicken (either leftovers or roast chicken slices from the deli)
Spinach (I used 5 blocks of frozen spinach I like it spinach heavy)
1 ½ pints chicken stock
Salt and pepper
Several general pinches of chilli flakes
3 tsp of cornflour for thickening (optional)

I have also added green beans, courgettes, kale and even potatoes in the past.

Dump everything in a large pot (I did warn you the instructions weren’t going to get very detailed). Everything is inter-changeable except the chilli, it makes a HUGE difference to the taste, it’s not hot it just gives it a little something. Leave everything simmering over a low heat for around an hour until all the veg is cooked. If you like your soup a little thicker than vegetable floating in hot water ( I like it like that) mix the corn flour with a little water so it resembles milk and then stir in and leave simmering for an additional 30minutes this should make it nice and thick.

I have pointed up the potato free version as 2-3 ww points depending on the amount of chicken and corn flour used. Honestly I don’t know what it is but this soup always tastes phenomenal! And I usual serve it with a chunky slice of bread for an additional 3 points. Serious filling and good for you too!

Let me know if you give it a go, I’d love to know what you think of it!

Saturday, 24 August 2013


My parents are going to be away for a while. I am super excited by this. I love my parents but I haven’t lived at home for 8 years and its been an adjustment, sometimes it’s nice to have complete control of the TV! Anyway I binged last night after they left. I was only supposed to go to the local shop for milk, but when I was there I bought 4 rolo yoghurts because I saw they were on offer, and a bag of giant chocolate buttons. I got home and I ate them all. One after the other. And I wasn’t even hungry. And I definitely didn’t enjoy the chocolate as much as I often do. But that didn’t seem to matter..... it was almost a compulsion to eat it all. I know other bloggers talk about binging and the guilt it brings. But that’s the thing, I don’t feel guilty, I know objectively I shouldn’t of done it, but I don’t feel bad. The thing that’s really bothering me is I don’t know why I did it. Normally when I do something like that there’s a specific trigger, normally emotional, but there isn’t anything that happened yesterday that I can identify that caused it. Sure I’m generally stressed and emotional over work at the moment but nothing out of the ordinary happened yesterday. Which makes me wonder whether I’m sabotaging myself? I feel as though I’m sabotaging myself with my thesis and now with my diet, and I don’t know why. The work thing is a little easier to decipher, these past few years have been so traumatic I just want to sweep it under the rug and pretend it never happened. The weight loss thing though I don’t get, I want to be healthy, I’d like to not hate every photo of me and I really want to be fit and healthy, I just don’t get why I’m doing this to myself.

And then today because I blew it yesterday, didn’t make the wisest lunch decisions either, because when I’d blown it in such a monumental way last night what did it matter what I ate today? But enough is enough. I know where that road leads, in a few months I’d be right back where I started, hating myself for giving up and letting myself get back to that place again. So tomorrow is a new day, to start afresh, and make the better choices that deep down I want to be making.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Exercise is hazardous for your health

Private practice is taken over my life. I know you think I’m exaggerating for comedic affect, I’m not. It’s becoming a genuine problem. Is there some sort of private practice over-watchers group I could join. If one doesn’t exit I think there’s a real gap in the market, anyone want to start one with me? We could sit around talk about the emotional toll its taken, how we hated Addison when she was on Grey’s but how she’s totally awesome now. How it makes me wish I was a doctor, stupid preference for the natural sciences thwarting what I’m sure would have been a brilliant medical career! And there could be themed food too! Like that green juice Addison is always drinking, and coffee everyone on the programme seems to have a cafffine problem and I think I could make a reasonable interpretation of those chocolates Naomi is always eating..... ooooo i think oreo truffles would be a good substitution. I’ve gone too far haven’t I, I’ve scared you with the over thinking. Sorry, I’ll stop now.

Anyway, last night I had the house to myself, so I decided to indulge in my latest obsession, but in order to make it semi productive I also hula-hooped. Yup you read the right I hula hooped for 40minutes. I used to Hula-hoop quite a bit before I tried running. I enjoy hula-hooping. What I don’t enjoy, and what I’d completely forgotten about until this morning, is the bruising! Oh boy the bruising! It’s supposed to be a great exercise, and really good for muscle toning. But the bruising is killer! Is there no exercise that is safe? Running hurt my ankle (although I blame the road for that, I was fine until stupid roads ruined it for me) and hula hooping bruises my hips, and lets not even talk about what happens when I try to participate in choreographed dances! Who knew getting fit was so hazardous to your health!
Oh and guess what folks, ITS FRIDAY!!! (in reality this doesn’t make any difference to me I’ll still be trying to work tomorrow, but it’s still Friday, which regardless of whether you have to work tomorrow or not is still a pretty awesome day)


Thursday, 22 August 2013


Firstly I wish to apologise to all the bloggers if I’ve left multiple comments, the internet and I had a falling out and its punishing me by messing around and not acknowledging I’ve made a comment and then I make it again and it decides to reveal the original message! We’ll make up eventually I’m sure.

I’m stealing my NSV from the beautiful Katie. I was thinking about what I could post as my NSV this week, I genuinely couldn’t think of anything. Then I read Katies post and realised that like her my NSV is that I’m missing exercise. As I mentioned yesterday I’m still benched from running and I’m desperately missing it. That is something I NEVER thought I would say when I started this journey. Clearly I need to mix up my exercise routine. So if anyone has suggestions for exercises that you think I might enjoy I’d love to hear about them.
 What were your NSVs this week?

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Weigh In Wedneday
It’s weigh in Wednesday. I think I’m going to regularly join this link-up. It forces me to actually face the scale, even on the weeks where I’m worried that I’m not going to like what I see. And whilst I didn’t like what I saw, 1lb up, it wasn’t a surprise, still disappointing but not a surprise.
This week has been all over the place for me. It was my birthday on Friday, cue lots of eating. And I hurt my ankle so I haven’t been out running as often as I’d like or I feel I need to in order to lose weight. I think in a perverse way it’s really highlighted a weakness (you know other than the lack of will-power) in that my exercise routine is limited to running. Clearly I need to add in something different. Something I can still do even when I can’t run. I’d love to be the type of person who does yoga, you know the type I mean, but every time I try it we don’t seem to click. So I’m at a loss over what to do, any suggestions? What does everyone else do, bearing in mind I am flat broke so joining a gym is out of the question, so any cheap and fun suggestions?

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

cows are evil or stupid, I can't decide which


How’s things going with all of you, your week gotten off to a good start? I’m still avoiding stuff. But I went for a run yesterday, just an easy 20minutes (off-road) and it felt FANTASTIC. I felt good, it felt good. It just felt right to be back out there running, who’d have thought it but I think I’m runner (gasp!).

There were several stupid livestock. A cow who decided it was terrified of me so ran 10 yards along the river bank and then stopped and stared at me again, don’t worry I pointed out that she’s accomplished nothing, she took offence and this time ran down the river bank, I said thank you but pointed out if she’d just done that in the first place there would have been no need for either of us to get skittish. Then in the next field another cow who refused to move off the river bank twisted her self into what must of been an uncomfortable position to try and keep an eye on me whilst I ran past before giving up and lolloping off in the other direction. Then I ran through a field of sheep. I like sheep. They see you coming and they are desperate to get out the way and don’t try to hide it. They just run away, even if that means actually running towards you in order to get to the other side of the field where the rest of the flock are! Like I said I like sheep.

(see this photo supports my theory that cows are actually eveil, just look at those eyes!)
Anyway I enjoyed the run but I’m not sure whether it was my smartest move ever. My ankle which was feeling better thanks to the weird flossing thing is sore again. Which IS TERRIBLE. I need to get out running again. I want to run because I’m freaking out over work and feeling overwhelmed and normally I would binge eat chocolate, because as a pin I keep seeing on Pintrest says chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions. I’ve worked really hard to replace an un-healthy coping mechanism with a healthy one. Which I suppose is still a poor substitute for working through it. And it looks like I’m going to have to stay off my ankle for a while which makes me nervous.

Meh I’m sure it will be fine. Thanks to Samantha I’m going to start tracking again. She’s right it’s so important. So no more tracking “in my head” I’m going back to recording everything I eat, writing it all down, good and bad.
See you tomorrow for weigh in Wednesday

Monday, 19 August 2013

Hello my name is Kirsty and I'm an over-eater

So as promised the mushy and touchy feely blog post about how I got here! I was busy yesterday and I have been avoiding it because it’s a tough post to write. Then I decided what was really needed was page dedicated to chronicling my weight history, and then I’d do the emotional stuff separately. 

Like I said retrospectively I was a normal sized child, I just felt big! I think a lot of my weight issues originally stem from my Mum. From an early age I can remember my Mum fussing over her weight. She’d put on weight, she had a stomach ect ect. I realise that this is normal (I’m not saying its a good thing but lots of women do it) but even as a child I knew that my mum was tiny. She’s a petite woman, 5ft 3” and small framed, she had tiny “pouch” as she calls it, the result of having 2 children. But she has always been slim (to put this in perspective she had put on a little weight in her 40’s and has been trying to lose it in the past few years, she’s not at her goal yet and she’s 8st 8 or 120lbs). Like I said I was a normal sized child but I wasn’t small framed (I take after my Dad’s side of the family) and I just knew I would never be as small as her. At the same time like many children I had to clear my plate, even if I didn’t want any more, if we didn’t do it voluntarily we would be force fed.

When I got to 6th form I used this freedom to eat, to have the chocolate when I fancied it and without feeling guilty, and I think this is when I started to use food as an emotional crutch to help me cope with the stress. I hid this eating from my parents, at home food wasn’t just food, it was loaded, and my Mum started going on about my weight. I tried various diets but when they didn’t work over-night I’d give up. Part of me liked the extra weight, because I have always been very top heavy and I was getting male attention when in high school that made me un-comfortable with the extra weight I looked more in-proportion and I stopped getting harassed in the street.

  My mum pushed me about my weight a lot, I know she was trying to help but sadly I’m ridiculously stubborn and the more she pushed the more I would eat. I never had a rebellious few years where I drank or partied, I was a good student, I didn’t drink, didn’t go to wild parties, I guess eating and not dieting was a way for me to rebel. And once you get into the habit of using food to fill emotional cracks it’s a very hard habit to break. So although my parents may have started me on this path I’m the one who continued to hurtle along it at an alarming speed. My weight is something I’ve done to myself and I need to take responsibility for the years of abuse. I know I emotionally eat, and eat when I’m stressed and these are MY habits to break. I can’t do this for anyone else but me. And I think that’s what’s different this time. I’m not doing this for anyone but me. And the emotional side of things, well I’m starting this not in a quiet period but in the midst of a very stressful time and I’m slowly breaking those habits. And I’m trying to form new ones, when I feel over-whelmed I try to push myself to go for a run. It’s a slow process but I’m getting there.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

My family continues to torture me for their own amusement....

So this is just a super quick post. The abuse continued for the rest of the day. Some of which was semi justified, on the way to dinner I suddenly shouted out “ooooo ambulance”, to which my brother responded “what birthday is this, your 6th?”.Even I have to admit that it was a justified response, the half-dozen pinches on the way to the train station were not! We dumped my brother on a train back to Manchester after dinner last night so the planned birthday post will be coming soon, tomorrow maybe? However I just wanted to drop by to say my Dad is torturing me, someone at work told him about some guy called Kelly Starrett and ankle-flossing. Where basically you really tightly wrap compression bands around the strained area and stretch it out. It hurts folks!!! It really hurts!My dad insists that its worth it. And my mum sits on the couch attempting not to wet herself with laughter, because apparently my pain is amusing!

Right normal programming will resume tomorrow, honest!


Friday, 16 August 2013

It's my birthday and I'll blog if I want to

It’s my birthday

So today I’d originally thought would be a great opportunity to have a really thoughtful post, analysing where I am, how I got here and what I’m going to do to make 26 the best year ever! However, and I do promise to do that at some point, because I do think it is something I should share, my brother is home. I hear some of you wondering why this makes a difference, you are clearly blessed enough to not have younger brothers, trust me it makes a difference.
So instead I present you with a list of things my brother has done for my birthday:

1.    Greeted me this morning with the words “you’re old now”, bearing in mind this was the first interaction I had with anyone!
2.    Poured the entire box of cereal into a mixing bowl and then in an un-characteristic display of kindness re-moved some for me to have for breakfast and then emptied 2 pints of milk into his bowl and sauntered off.
3.    Gave me a dead arm “don’t say I never gave you anything”
4.    Opened my Mum’s amazon delivery then handed me the dvd’s claiming they were a birthday present, when I handed them over to Mum, he yelled that I was un-grateful!
5.    Interrupted me working to lob one of my cushions at my head.
6.    During the above mentioned visit he also went round my room turning all my kick-knacks up-side down

All this and it's only lunch time!
My mum assures me the regular beatings, the hiding in my cupboards, the constant verbal abuse is his way of showing he loves me. I love my little brother, and I know he cares but I wish he could find a different way to show he cares, because really I could do without all the bruises!
Does anyone else have family members with unique ways of expressing their love?

Thursday, 15 August 2013

NSV Linkup


As described in yesterday’s post I’ve been having a tough time of it. Since June I’ve gained and lost the same 4lbs over and over again. So I haven’t really had any success on the scales for a while. Which is why I love the NSV link-up, it reminds us to celebrate the other victories, the ones that that scale doesn’t reflect.

So my NSV this week has been my determination to not give up on running. I took a few weeks off running, circumstances and laziness combined, but I decided to get back to it. I went out for run. I didn’t even give up when they closed my trail route. Instead I started looking into alternatives, I even tried different shoes (they didn’t work, but I tried). And I think this definitely counts as a victory, a victory over the old me who would have just given up, written it off and claimed that I wasn’t cut out to be a runner.

Having said that.............I went for a road run in the frog shoes last night. It started off fine, I was only doing 20 minutes. There were a couple of twinges in my left ankle, but I just brushed it off, “you’re running on road now this is what it feels like”. I wanted to quite, lots of times but I forced myself to keep going. In hindsight this maybe wasn’t my smartest move because by the time I finished my cool-down walk and got home my ankle was really sore. So I’ve been icing it. I’m not sure what this means. I had a problem in this ankle when I was living in the states. So maybe there is just a weakness there? I’m not sure whether this puts an end to my attempts to run on the road. Maybe I just need to add ankle strengthening exercises to my routine, I always thought they were pretty strong, I’ve never had any issues trail running and that’s supposed to be tough on ankles.

I guess I’ll just have to continue icing it and see how thing work out. But it’s a real bummer!


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Weigh in Wednesday: or I need a kick up the back-side!

Weigh In Wedneday
I wasn’t going to do this, this week. I have just been lazy, and emotional with things with work, so I’ve been emotionally eating, but to stop I’d have to actually deal with the problems, which I can’t face..... and so the emotional eating continues. And what’s worse is I’m eating in secret again, you know when my parents are out and not around to judge me (this is why living at home again sucks, no matter how temporary, because i revert to teenage habbits). Also side note, i can cook/bake, which means when I suddenly findmyself craving a cupcake with butter cream icing there is nothing to stop me whipping one up! And the scale reflects this. As I mentioned I wasn’t going to blog about it, because lets face it, avoidance is my default setting. However, I was reading other people’s weigh in Wednesday posts, particularly Bailey’s, and it inspired me to come clean. That’s why I like these link-ups it reminds us we’re not alone and it’s OK to not always be OK. Is it just me that has a weird sense of déjà vu? But like Bailey I’m looking forward to autumn, because things with work should change (providing I get my act together now). And then I can get a normal job, where there won’t be the same issues, and I will have a routine. But in the meantime my goal is to stop with the secret eating. And I should stop avoiding the thesis too.
So there we go, not the most eloquent or perky post, but a truthful one. In other news I'm going to attempt an entire run in the frog shoes, on the road, wish me luck!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My feet are cry-babies

So have you noticed that I’ve been more regular blogging? I’m trying this new thing where I’m actually organised....... it’s a shocking tactic I know! I realised that I have this habit of going AWOL and then posting a couple of HUGE posts. So instead I’m trying out this thing where I write lots of blog posts all at once (in this case Saturday morning) and split stories up into small reasonable sized posts and then releasing them 1 day at a time. I realise right now most of you will be scratching your head going “..... and we should care because....”! Well dear readers I’m trying to spare you the headache of working out a time-line that doesn’t make sense. I actually wrote yesterdays post on Saturday before going out for a run on the road in my stupid road trainers, and I was worried that if I started a post with the words so Saturday’s run sucked you’d be confused (or am I the only one not smart enough to work out that kinda thing on my own).

Soooooo Saturdays run stunk! I was all pumped after writing that love letter to the froggy shoes to give my “proper” trainers a chance. It started off well, soooooo much quicker to just shove my feet in those rather than trying to wrangle my toes into individual pockets. When I was doing my warm-up walk I was aware of my left ankle, but I dismissed it as I was trying a new road route so my warm-up walk was actually all up-hill. So I started running and for the first 100 yards or so I kept thinking it’s so springy and bouncy, it’s weird and I like it! Then the novelty started to wear off and the muscles in my feet let me know they did not appreciate the change in foot-wear. Originally I had planned to run 20mins straight (I’m still easing myself back into running) but when the C25K lady said I was half way my feet were screaming so I decided that I would walk for 2 minutes. Walking helped, but they were still not happy. Then when I started running again thee pain came back, I was beginning to get pins and needles in my toes too and eventually I couldn’t take it anymore, I stopped and took the shoes off and decided to just walk the rest of the way home. The relief I felt was almost instantaneous and by the time I got home my feet were talking to me again. On the upside, it meant I had time to take a photo.

So the up-shot is, I’ll be running in my froggy shoes on the road because my hips, knees and ankles aren’t as big a cry babies as my feet. Also I’ve been thinking about all the positives that there are with this change, I’ve got 3. Its happened now the temperature has broken, if they had closed the footpaths at the beginning of the summer I would have been lost, the tarmac burned through my feet the short stretches I had to be on it, doing a whole run with burning feet, just killer! Secondly now rain is making a regular re-appearance in the fylde running on a road is safer, the frog shoes do not cope well on wet grass and my butt is going to be very greatful for this routine switch-up. Lastly it’ll give me a better idea of how I would cope in a 5k race as lets face it none of those are ever on nice grassy routes!


Monday, 12 August 2013

Frog feet dilemas

So in between sulking over the impending loss of my running route I’ve been thinking about why I just don’t enjoy running on the road the same. I guess part of it could be because I love to run in my silly frog shoes (vibram 5 fingers) which really don’t provide much cushioning. I’m sure a few of you are wondering why I run in these weird shoes, and not trainers like a normal person. Well asides from the obvious answer which is that I’m not normal I actually have quite a few reasons. When I first tried running a few years ago I signed up to it with a good friend of mine, who is super fit and was just incredibly encouraging, she even offered to run with me on a semi-regular basis to help motivate me. She really stressed the importance of good running shoes and dragged me along to a local running store where they made me run up and down and got me to try on a dozen different shoes. But every-time I went running in them I got horrible calf pain that disappeared the moment I removed the shoes and walked back bare-footed, I have always run off-road but at the beginning it was in parks.

At the same time I was reading a lot of running magazines as I found them motivational (this was before I discovered Pintrest and the motivational gold-mine available for free) and they were all talking about this new bare foot running craze. Well after following it up with a spot of research (access to ALL the journals can be a dangerous thing) I decided to give it a go. I bought a cheap pair (£20) to start with as I had already spent a fortune on the expensive running shoes that weren’t working for me! And immediately I felt soooo much better on my runs. The calf pain, the back pain, it al disappeared! Eventually after keeping it up for the whole summer I decided to invest in Vibram 5 fingers which everyone seemed to rave about! Thanks to my complete dis-regard for fashion and small but wide feet I was able to get a pair on the cheap. In hind-sight I should have done more research and gone for a trail version rather than the original KSO because they have no grip, but you live and learn. Anyway I digress, I LOVE these shoes. As an incredibly accident prone person I appreciate the feed-back I get from the ground with them, honestly I trip and stumble far less with these on. I’m not saying they will work for everyone, and I think part of the reason they are so good for me is that I have normal feet, I don’t over-pronate or have flat feet, so I don’t need my shoes to correct anything.

This post wasn’t supposed to be a love letter to my shoes instead I was supposed to be ruminating on why road-running doesn’t work for me. I feel un-comfortable, my ankles and knees always ache more afterwards, although I am less out of breath with it (silver-linings!). Some of this is clearly mental, I’m so self-conscious and feel more exposed running on the road. But, the physical pain isn’t mental, that’s very real and could be attributed to both the less forgiving surface and the lack of cushioning in the shoes. So as trails seem to be off the cards at the moment my question to you is do you think I should give my “normal” trainers another shot and try on the road again?

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Happiness is...........

So Friday was a pretty awesome day. After running a few errands with my parents (I’m the only one with a car at the moment so I’m the designated driver), we went to my favourite restaurant (the only Mexican in town) for their lunch time deal as an early birthday treat (I’m getting old folks!). I LOVE their burrito bowls, yummy chicken, salad, Mexican spiced rice, black beans and pickled red onions, soooooo scrummy but they only do it as part of their lunch time menu, which is tragic. Anyway I had that with a shared side of sweet potato fries, another favourite of mine, I mean really who doesn’t love sweet potato fries (actually that would be my little brother who thinks sweet potatoes are radio-active!). I love chiquitos. I love the food, so scrummy, I love the atmosphere and I love the part of the city it is in. The whole thing just makes me really happy. Of course the intense sugar rush from the churros I had for pudding could have contributed to this!

(aren’t the docks pretty?)

Then in the evening we ended up having Pims and watching Red. I’m fairly confident if you look up the definition of happiness in the dictionary this would be it. The pims was just the way I like it, weak with lots of fruit, soooo yummy. And well Red is just an awesome film. I kept giggling to myself the whole evening because I was just so happy it just seemed to bubble out of me (or maybe I was drunk, I am a light-weight).

I just wanted to share that with you, hope you have all had an equally awesome day,


Saturday, 10 August 2013

Impending doooooooooooooooooooom!

Folks, I don’t mean to be melodramatic (who am I kidding, of course I’m being melodramatic), BUT they are closing my running route and I don’t think I can cope. So as you know I haven’t been out exercising in a while. Well on Thursday I decided to break that bad streak and get my butt out the door for a run, YAY. Normally once I reach the river bank I turn west, run up to the bridge, across a couple of fields and then the last leg is down the main road. It’s the perfect route. The majority is off-road and asides from judgemental farm animals I don’t really encounter anyone, which is great because I’m still very self-conscious when running (it’s the boobs, as always the bane of my life). And as I mentioned in the last post, I am so blessed because its such a pretty route, the views are just lovely. However the council are closing the route to do “important” flood bank maintenance, whatever, personally I think preserving my running route is more important but apparently I’m alone in this view. I tell you all this because it means that a) the mature responsible adult I am is throwing a tantrum over it b) I decided to scope out a different run route on Thursday.
So instead of turning west when I reached the river I decided to go east!!! I know some of you are dying of shock over this radical difference, but take a few deep breaths and you’ll survive. I wasn’t sure how far along the bank they would be making these renovations so decided to go east and see if I still came across closure notices. Sadly they will be closing this section of the footpath too (sobs silently). Anyway, back to Thursdays run, the path to the east doesn’t follow the river long before it takes you off and back to the main road. Because I have been AWOL for a few weeks I decided to drop back to an earlier week in the C25k training plan, so it was 10 minutes run, 3 min walk and then another 10 minute run. I got to walking section as I rejoined the main road, which was great timing as I got to walk whilst the were loads of cars going past filled with people who could, shock horror, see me!. Slight side note, and probably tmi, I forgot to wear my granny pants and kept getting a wedgie/vpl, does any one else have to run in granny pants for the same reason? Anyway I digress, I knew if I stayed on the main road I would bee home before I’d finished the work out. And as it isn’t looking like I can find alternative trail routes I thought I should see how I coped with running on the road. So I turned off to follow some of the tiny country lanes and loop round the back of the village. I did it but I didn’t like it. Sad times. So I’m just going to mope in my room, perhaps occasionally be-moaning the fact that the universe clearly hates me and wants me to stay fat!

And on that note:


Thursday, 8 August 2013

I'm a terrible blogger!

Its been a while! I seem to spend an awful lot of time apologising for un-intended absences’, sorry about that!  It’s been a very busy week, it was my home church’s convention which means lots and lots of baking, weird eating schedules and running around like a headless chicken getting 101 last minute jobs done. All of which are not good for the number on the scale, so naturally like the mature individual I am, I have avoided the scale this week. I know that sometimes it better to see the damage that’s been caused to help keep yourself accountable but I know with my current attitude a bad number on the scale could just prompt me to give up, so by waiting a week I’m buying a little time to un-do some of the damage.
I haven’t been good on the exercise front either. This really isn’t a terribly motivating or positive blog post is it, sorry! I did go for a walk the other day, I followed my normal running route and took some pictures. I am incredibly blessed that I get to live somewhere where sunsets like these are an almost nightly occurrence. Isn’t it just beautiful?

I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned it but my route follows the river bank for about ½ the way. Its all countryside and the bank is actually part of farmer’s fields, which is why I have run-ins with all those cows. I love it. The stiles can be a pain. And the cows are a royal nuicence most days, but its so pretty i think it’s worth it. Also I think its a much better work out. I never run “on-road” but other “trail” routes iIrun (like when I’m at uni) aren’t nearly so hard, I think its the long grass and the un-evenness of the path caused by all the cow divots.

(this is to illustrate just how tall the grass had gotten before it was cut, I honestly don't know how I managed to run through it!)

You’d think with view like this I wouldn’t be having such a hard time to motivating myself to drag my butt out the door for a run! Although on the flipp side the local council is supposed to have closed the footpath for flood defence rennovations. I honestly have no idea where I'll go running from now on.

I promise to be a better blogger, honest!