Friday, 29 November 2013

Eh up it’s Friday!

Eh up it’s Friday!

I went to the pub quiz again last night, it was a really mixed group which made it fun. Although as a team we kinda sucked, if we weren’t last we were pretty close! This week I was prepared I knew there was free snack so I made a lighter dinner and went for a run so I could indulge guilt free. There was a rumour going around that it wasn’t a sausage bap this week but instead pie, which was a double edged sword, I love pie but there is no way I could have a pub pie without it affecting the scales, fortunately it turned out to be false, supper was a chip butty and guys famous spicey mayo, mmmmm soooooooo good!
Ooooo talking of yesterday's run. I used map my run before going out to work out a couple of routes with increasing distances. Hannah reminded me that we were going to sign up for a 5k obstacle course and ever since I got my new shoes I've been slacking! I need to build up my endurance so I can run the entire 5k in a respectable time! She claims she's not  a great runner but I know she'll be great at the obstacles so I need to up my running game because I know I'll be useless at the obstacles! Anyway the point is I now have a couple of routes mapped out with increasing distances to get me all the way up to 5k. I figure if I start with the shorter one an build my way up I'll be sorted, I've done the C25k somanytimes and I always seem to end up having to repeat the last 3 weeks for whatever reason I just can't face it again! 

It has to be short and sweet today because hopefully I’m about to pick up a rocker for mum’s Christmas!



Thursday, 28 November 2013

Firstly to all my American readers, happy thanksgiving. I hope you all have a fantastic day filled with love, family, friends and good food!
Now onto my NSV. As you all know I’m desperately applying for jobs at the moment, Yesterday I heard back from one I had thought I stood a really good chance of getting an interview for, to say that I hadn’t. Which I have to admit bummed me out quite a bit. But I didn’t turn to food, and eat until numb, which is definitely what I would have done in the past. Instead I wallowed a bit to my friends, who made loads of ego boosting comments and then moved on. This is SERIOUS personal growth.
Today’s post is short and sweet because I’m in the midst of a bidding war!
Ps I took this photo on my run the other day and meant to share it:

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

weigh-in wednesday!

Weigh In Wednesday
Ok first things first, its weigh in Wednesday. I weighed in at 185.2 (sooooooooo close to being 2 lbs down!). But the important thing is I’m no-longer obese, I’m now officially just over weight, woop woop!
Last night I couldn’t sleep for thinking about weight loss (ok that’s not the whole truth it probably had more to do with the ridiculous amount of diet coke I drank). It’s funny how when you start of loosing weight you fantasise about how your life will be miraculously different once you finally weigh x. I still fantasise about weighing x, (truth be told I’m convinced some magical transformation will take place when I do and I will look like Christina Hendricks). But I no-longer equate it with a huge life/personality overhaul. What’s going to make it different is that I’m finding confidence in my body. I feel that for so long I’ve been putting life on hold. On hold for the day when I’m not studying for a PhD (to be fair I feel this was a valid hold lol) or for a day when I would magically love the way I looked (which I always equated with being a certain size).
But in reality life doesn’t stop just because I don’t have a job or plan for my future, or because I don’t have this mythical perfect body. I have to enjoy the life I currently have, and not put off living until somepoint in the future when all my ducks are lined up in a neat little row, because life is messy and that day will never come, there will always be something else.
Because that seems to have gotten a little deep I want to finish with a little story from last nights trip to Ikea. We were sofa shopping (by the way I have new cunning plan for mum’s Christmas, knitted footstool) and Mum really fancied their poang chairs. If you’re unfamiliar with them they are a little bit like a rocker except that its more like a spring based system rather than rocking.
Anyway we were testing them out  and I realised that it never stops moving, the slightest movement sets if off bouncing (something that doesn’t happen with a real rocker) and it was actually triggering my motion sickness (I’m terrible for getting motion sickness, I’ve even been known to suffer with it as the driver). Anyway needless to say I switched to something more stable but the damage was done, I spent the next 30minutes feeling a bit green and only started to really recover when my parents took pity on me and got me a slice of cake and a diet coke. Food is always the cure for motion sickness lol! Mum sees this as an added bonus, it means no-one else will try and steal her chair!
Right I'm off, I'm really looking forward to reading through everyone else's sumbissions, it just feels like a bloggy day,

Monday, 25 November 2013

My brother makes my life a misery.......again!

Oh my goodness folks I’ve had a busy weekend.

My cretin of  a brother may be the spawn of satan 99% of the time but occasionally he has a heart (one day I’ll share some of them with you). He announced that he’s thinking about not coming home for Christmas because there is at least one colleague/friend who can’t get home to their family, if its just the one guy stuck in Manchester then he’ll bring them home but if its more than 1 person then he may just stay in Manchester and host a Christmas dinner himself. This has sent my mother into a tale spin she refuses to not have my brother home for Christmas and so is preparing to have a house full of people.

Side note one of my mum’s best traits is that she has a really relaxed policy to guests and pretty much operates an open house policy.

Anyway, the knowledge that there will be guests in the house immenetly, combined with a bad case of itchy feet (they haven’t moved house in over 10years and mum is bored of the house) got mum all worked up and had us spring cleaning the house. The downstairs  carpets were even cleaned with an industrial cleaner (by yours truly). Then she wanted to re-arrange the living room furniture (this happens every 3-4 months) so that there would be a spot for the Christmas tree. After re-arranging the furniture, we gave the sofas a quick re-fresh. Dad hates our sofa and has been trying to persuade Mum it needs replacing. The fact that there is a finite number of arrangements with our current sofa suite and that the cushions were looking sorry for themselves even after plumping, and again the idea of guests coming had mum caving. But if we are getting a new sofa then we may as well re-paint the walls, this is already spiralling.

But not one to stop there the bathroom which has needed doing FORVEVER was suddenly on the agenda too (thank goodness because you currently have a choice between a hot dribble or a cold shower).

And as if all this wasn’t chaos enough throw into the mix that I have been frantically bidding on rocking chairs as a Christmas present for mum. So dad and I are desperately trying to persuade her to just replace the sofa and not the chairs. But no this wouldn’t do. SO then replace the sofa and 1 chair. But then there is the colour. The rocking chair I’m really keen on is grey. Which would not go so well with the beige sofa mum has her eye on, so o Dad and I are ranting and raving about the relative virtues of grey over beige, we finally have her converted when she announces she wants to go to the shop Monday night. I had it in my head that my auction finished Wednesday so really it doesn’t make sense to go before then because if I don’t win the chair they don’t have to get a grey suite and they can get the sofa and 2 chairs.

So I convince her that  we can’t go Monday  because she’s always exhausted on Monday’s, we can’t go Tuesday because Tuesday is their gym night so really Wednesday is the earliest we can go. So far so good. Then I discover my auction doesn’t end until Thursday Morning. So now I’m trying to put it off until Thursday evening and she is demanding to know why and it’s all getting a bit awkward. Which is when I remember she mentioned painting the living room. Originally against this plan now I see it as my salvation so I outline a new plan. They buy paint Monday evening. I masking tape up all the wood work on Tuesday. We do the first coat on Tuesday evening, the second coat on Wednesday evening and go buy a new sofa Thursday.
All of this is to say I HATE MY BROTHER HE RUINS EVERYTHING! Also I have learnt my lesson and I’m never going to be imaginative with Christmas presents again, next year she is getting a scarf!

Also gratuitious photo from the Church car-park yesterday.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Moral Dilemas

Naaaaargh! This week has been an epic fail at getting posts up in a timely manner!


Today’s late posting comes to you courtesy of job applications. I was putting the finishing touched on the application for the job I’m not sure I can afford! Also getting extremely frustrated because when looking at an application for a job I sent last week I noticed 2 grammar mistakes, I mean that application was always a long-shot but still, incredibly frustrating, because the job was by the sea folks!!!! I may have spent this week goggling accommodation in the area, all of which would have had a sea view, gnaaaaaaargh! Also I came across another job posting which sounds incredibly interesting but which is probably well out of my league, why does the universe do this to me? Job hunting sucks!


Anyway I actually wanted to talk to you about a moral dilemma. I love Chilli chocolate. I can eat it in moderation, and even if I don’t it only comes in 100g bars so it’s not the end of the world if I eat it all. Here’s my problem though: the supermarket only sells 2 types of chilli chocolate, Black’s and Lindt. Lindt’s chocolate is divine. Black’s tastes kinda waxy but it’s fair trade. Hence my moral dilemma. Buy the yummy stuff or the moral stuff? I guess an advantage of the Blacks version is I’ll eat less?


Going to keep this short and sweet because I have to get going, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend,



Thursday, 21 November 2013

NSV Thursday

NSV Thursday. Mine this week is quite monumental. I spent a week at uni, and I didn’t use it or the resulting stress as an excuse to over-eat. This is a HUGE breakthrough for me and I couldn’t be more excited!.
Also my old winter coat, pictured here is too big for me. However, I don’t want to replace it just yet. It’s a UK 20, and was snug when I bought it, I’d like to wait and continue to wear it until I can fit into a UK 16. Which would allow me to get this coat from zara:

I’ve been thinking about goals lately so I decided to make a list of goals and rewards for when I reach them, the achievability of some of the rewards is dependent upon getting a decent job, so where there are 2 one is the budget reward and one is the if I have a job and therefore can afford it reward:
·         178lbs, dye my hair red, I’ve mentioned it before having red hair is something I’ve always fancied so I’m going to do it once I hit this goal (unless the internet persuades me it would be a terrible move lol)
·         168lbs Alicia Silverston make-up, its all hypo-allergenic and organic and I’ve coveted it for over a year. Alternatively a new sports bra in the next size down.
·         158lbs Mr Kate worm fossil ear-rings or a haircut and colour courtesy of groupon, I cut an dye my own hair (sooooo poor) so this would be a real treat!
·         150lbs Mac ruby woo lipstick and liner
·         140lbs lots and lots of new clothes, I will basically buy everything there is in H&M because I will be small enough to fit into it all (and not just select pieces)
So there we go a great NSV and some goals. Its a pretty awesome day.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Weigh In Wedneday
Woo getting this post up in a timely manner, unlike yesterday. I’m actually quite excited for today’s weigh in 186!  The scale is moving in the right direction folks!!! I may or may not have done a happy dance, around the house, who can say?
What’s so great about this weight in is that it’s a loss after a week away at uni, which hasn’t exactly been a blueprint for success in the past. I was reasonable in my eating but it wasn’t 100% in my control, but I didn’t let it be an excuse to go crazy I practiced moderation and who knew it would actually work!
My parents didn’t cope so well with my absence. I did a big shop before going. I left them with a meal plan. All they had to do was follow it. But what did I find when I arrived home...... most of the veg still in the fridge. Apparently it seemed like a lot of effort to cook when they get back from the gym so they just optd to eat out instead. Hopeless! Which means they can’t make snarky remarks if I accidently forget I started dinner before starting my Jillian DVD and dinner ends up shall we say well done? Which coincidently, is my goal for this week, to get back into the habit of doing a Jillian DVD whilst cooking.
I hope everyone else had a good week.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

In which I'm ever so serious

I just want to get serious for a moment, so brace yourself. I think I’m pretty funny, I think I’m so funny in fact that a guy agreeing with this is one of my non-negotiables for dating (you’d think the fact I’m still single would have me reconsidering this, but it doesn’t). Originally I wasn’t sure what to post about today, one week off and suddenly I forget how to blog, but then I remembered this gem of a conversation from the weekend (I’d do the screen shot thing but I am the worst phone user ever), which I will recreate for you here (you’re welcome). I should preface it by saying that whatsapp is my new best friend because I can send silly photos to friends for free.


Hannah: Did you make it home safely? (because unlike me Hannah is actually a kind and caring human being, I’m not sure why she continues to be my friend)




Hannah: Haha, how do I know you got home safely though? You could have been kidnapped?


Me: I was, by some bearded weirdo!


Hannah: At least they’re good looking.


Me: I fear this may be why I’m still single


Hannah: Most likely.


So there we have it folks, why I’m still single. Well that and being caught looking like a homeless person whilst working in the library by some very good looking guys!


And whilst typing out that I remembered something pretty BIG I needed to tell you guys!


Whilst I was at a wedding last weekend some of my friends met up at emma’s, the fact that it occurred the same weekend I had to be at a wedding didn’t seem suspicious. Well, didn’t seem suspicious until I got a message from them declaring they had found the perfect guy for me. So far so good, every now and then they get it into their heads that they need to give my love-life a helping hand. And I was actually touched that this time they decided to pay attention to my other dating rule (some would argue the more important one) that the guy be a practicing Christian. What was new however, is that they went ahead and signed me up for my single friend, where friends describe other single friends. MSF being a responsible dating website does ask for permission from the friend in question and gets them to fill out segments of the profile. Normal people would stop there. But not my friends, to get around this they create a whole new email address for me (forgetting that they in fact know most of my email accounts and passwords) and then do their best to fake being me when filling out the profile.


However, I am poor and so can’t afford the membership fees (which allows you to actually message people), so being the FANTASTIC friends they are, they are holding my account details hostage. So I have no idea what they wrote, when pressed they answered BIG BOOBs which for all I know could be true.

The upshot, I’m still single and I think I may be staying this way for a while, you’re welcome world!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Monday catch-up

So yesterday was all about last week, to day is all about the weekend. As you know I’m applying for jobs left right and centre at the moment. Well midweek I stumbled across a job that was slightly unusual in that part of the job requirement is living in a house on the wildlife preservation premises, for which the rent is quite high (the house is HUGE). I dithered over it all week. The job sounds fantastic and super interesting but at the same time ¾ of my monthly earning would be spent on the house and associated expenses which just seemed a bit steep. Anyway they were having an open day of sorts on Saturday so you could see the house and ask questions about the job. After much debate I decided to go. So I invited myself over to Emma’s for the weekend as she is only 1hr away from the job.


I arrived Friday night at the same time as Emma got in from work, James was on a late shift which meant we only had ourselves to please. Originally the plan was to watch Christmas movies and crochet (we are such party animals!) but it was Children in need on Friday so the plan changed to an evening of Children in need viewing and chat! Em was in a car accident in the morning (a delivery truck ploughed into the side of her car, luckily she escaped without a scratch, just shaken) but this necessitated a takeaway and chocolate. Pizza hut delivers to her house (oh the joys of not living in the middle of nowhere lol) and weirdly it was cheaper if we got 2 starters and 2 large pizzas than to just get one. So of course we overate and made ourselves feel seriously ill! But it was just a super fun and chilled evening.

Saturday Emma disappeared with her Dad to investigate the damage to the car leaving James and I to ourselves. Not only did I get a cooked breakfast (which included a weird combo of vegetarian sausages and white and blood pudding!) but he decided to “help” me with  the job application I was working on by playing me Muhammad Ali quotes followed by the rocky theme tune.


The open day began at 2 so after disguising myself as a fully functioning adult (Emma and James both said if they didn’t know better they’d think I was a grown-up) I set off. Sadly the universe had other plans, in a comedy of errors the motor way was closed for a couple of junctions leading to HUGE traffic cues and once I FINALLY made if off the motor way (after being directed up a slip road the wrong way) I discovered that the next best alternative route using A-roads was also closed. Cue the type of cross-country travelling using tiny country roads which don’t always make it onto the map! Anyway I finally made it there (only an hour late) pretty much everyone had left leaving the poor girl who had been hosting it to clean-up. After explaining my ordeal she very kindly offered to give me the tour and answered all my job related questions for me. The job sounds even more amazing and the house/finanancial aspect even more expensive, I think budget wise I would end up no better off than I have been as a student. So its a tough call.

Although views like this would make the financial poverty easier to bear.

Anyway the road situation on the way back was just as bad and even the sat-nav on my phone couldn’t cope with all the road closures and I ended up giving up and guessing alot of the time but I made it back in one piece. After much discussion we decided dinner out at giraffe was the way forward and the lovely folks there allowed me to swap my wedges for sweet potato fries at no additional cost (this is a very big deal for me!) and then we went to see gravity in 3D, which was traumatising! Whilst I was out on my tour Emma and James did a spot of shopping including buying snacks for the cinema, the got my poison of choice (mmmmmmm pepsi max) and my favourite chocolate (milkyway stars, they are meant for children but they are soooooo good!). I’m fairly sure these treats are the only reason I made it through the film. I really enjoyed the long walk back to the house though because I was stuffed!


I know you don’t really care about the minutiae of my weekend but there is a point. This weekend was a fairly good representation of how I want to live. There were treats when warranted (ie Friday  due to Em’s accident) and the rest of the time I followed a  reasonable eating guidelines when possible without denying myself or stressing over it. Breakfast/brunch was actually very balanced (all oven cooked) and the meal I choose at Giraffe was a very good option for me that with the long walk to and from town meant that I felt I could have the cinema treats without feeling like I was over-doing it. I think this may be what a healthy relationship with food feels like!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

In which I am insulted under the guise of compliments and continue my quest to be crowned world's best friend!

So I’ve been up to so much.


As Shannon so succinctly put it, my planned girl’s night was ruined by boys! However, it actually turned out to be a really great evening. I got to catch up with old friends and meet some new people which is always nice. However, it ended up being a SUPER late night, which wasn’t such a smart move when I had a wedding to go to the next day!


Saturday, I was woken up before my alarm, but it was an awkward time. Too early, meaning I hadn’t gotten enough sleep yet but not so early that it was worth going back to sleep, nightmare! Anyway, I ended up doing something incredibly out of character, I decided to use the time to go for a run. Shocking I know! In hindsight, it was a terrible move. I was so tired I couldn’t seem to get my act together, my legs/pace was all over the place, it was bizarre. Also I totally over estimated my route and ended up being done whilst still 20mins away from the house!


We were late getting to the wedding, arriving at the same time as the bride, which is less than ideal! But it was good fun, I got to catch-up with Ishmael (definitely my favourite part). The only problem is, now he’s been working in the UK for 18months his English has improved enough that he seems better able to express his sense of humor. You’d think this would be a good thing, it’s not. Once I’d finished mocking him over his newly acquired facial fuzz (I know, I’m a fantastic friend) he responded by announcing that I needed to come visit him in Derby because there were lots of young guys at his church and it was about time I found a husband, THE CHEEK! But I had the last laugh in this situation, because when grilling him about his love life I discovered there is a girl he has his eye on........ except he can’t remember her name!!!!!!!


We took some photos (and I’m sure you’ll agree the facial fuzz deserved mocking), and later on in the week he requested a copy. After an epic fail trying to send them to him via whatsapp, I eventually said I’d email  it to him, to which he responded to sarcastically, when I called him out on it, he said that I was the one who taught him how to be sarcastic so it was my own fault. HOW RUDE! He was much nicer when his grasp of the English language wasn’t so good!


We weren’t invited to the reception 9only the ceremony and evening do) so we stuffed our faces in a local pub and I started mainlining coffee (I really don’t cope without 8hrs sleep). The wedding breakfast over-ran so we had to hang out in the lobby for a couple of hours (more on this at some other point) before having wedding cake and more coffee. WSe left a little easrly because I was so tired and needed sleep.

(photographic proof we went!)

It was remembrance Sunday which meant getting a little more dressed up for church, my new go to blouse, skinny jeans, red heels and make-up, including an awesome new bright red lipstick. It was great catching up with people (and a lovely ego boost to hear how much I’d been missed). I also got to catch up with some of the elderly I used to “work with”. I was also the recipient of such dubious compliments as “you’re looking really well, you’re dressing differently and wearing make-up, its good” errrrrrm thanks,but do I really look that bad normally? Also one person greeted me with “goodness you’re literally half the woman you used to be” I’ve only lost 2stone, I repeat, HOW BAD DID I LOOK BEFORE!


Anyway, not alot to report for the rest of the week, work sucks. My eating was OKish but I failed on the exercise front.


I think I’ll save this weekend until tomorrow, and do a normal Monday catch-up!



Identity crisis!

Sorry for such a prolonged absence, yes its been a busy week and I promise to update you on that shortly (probably in a separate post), but to be honest that’s not the cause. A friend of mine recently admitted that when she heard I had a blog she tracked it down and started reading it. And this freaked me out, a lot, every time I went to write a post this week I just encountered a mental block because I thought she’d be reading it. Now this probably says a lot about me, I’m not overly good at being very open, I like to compartmentalise and this extends to friendships (except poor Emma who gets to know pretty much all of it, she’s such a lucky girl) you know with different friendships for different things. I’m trying to be more open, but progress is slow. Which means when this friend confessed she read my blog I freaked out, because I’ve written about lots of stuff on here that I wouldn’t necessarily confide to her about.


Emma (very rightly pointed out) that it’s the internet, not a private diary, people reading it is kina the point of blogging. And she has a point but at the same time it’s different, and it’s like we’re all reading each other diaries, which somehow makes it a little less weird and me feel a little less vulnerable.


After stewing over it for most of the week, I eventually broke down and asked her if she would mind stop reading it. Turns out she’d stopped reading it a while ago because she “couldn’t handle it”. Which is a blessing really, because I've really missed blogging this week, I've missed the interactions and the accountability it offers, and just the whole blogging community in general because just reading the blogs, it isn't the same.


But it made me think, how does every one else handle it when someone you know “IRL” starts reading your blog? Also does anyone else compartmentalise friendships?


Apologies for a less than perky post.

Friday, 8 November 2013

brain dump friday!


It’s the best day of the week!

·         So this evening I’m going to Nikki and Marcus’ house. Originally Catherine and I thought we were going for pizza and movies. I’d even planned to turn up in my pj’s and paint my nails and possibly even do face masks. But now they’ve gone and invited other people, some of whom are guys I don’t know and therefore its nolonger acceptable to arrive in my pj’s, curses on forced socialising that requires me to wear clothing!

·         I spent last night baking for the wedding on Saturday, it is impossible to bake without sampling the goods! I made flapjack, and brownies and shortbread. The brownies are not going to make it to the wedding, I was baking late at night and decided to leave them to cool overnight, forgetting that its impossible to remove them once cooled, so now they will be going to the party with me tonight and they will just have to be eaten straight from the tray.

·         Last nights baking spree had me thinking about recipes. There are some recipes I will share, some recipes you have to earn and some that aren’t mine to share. I’m fairly sure the only reason Emma puts up with my mum’s incessant pestering over when she’s going to get married is because she knows mum is the keeper of the recipes and staying in her good graces is the only way to keep access to them, mum is a tad over-protective of the shortbread and clootie pudding recipes!


Right folks, I’ll try not to drop off the radar next week, in the meantime wish me luck with my enforced socialising!



Thursday, 7 November 2013

NSV thursday

I’m super excited about NSV Thursday because this week I felt like the scales didn’t reflect the hard work I put in. I have tracked everyday this week and been within my calorie allowance, granted some days I’ve had to earn back calories through exercise but that still counts. Which leads me to my other NSV: I have exercised everyday. I have done Jillians 30 day shred every day but Saturday (when I went for a walk instead) and most days I have done something else too, either running or hula hooping which is a huge deal!
In other news I had a great run last night. I haven’t really mentioned it here but the past few weeks (before and after the shoe debacle) I’ve been having a really tough time with running. Everytime I went out it seemed like a real struggle, remember a few weeks a go I was getting excited over my pace well those days seemed like they were in the distant past. For 3ish weeks I’ve been struggling to even make it all the way around my usual loop, and I’ve had to stop for at least 2 brief walking breaks and thats with a painfully slow pace. However, yesterday even though the weather was miserable, and I’d left my run until 4.30 so it was a bit too dark it was a great run. From the get go I felt much better, sure there were a couple of times where stopping for a walking break would have been nice but I didn’t NEED it so I didn’t. I onl stopped to walk when I got to the top of the village and to be honest if it wasn’t for the fact that it was too dark for me to safely continue to run on the road I could probably have kept running, but because it was so dark and the traffic was picking up which obliged me to move up onto the pavement, and as I can’t cope with the slope  of the pavement I stopped to walk for that short section before running the rest of the way home. I arrived home looking like a drownt rat but much happier with my run than I’ve felt in a while, wooop!
Oh and I found this photo on my phone which I haven't shared yet:


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Weigh in wednesday!

Weigh In Wedneday
I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty, and it isn’t, I’m back up to 189. Which I suppose isn’t as bad as it could be after all of last weeks binging but still not good. I’ve been really good on the exercise front, most days doing at least 30mins but trying to get in 1 hr. And my eating hasn’t been fantastic but not terrible, but clearly it hasn’t been good enough. Sadly on Friday I’m back down south for a wedding and then a week at uni which we know from past experience does not spell success, it’s particularly hard to keep up the exercise but I’m going to really focus on at least keeping my eating in check.
On wards and upwards, or rather downwards lol.
In other news still going on with Jillian, it’s getting easier, though my biggest problem is when trying to maintain good form I really struggle not to loose my balance! Maybe it’s just me but when I’m squatting or doing static lunges and concentrating on getting that 90’ angle I struggle to stay upright!!! Also push ups are so hard!
Anyway its only daylight for another 2hrs so I need to get going if I want to go for a run!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Bonus post!

Today is November 5th, otherwise known as the reason I don't like Halloween because it steals the thunder of what is clearly the most awesome holiday of the year!

Remember, remember,
The fith of November,
The gunpowder, treason and plot,
I know of no reason,
Why gunpowder treason,
Should ever be forgot.


Pie Tuesday!

Today’s special addition of pie Tuesday comes to you courtesy of : stuff that was in the fridge that desperately needed using! Let me explain, we were given a bag of apples from someones apple tree in their garden a couple of weeks agot, I stuck them in a cupboard and completely forgot about them, until yesterday when I stumbled across them and realised that the needed to be used immediately, and as today is pie Tuesday I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and make apple pie.

Today’s pie recipie is loosely based on this this one.

For the base I used ½ a pack of just roll pastry, rolled out really thinly. Because whilst the base in the original recipie is a great low-cal option it didn’t go down so well with my family. I just baked it in the oven for 12 or so minutes then left it to cool.

For the filling:

8 cups of apples, peeled and thinly sliced

¼ cup brown sugar

1tbsp splenda

2tbsp cornstarch

2 tsp cinnamon

2tsp lemon juice

Generous dash of vanilla essence

1 ½ cups of water

Mix all the ingredients (except the apples) in a pan over a low heat. Stir continuously until everything is dissolved.

Add the apples and turn up the heat. Stirring continuously for 15 minutes until the apples soften and the liquid thickens (I was a bit impatient at this stage and probably didn’t let it thicken quite enough).

Carefully transfer to your pie dish and smooth out. Then bung it in the oven for 25 minutes.

Remove and allow to cool before slicing, I was impatient so I tried to  do it hot which got aa bit messy. Also I cut mine into 12 slices because I wanted to beable to have vanilla frozen yogurt with it. SO if you cut it into 12 it’s only 173 calories a slice but I think 9 splices is probably more reasonable and then its 208 calories a slice.