Monday, 30 September 2013

Weekend recap

Hello folks!

I don’t have much to report on the weekend. I didn’t go swimming, after a day of shopping we were all too pooped to face the gym. However, I did track every single thing I ate, the good and bad. And its even helped me make better choices without feeling deprived. I decided to go back to eating dark chocolate, i have better self-control over eating just a small amount as opposed to wolfing down the entire bar. Normally I get dark chocolate with chilli, so very very yummy, but Dad persuaded me to try it with ginger instead, suspiciously my bar disappeared very quickly with me only eating half of it, weird, huh?

I had a great chat with a lass from church about PCOS. I’ve known for a while I need to make alterations to my diet to reduce the symptoms, and I have been making headway, I’ve nearly eliminated dairy completely. But, this girl was really advocating cutting out bread completely, I know she’s right but it just makes me so sad, a life without bread just doesn’t seem worth living!

In other news I’m on cooking duty this week which means I can control what we eat, oh the recipes I’m planning!
Right I'm going to drag my butt out the door ffor a run,

Friday, 27 September 2013

Back in the saddle again.....

Eh up folks, how goes thee?


I  actually followed through yesterday and I went for a run. Motivation for doing this was greatly helped by new socks, they are soooo soft and felt like they were hugging my feet the entire time!


Anyway run re-cap, I dropped back to week 6 (which is sad as I had completed the damn thing) which was a 5 minute jog, 3 min walk, 8 minute jog, 3 min walk, 5 min jog and then cool down. It wasn’t the best run ever, they have actually padlocked the gate to my normal running route which meant I was on the road again, which made me nervous as this is where I did the damage last time. I took it easy, occasionally I felt as though my foot was sore but I made a concerted effort to pay attention to my form (which I suspect running off-road had allowed me to be lazy over). I think I picked the right week to go back to, it wasn’t so hard I wanted to die but not too easy either, hopefully by having to build up my endurance again it allows me to build up my endurance for running on the road too, which is good.


But none of that really does justice to just how good it felt to be back out running. It just felt great!


And in other news there is a free half-marathon trainer app available now which I downloaded. So far it seems identical to the C25k programme I was following before. I suspect because I’m on the slow side I’ll have to do a few weeks extra training once I finish it before I can really run a marathon but I’m going to go for it!


And tomorrow is open weekend at my parents gym so I’m going swimming which I am super excited about, I’ve not been swimming in over a year!

Thursday, 26 September 2013


Originally I wasn’t going to write anything today, let alone join this link-up but then I realised that actually whilst yesterday’s revelation isn’t so grand on the weight-loss front (more on that in a bit) it should definitely count as an NSV.
 I’ve never really liked my body. Even when I was competitively swimming I felt I was the wrong shape (thanks boobs) and it often got me un-wanted attention (again thanks boobs). Then when I got older and put on weight I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, and even though I’m still bigger than I have been at various points in my adult life, something has changed. Sure I can still look at a photo and feel it makes me look fat (but I think there is somesort of voodoo that occurs when you have your photo taken, great outfits can look hideous in a photo, but I digress). And I can certainly still stand to loose another 40lbs at least, and I want to loose those 40lbs for lots of reasons. But, I’m finally at a place I can appreciate what my body does for me, yesterday someone posted a comment that said “you like your body at the moment.... enjoy it” and I think I finally am. I enjoy what I can do with it, especially running. I like the clothes I can wear with it, hello boyfriend fit jeans. So my NSV is making peace with my body!
 However, as the wonderful Desiree pointed out it can be a slippery slope from being comfortable to complacency and then gaining all the weight back. And she is so very right, so i need to stop resting on my laurels and just get on with it. It doesn’t mean I have to start hating my body again but it does mean I can’t stop working on it. Just think of all the other things I could start enjoying if I lost more weight (I so want to be a yoga girl but boobs and back fat are making it super difficult). And if we’re looking really far into the future there are so many cute running shorts I would love to be able to wear.
So this is the deal. I’m going to go back to tracking food, this is key for weight loss for me. And now that I am no-longer unwell and my ankle has had time to rest I need to get my lazy behind back exercising again. And as added motivation once I have lost another stone I’m going to dye my hair red (wanted to do it for a long time but always chicken out).
Toodles folks!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Weigh in wednesday

Weigh In Wedneday
Its weigh in Wednesday again. Can we just take a moment to discuss where the week has disappeared to? Honestly I think I’m stuck in some weird time pocket because I completely missed Tuesday, did it even happen?
Anyho I feel like I should apologise for this post because it’s going to be the same as pretty much all my WIW posts (well apart from the one where I talk about my scales collection, but the less said about that the better). Because here is the thing folks I still weigh 194 (or 193 if I breath but I think 194 is more realistic). And I don’t feel bad about it, I was away most of this past week, I didn’t have time to exercise whilst at uni and I just focussed on having fun whilst hanging with the bestie. So to stay the same is not bad at all!
I was chatting about this with em..... I like my body at the moment, I’ve lost enough weight that I’m actually feeling happy in it, I have confidence which I haven’t had, ever. And I’m being hit on by guys for what feels like the first time ever (although it is entirely possible I’m only just noticing). I know logically I still have a long way to go, and I want to lose the remaining 50lbs I really do. But I thinking liking where I am at the moment is really hindering that. I don’t want to go back to the way I was, I don’t want to go back to hating the way I look but I’m not entirely sure how to get the drive I had to lose the weight then. Does that make sense? And until I do I fear this plateau is just going to last and last, so anyone got any tips for me?

Monday, 23 September 2013

Sorry for the lateness, I want to let you know what I got up to this weekend.

It was quite simply wonderful. I love my bestie, she is quite simply the best (oh the puns, must resist!). I arrived got her up to speed with the joys of everything that been going on with work this week and she was normal awesome self in response. She doesn’t read this but I think the universe needs to know just how brilliant she is. I’m an awkward customer, I need supportive friends but not sooooo much or I feel smothered which makes me grump and Em has always been able to deliver exactly the type of friendship I need at anyone point (it helps that shes’s the same way!). Anyway the point is she helped, she let me vent it all, didn’t judge, offered to inflict bodily harm on those that needed it and then went through interview questions with me in case I get an interview. And then, and this is the best bit, left it. Yup, that’s right folks 1 hour of intense talk on Friday and then it was over.

The rest of the weekend was a blast. We didn’t really do anything special, but Em and I are such good friends we don’t have to its all about chilling, besides which any weekend where you get to spend a good portion of it in your Pjs is a winner to me! James cooked us breakfast on Saturday morning whilst we watched toddlers and tiaras (why was this show missing from my life?!?). Then the Em’s brother in-law delivered their old futon mattress for me (the origina kinda sucks) so we spent some time attempting to drag it up the stairs, we got there eventually but it wasn’t pretty! We ran errands and visited her parents (who are like second parents to me). James and her Dad were off to see a local football match so we went to Hatton. It’s one of our favourite haunts, it’s the bizarre village place that’s just made up of crafty shops, candles, jewellery, antiques, ect ect, and most importantly (and the real reason we visit) the fudge shop. We deviated ffrom standard practice and instead of getting fudge tried some of their truffles. I had the most amazing lime and chilli dark chocolate truffle, it was seriously out of this world, a good blogger would have taken photos, this one just inhaled them!

In the evening we went out for dinner to an American restaurant, where I got to have sweet potato fries (I love them sooooo much). Then we went to see About time, Em had already seen it but wanted James and I to see it. Most amazing film ever! If you haven’t seen it then you need to! Sunday was more of the same, more errands, more family time. James introduced me to Gaelic football (he’s Irish), it’s a seriously weird and confusing game, Emma claims to understand it but I think she’s faking! Then there was more scrummy food and then we finished the weekend with Downton abbey. Perfection!

Oh and James fixed the bug on my laptop which was causing problems with word (I knew I liked that boy!)

Because I wanted to see Downton I was late leaving and then sadly there was an accident on the road which held me up for a very long-time. Convieniently the que started just as I reached my favourite service station (its located just outside my under-grad uni) so I pulled in for a quick pit-stop and hit-up Starbucks which is luckily 24hr! Sadly pumpkin spice lattes haven’t made an appearance over here yet and I had to try and explain to the lad behind the counter why they were so awesome (I’m not sure I was successful), but as a consolation prize he up-graded me to a signature hot chocolate, Yay!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Brain dump friday

So this is just a quick post to reassure you I'm alive, because I know you were beginning to worry that I'd been eaten by an Abzorbaloff (doctor who reference for you freaks that aren't actually unhealthily obsessed and therefore didn't immediately know that).

Today I have no amusing musings on scales nor am I convinced that inanimate objects are out to get me (I mean they are but that's not the point today) instead this is going to be a brain dump. To make it sound like a real thing and not the product of a sugar high lets call it brain dump Friday, that makes it official!

  • I saw Dan the friendly hippy and his lovely wife on Wednesday. Dan and I were undergrads together and he was raised by legitimate hippies, who lived on a double decker bus (still do, but Dan's gone mainstream and lives in a house :( ). Point: they are awesome (one day I may do an entire post about their awesomeness) but they fed me, let me play with their HUMONGOUS rabbit which is sooooo fluffy and then gave me a double bed to crash in for the night (getting to sleep in a double is always exciting).
  • I found and applied for my dream job (thanks Desiree for helping, you rock!). It's in Edinburgh (the best city ever) its near family (otherwise known as free food sources) and its doing something I'm genuinely passionate about (disseminating information to the general public). I'm not sure what my chances are but lots of prayer is bound to help!
  • Asides from a lingering cough which only rears it's ugly head at night I think I'm mostly over my cold, woohoo (does anyone else wish Sabrina would come back, I recently re-watched the entire series, it's still awesome).
  • The above and weeks of rest ankle wise means I think I can start running again which I am stupidly excited about!
  • Things continue to be D-E-L-I-G-H-T-F-U-L with uni :( and am currently stuck in a very horrible limbo, which allows me to nicely sashay (Miranda I do love you)  to my next point:
  • I had lots of sugar at lunch. I blew the diet, it's so far off in the distance that it's no-longer visible in the rear-view mirror. But a uni induced crying jag meant that a ridiculously decadent milkshake was the only solution, it's impossible to be down whilst in the midst of a sugar high!
  • And I'm going to be spending the weekend with my bestie which is like being on a permanent sugar high. She's my person (clearly we are having all the TV references today), she's the one that will do incredibly stupid stuff with me and make it even more awesome (read even stupider, although thanks to her S.O. we no longer do anything that could cause serious bodily harm, which is why we love James).
I hope you have all had a good week, I'll be catching up on my blog reading in the near future, and I hope your weekend is just fandabbydozy!


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Weigh in wednesday

Weigh In Wedneday
Sooooooo WIW again, nobody actually looks forward to this do they?
Well I’m up 3lbs, so I’m 194.... again, for the umpteenth time. Originally I was going to throw a pity party along the lines of: poor me why can’t I get past this stupid barrier, the world hates me ect ect (ok maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration).
However, then I remembered that Saturday’s shopping spree was the most I’ve moved my lazy bahooky all week! I have been nursing a nasty cold and have indulged it (and probably been milking the excuse for all it's worth!). I haven’t done any exercise because really having to stop for hacking and wheezing does not make for a good workout session. And I have been lazy with my eating habits too. So really regaining last weeks 3lb fluke loss not such a big deal!
I think I’m beginning to shift it at long last (it being the cold, not the weight obvs)! so when I get back on Monday I will be hitting reboot on the exercise front and whilst I’m away I’m going to make the healthiest choices I can.
Who is this person that has such a healthy and balanced mindset? Weird!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Nom Nom Nom

I'm feeling like a lazy blogger today so today I thought I’d share a recipe from slimming world (my parents favourite diet plan, they don’t follow it, they just like the recipes!). This is so scrummy it’s un-true and it’s super easy too!

Campfire stew

8 low fat cumberland sausages
8 slices of lean bacon (for ameerican readers I think you’d recognise it as Canadian bacon or bacon medallions)
1 large onion (finely chopped)
2 tins of baked beans (reduced salt and sugar is always a good move)
2 yellow bell peppers (roughly chopped)
6 tablespoons of tomato puree
Generous dash of paprika
Large pinch of chilli flakes
A little garlic

Brown off the sausages and bacon (until cooked). Add the onions and peppers followed by the paprika, chilli and garlic. Sautee until the peppers and onions have softened, about 8 minutes. Finally add the beans and tomato puree, mix well and bring to boil until hot thoughout.

And that’s it, I recommend serving with mash and broccoli!

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, 16 September 2013

A jumble of thoughts

So this cold pretty much knocked me for 6 and so last week feels like a wash  and this week isn’t going to be any better as I have to go down to Uni.

I’m freaking out about it, and I’ll be away both of which are a recipe for disaster diet and exercise wise. Then I’ll be stopping off in Birmingham on the way home to visit the bestie as a reward to myself for surviving cranfield, a reward that will be very deserved as I’m already having nightmares about it (literal nightmares not metaphorical ones).

Anyway moving on, I had a bit of an eventful weekend. I shopped like it was going out of style on Saturday. I didn’t buy clothes or anything, no I hit up Boots (for my American readers think Walgreens but better). I bought more hair curling crème, and my special shampoo and as they discontinued my go to nasty-chemical-free beauty brands I branched out and tried a few others, by the time you factor in the 3 for 3 deals which meant I multi-bought I spent a phenomenal amount of money. Opps!

Then I bumped into someone I used to go to highschool with was at church on Sunday which was super weird. I haven’t seen that girl for 10 years and it kinda freaked me out. I’ve been avoiding people (that makes it sound like active avoidance, its more benevolent neglect) from high school because I’m ashamed of the weight I’ve put on and that’s just crummy. I can’t keep putting off life until I’m the mythical perfect weight, this is my current body and this is a pretty awesome body, I need to start loving it and appreciating it and not let my own insecurities sabotage me from living the life I should be!

Right I need to crack on with some work,


Thursday, 12 September 2013

NSV Thursday

Its NSV Thursday. And much like the lovely Katie I don’t really have any this week. I have indulged my whims on the grounds of being ill. I’m not very good at being ill. It makes me want to mope, coccon myself in my duvet and eat.... pretty much everything. However, I when indulging in it (they say you should feed a cold right?) I made the switch from full fat brownies and all the chocolate to reduced fat brownies and jaffa cakes. Not a HUGE victory, but a step in the right direction. With that in mind I thought I’d share the reduced fat brownie recipe, original here, I’ve altered it a little and added notes for changes/substitutions I’ve made in the past.
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
3/4 cup cocoa
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
4 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature (sometimes I just add more greek yoghurt)
2/3 cup sugar
1 large egg
2 egg whites (or another whole egg)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup nonfat Greek yogurt
1/4 cup semisweet chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  1. Cream butter and sugar together, then add egg, egg whites, and vanilla
  2. Mix in flour, cocoa, baking powder and greek yoghurt.
  3. Stir in choc chips.
  4. Transfer to greased pan and bake for 25 minutes.
  5. Cut into 16 pieces, for best results store in the fridge, that way they are super fudgey.
It is entirely possible to eat all 16 on your own, so maybe make them when there are other people around?

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Weigh in wednesday and a scale grave yard

Weigh In Wedneday
Its weigh in Wednesday!!!!
I’m down 3lbs!
Or am I?
Don’t get me wrong if I really am down 3lbs I’m thrilled. I’ve had an OK week. Some days have been stella, some days not so much (I may or may not have eaten an entire box of jaffa cakes followed by 4 brownies yesterday).
But here’s the thing scales and I don’t get along, and not in the way you think. When most people say they have a turbulent relationship with scales they are referring to the number it reads (and I have the problem too) but I also have a second problem with scales. They don’t like me. I’m not saying that to be melodramatic, at this point I’ve come to accept it as fact, scales as a species (or group?) just don’t like me. Allow me to explain. Currently under my bed I have 4 broken scales:
·         The old timer: the type with a dial, he was super cheap and my oldest scale. He also is a bit temperamental and your weight can fluctuate over 20lbs (yes 20) every time you step on him.
·         Mr fancy pants: a slick Salter scale bought because he looked really good (chrome, sleek and low-lying) and because I was assured that Salter made good quality scales (well, that and it was reduced to £18 from £30 which seemed like a bargain). He was brilliant whilst he worked. But 2 months later Mr fancy pants tragically passed away, cause of death unknown. One morning he decided to bid farewell to this cruel world and left it permanently. Many attempts to revive him were made including the purchase of brand name batteries but all to no-avail, RIP Mr fancy pants.
·         Mr Next Generation: he broke my heart, out of all the break-ups his was definitely the hardest for me to take. Mr next generation cost money (£25) and I trusted him. We had 3 blissful months together. We shared a bond, he remembered me, he would let me know my BMI, my body fat % and even my water content. And then tragedy struck. At first he could still give me my weight even if he couldn’t quite get the other readings. Then he became a little bit more temperamental, you had to jiggle his feet and position him just so, but now alas it doesn’t matter what you do he stubbornly refuses to display anything other than an error message. I still get him out every now and then to see if he’s recuperated. I’ve promised to limit myself to once weekly weigh-ins if only he’d return to me but alas my pleas fall on deaf ears.
·         Old reliable: Old reliable technically doesn’t belong to me but I didn’t want him to be lonely in the afterlife so I let him keep the other scales company. Old reliable is the scales that my parents have had since I was 16 (yes for you eagle eyed readers that means they are 10 years old). Around Easter they started getting a bit temperamental, they were slow to get going in the morning (aren’t we all!) and started giving a weight range of 7lbs which would leave household members in despair or jubilation depending which way he swung. Poor thing was looking haggard and it was decided he should retire. I know some of you are thinking how old reliable’s retirement links in with scale hatred of me, well folks he only started playing up when I moved back home, coincidence, I think not!
So since Easter I’ve been using Mr sensitive. Mr sensitive is the bane of my life. Initially I loved him because I lost 7lb the first time I weighed in with him, but it’s been downhill since then. He’s so sensitive he has his own  weighing platform (ok its a plank of wood). And a deviation in location makes him throw a tantrum, but for the most part he works. Except yesterday he said my weight had stayed the same (which is why I sort comfort with jaffa cakes) and then today  he suddenly decides I’m 3lbs down. What’s the deal?
Anyway I should probably go. I should also warn you that I’ve been consuming copious amounts of drugs. No not that kind, this kind:

Lemsip or blackcurrent sip I guess. Whatever the point is this post is drug fuelled and therefore you shouldn’t judge me for it!

Monday, 9 September 2013


Let’s talk about boobs, ta-tas, funbags, flotation devices, whatever you call them, because ladies we have to talk about them!

Is it just me, or if you are blessed with a generous amount in that department it can seriously impede exercise? I’d resigned myself to having to wear 3 bras when running (1 normal bra to squeeze them together stop them impeding arm movement, then 2 sports bras to reduce jiggle). I did not however expect them to be such a problem with other exercises! In yoga when I swing my leg through to runners pose from downward dog my knee hits boob and I have to re-arrange myself to get my foot though to my hands. During kenpo when I do a cross body punch I encounter boob. And don’t even get me started on stretches, you know the arm strtch where you pull your arm across your body and then hold onto your elbow whilst reaching your arm down your back? Are you with me, because with this exercise boobs are a double threat. You practically choke yourself with your own arm (thanks to boobs occupying the space your arm is supposed to go) and your sports bra digs in slowly cutting off the blood supply to your arm.

Please tell me I’m not alone in these struggles? Does anyone else have boob related exercise problems, or tips for avoiding them?

Oh and side note why are sports bras soooooooo expensive, its like they know we can't exercise without them so they abuse this power by charging an arm and a leg!

Right I'm off, my brother decided to punish me for being less than sympathetic over his wipe-out by sharing his cold and I feel seriously rough!


Friday, 6 September 2013


Today’s post is a bit of a brain dump I’m afraid.

My brother turned up yesterday, that makes it sound like he materialised out of thin air. He didn’t because he rang scabbing a lift from the train station. But his arrival threw dinner plans out the window and we ended up going out to eat. It also meant I only got part way through my planned yoga session before I had to abandon it to pick him up (honestly I swear he goes out of his way to be as awkward as possible). Anyway I tried to be as sensible as possible in my food choices but when I got home I was still over my calorie count, but not as much as I would have been had a gone for the tex mex and bacon burger which is what I really wanted!

I was looking through my phone photos and I came across this one from my house down at uni.

I love daisies they are definitely my favourite flower, although I have this horrible feeling that it was Meg Ryan in You’ve got mail that originally introduced me to their awesomeness, but I’m not sure maybe I only noticed the connection after I learned to appreciate them!

Also I’m having hair issues, I’d ran out of my normal curling crème and blow-drying my hair without it is just a nightmare but I had some straightening gloss left so I actually blow dried it straight yesterday. Everyone has commented on how nice it looks, one person even said they prefer it straight to curly. I always thought it was the other way around so I’m going to take a straw pole (just to clarify regardless of the results I’ll probably continue to dry it curly as it’s alot less effort, I’m just interested that’s all).

Hahahahahah! Since I started writing this I’ve driven doofuss out to pick up his new motorbike. The kind caring big sister I am had warned him before driving off that this type of rain was a nightmare on a bike and he should take it easy, but what do I know I only had one for 4 years. Clearly deeing me an un-reliable source he ignored me and on the way back home doofuss got cocky went too fast round a corner and came off his bike. So now doofuss needs a new helmet and his nice new bike has several dents and scratches. Well done doofuss, well done. Just to clarify doofuss was fine, didn’t even dent his ego.
Oh and before I go I just want to publically denounce Carolyn over at  Fitnasty for life. She introduced me to the forty days of dating blog  through one of her posts and it has taken over my life! Right I've just noticed the final installment is up so I'm off to read that!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

NSV thursday!

This is definitely one of my favourite link-ups hosted by the lovely Katie and Ashlee.
And I think its an important one. I don’t know about everyone else but sometimes I can get a little bit obsessive about the scale and allow it to dictate how I’m feeling, this link-up and reading everyone else’s stories helps keep it in perspective for me!
So my NSV is that I have worked out everyday this week, some days I’ve done more than others but since Monday I have done something to get my sweat on everyday. And that is something I am super excited about because my pervious personal record on that front is working out 3 times within a week!!!
Also after yesterdays love letter to MFP, the jury is in with it’s verdict which is that whilst i CAN eat back all my burnt calories I don’t have to. So I think I’ll eat some of them back, I always get the serious munchies after intense exercise but I’ll try and limit myself to only eating what I need to refrain from gnawing on my own arm and not eat the whole shebang. We’ll give a week or so working on that basis and see how it goes, I might have to reassess my stance after that but for now that’s my plan.
Well with that in mind I better go check on the soup that I've left cooking on the stove!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Weigh in wednesday and GYSTS

Weigh In Wedneday
Its weigh in Wednesday, just a quick one this week. I’m either down 0.6 or 2lbs. Let me explain, last Wednesday I’d only put on 0.8, so from then I’m down 0.6. However, I thought that seemed mightily low given the eating bonanza I’d been on so I wasn’t surprised when I weighed in on Friday that I was up 2lbs. Either way I’m quite chuffed!
Moving on, I think I may be in love with my fitness pal. Yesterday, I decided to try it out. I got to eat soooooo much food and stay within the calorie count it suggested (just a quick question, does everyone eat their calories they’ve burnt with exercise?). Anyway after dinner I was still starving (more on that in a bit) and with WW I’d of been up the proverbial creek without a paddle, having already eaten my dailies and weeklies (thanks weekend). However, with MFP I had enough calories left to have a piece of cheesecake (it was amazing and soooo worth the calories). Maybe it’s just a passing phase, maybe the novelty will wear off, its not like there will be  cheesecake everyday, but for now I think I’m in love!
Now how did I have enough calories burnt to eat cheesecake (actually I possibly could have had a smaller slice anyway)? Well I logged it on MFP as aerobics for 45minutes, but actually I did the p90x cardio DVD. I’ve owned the DVDs for years but never done a full workout (I’ve attempted the yoga one lots of times but I’m super unflexible). Oh my goodness, it killed me, and I am so achy today, but in a good way!
Oh and after yesterday’s revelations I stumbled across this awesome thing:
And I figured it was very applicable!
So far September rocks!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

life plans and my fitnesspal

So we meet again...

Wow that sounded very bond villainesque didn’t it?

So you may have noticed that I changed the blog layout. I was a little bored of the other one. I can’t decide whether this new one is minimalistic chic, or just dull? So I’d appreciate feed back from you guys!

Also I realised that I completly forgot to mention something quite drastic I did. When my parents went off to visit family I was left alone un-supervised. In addition to the well documented binge fest, I got a bit bored, and with no-one around to stop me I went ahead and cut in a fringe (bangs).

What do you think?

And the theme of changes continues....... I had a bit of an empihany (yes another one). Lately I’ve been in a bit of a funk, feeling very single, grumpy and out of sorts. And I’ve been self-sabotaging on multiple fronts, work, health ect. And I realised its because for the first time in my life I don’t have a Scooby what I’m going to do next. I don’t have a plan and this has been freaking me out. So I’ve been sub-consciously doing everything I can to stop me moving forward, because any forward movement would require me to make decisions, but if I stay right where I am, not moving an inch then I don’t have to face the future. The problem with that strategy is it’s hardly a long-term model is it? So enough avoiding it, I’m 26 and I haven’t the foggiest what I’m doing with my life. At the end of September I don’t know what I’ll be doing. People keep saying I can do anything I want, that’s right I can, one slight glitch is that I don’t know what I want. I have no ties to limit me to a specific geographic area. No significant other whose opinions I need to take into consideration. I’m starting from scratch career wise (because academia is clearly not for me). So any and all suggestions for life plans welcome, I’m not kidding, I’m stumped so I’m opening it up to the internet to weigh in.


Oh and my friend persuaded me to join my fitnass pal, my username is kwats87, please be my friend?


Monday, 2 September 2013

It's Sweatember!

Eh up!

Did everyone have a nice weekend? Mine was very chilled, and I was in a funk on Sunday for some inexplicable reason. Anyway that’s by the by, I had a bit of an epiphany. It suddenly hit me why my weight loss has stalled in the past couple of months (or at least part of the reason).


Or lack thereof.

 It makes sense I swear! The university I worked/work for is 80% male. I lived in a house with 4 guys and only 1 other girl, and I worked in an office with 18 guys and 3 girls. All these details have a point I swear! I like to bake when I’m stressed, its not about what I make, although I have a sweet tooth so I do enjoy the outcome, its more about the process. I find it very therapeutic, the more complicated the recipe the better, it helps me disconnect from whatever it is freaking me out, for the 40minutes it takes I completely forget about it and when I do have to return to reality I’m far more relaxed. Things still suck at work and although I’ve tried to cut down on the frequency I still turn to baking occasionally. However, I’m not around all those boys anymore. Before I could bake and be 100% certain than within an hour the gannets masquerading as boys that worked or lived with would have demolished it and temptation would have been removed. Now that I’m home the baked goods don’t disappear on their own, and eventually my will-power dwindles and I eat it.

I have tried switching up my normal recipes for healthier versions, some of them with greater success than others (I’ll share some of them with you soon). But at the end of the day 16 low cal brownies, whilst better than 16 full fat brownies, are still 15 more brownies than I need! And to think I used to think the state the left the bathroom in meant I’d never miss them, who knew they were actually a blessing in disguise!

In other news yesterday was the first day of Sweatember .

I had grand plans to kick it off with a bang, but in the end all I ended up doing was hula-hooping for 30minutes, which is still more than I would have done normally so I guess this means its already a success? I notice quite a few other bloggers are making real commitments with September too which is brilliant! What about you guys, anyone doing anything specific for the month of September?