Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Today's post is just a flying visit, normal service will begin again next week, promise!!!

It's Hogmanay today (I'm not allowed to say New Year's Eve, I made that mistake earlier and had to put up with ott wailing an moaning from my parents about how they raised a sassanach!).

2013 has been a funny old year. Things with work/uni have been at an all time low, and I started the year off in a very broken place. Looking back at the year it would be very easy to think that I've accomplished nothing, my studies are in the same limbo they were at the begining of the year (or worse). I haven't got a real job. And I've had to move back home. None of which is generally considered a success. But like I said I was very broken, and this year I've pieced myself back together. I found an online community better than I ever could have dreamed.

Sometimes it's easy to get discouraged by the apparent lack of progress. But I'm still here, which as some of my fabulous friends have pointed out considering the year I've had that's a major achievement. 

Also I started addressing the issues I've had with food and eating ect! So whilst I may not have lost a steady 2lbs (more like 1) I have addressed deeper issues. I had a goal to be 175 for the new year and thanks to a lot of indulgences the past 2 weeks I haven't quite made that, but I am 32lbs lighter than I was.

So whilst 2013 has been a necessary year, I am super duper excited about the start of a new year, and the fresh start it represents! 

I have some goals for 2014, some big some small but I'll leave them for tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Hogmanay and has a great time stepping out, and I'll be chatting to you in the new year!


Sunday, 29 December 2013

I am a terrible blogger.... sorry about that :s

Firstly, I hope you have all had an absolutely lovely Christmas, and that Santa brought you lots of good things.

My wee brother ultimately decided not to come home for Christmas, which I was a bit bummed about. He was working either side and there were a whole group who couldn’t get home so he hosted a Christmas party for them. I get it, and it was a pretty sweet thing to do, but it would have been nice (if selfish) to have him home. So initially I was worried it was going to make the whole day a bit blue, but actually it was really nice if very quiet and chilled.

Dad and I smuggled mum’s chair into the house whilst she was in the shower. Full disclosure: I didn’t actually help, I just stood by the door and complained about the cold! We opened presents and that had a mad dash to get ready for church. We came back had soup (mmmmm soup) and then decided to go for a walk along the prom (tiddly om pom pom), which had my brother been about we couldn’t have done! It was a lovely day, if a little cold and windy and the sea was just GORGEOUS!!!

We have always had Christmas dinner at tea time, but since the return of doctor who in 2005 it’s always arranged around the Christmas special broadcast, you’ve got to get your priorities straight!

Boxing day, is like a second Christmas day. Geoff (and until their deaths, his Mum and Sister) have always joined us for Boxing day. There is always gammon and turkey (because he doesn’t always get turkey on Christmas day). There is always more food on boxing day than on Christmas, and there are lots and lots of puddings. Its just a really chilled time, full of love and conversation and Mollie (Geoff's dog), I love Mollie. 

Asides from the reprieve on Christmas day, the weather around here has been pretty yucky, so wet and windy! Sooooo exercise hasn’t really been happening, and eating has definitely continued to be bad bad bad. I did get a run in on Friday because my parents signed me in as a guest at their gym.

I’ve had a pretty awesome weekend too, but I’ll save that for a different post!


Oh by the way, just in case you’re interested you can always follow me on instagram  my username is kwats16

Tuesday, 24 December 2013


It’s Christmas eve, isn’t that exciting!

Oh my goodness I didn’t mean to disappear I’ve just been a tad busy. Last week I finally reached goal No.1 of getting to 178 so I could change my hair, there are photos but its such a subtle change its hard to get a true reflection. Anyway sadly all the end of term teacher gifts for my mum were edible this year, combined with a cracking gingerbread man recipe from my friend and things have just gotten a bit off track here. And by a bit I mean I weighed in at 185 today, eeek! But its not too big a deal, I mean it’s a lot but i made those choices so like a big girl I am excepting the consequences!. I know after Christmas I just need to start behaving and it’ll come off again, the key is not to panic! Also hopefully some of it’s just water weight from all the salty foods!


Anyway as promised photos of my new glasses (I got 2 pairs but they are very similar, one black and one brown).


This is the colour dye I used (it was on a great deal).
This is the result (side note, those photos with the glasses, taken AFTER I dyed my hair). So it’s quite subtle!

And last but not least is the thing which has taken up all my time. Mum’s Christmas present.

Which went from this:


With a broken arm, several chips and a couple of rough spots.

To this.

It even has a dark grey cushion now too.

And whilst I have been slacking bigstyle with my workouts this restoration project was definitely a lower body work out. My poor leg muscles were screaming at me for days after!

Right I just wanted to catch you all up and wish you all a very  merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Good morning campers!

(Reginald and Santa had a falling out when he found out he was on the naughty list)

I have been a busy bee, so let’s catch you up.

I got new glasses (wooo) I’d show you photos but I’m having a pyjama day and haven’t showered yet, and nobody wants to see that!

My poor mum is under the weather. There has been a seriously nasty sickness bug making the rounds at her school, and because she has a ridiculously strong immune system she hasn’t succumbed she’s just been feeling a bit delicate. This happens quite frequently, particularly as the Christmas holidays approaching. Also it always seems to coincide with when my parents decide  to do their Christmas shopping (they believe in leaving things to the last minute). In the past this has had some disastrous results re Christmas presents. And as Saturday’s shopping excursion was for all the younger cousins, whom I love to much to leave at the mercy of Mum’s sickness induced thought process, so I tagged along.

As someone who loves H&M it’s only natural I would want to pass on this passion to all my wee cousins. In my defence we tried a number of shops working our way to H&M and my parents were getting nervous that we wouldn’t find clothes for them, but I knew that H&M would pull through. Although I’m a little concerned as they all seem to have ended up with some sort of checked shirt :s opps! Then I had fun picking out age appropriate books, I think my parents were a little concerned by extensive knowledge of YA fiction.

We split up so Mum and Dad could do their individual shopping and as mum was beginning to flag I went with her. This proved to be a wise choice as at one point I found her leaning against a clothes display with her eyes closed! So we power shopped and then decided to wait for Dad in starbucks!

On Sunday after church we went to Bond’s for a Christmas dinner. I wish I had remembered to take photos for you because I can’t describe Bond’s with words. Its a local ice cream place and restaurant, that hasn’t changed since the 50s. No seriously. The decor, the flatware even the menu hasn’t changed one iota. It’s just good food with no frills. It was fun. Then we went Christmas tree shopping. Disastrously the normal place we go was sold out! SO we road-tripped around several garden centres before finding the perfect tree. I managed to persuade my parents go for different type than normal (it was just such a pretty shape). It’s already losing needles like there is no tomorrow, but I think it’s totally worth it!


I’ve got a second hand rocking chair for Mum’s Christmas present, after much deliberation (on Dad’s side, I always knew) it was decided it would look better with a coat of paint. As an inherently lazy person I decided the best solution was Annie Sloan’s miracle paint. Also being cheap I refuse to pay the postage on a tin of paint, so headed out to the local stockist in Lytham. And in a spurt of uncharacteristic foresight I realised it would be too dark to go for a run (a much needed run thanks to the weekend) when I got back, so I took my running stuff with me!!! You’d think running along the prom would be nice. I can’t honestly say. It was just so cold, and windy I didn’t notice! I also forgot a water bottle for when I’d finished so I had to duck into a chippy to buy water, I looked a little out of place in the que, especially as I was still panting!


Friday, 13 December 2013

100 Posts!

I really wasn’t sure what to say today, especially when my planned post on the lack of photos was ruined by a far more brilliant piece on the Huffington post. So it was back to the drawing board for me. So then I decided to do what I do best and wing it.
So here goes. I just wanted to take this as an opportunity to say how much I appreciate the blogging community. When I first began blogging I had no idea what I was getting myself into. To be honest I thought I would be able to talk about my running progress without risking boring the socks off my friends and didn't really think about it beyond that. But what I found was so much more than that. I found a group of people who are so supportive and caring. I found inspiration and motivation. And I found accountability. So despite the fact that I’m not at goal, or the 150lbs I could have been if I’d lost a steady 2lbs a week (a fact I find mildly depressing) I have learnt so much, changed so much and that’s in no small part due to the blogging community.

So thanks, I can say honestly I don’t know where I’d be without you.

And as we all know my complete aversion to prolonged mushiness, I leave you with another photo of Reginald trying to slip into a Christmass line up.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Bonus Post!

Twice in one day, how will you cope with the esxcitement?

I've been trying to share this photo (and a few others) since the begining of december, but everytime I do my computer crashes.

So prepare yourselves for the most festive thing you will see today:
I'm thinking about making it a series, because it combines two of my most favourite things, dinosaurs and Christmas.


NSV Thursday

NSV Thursday. Otherwise known as the worlds most positive blog link-up, probably.
I touched on an aspect of this week’s NSV already and it is to do with clothes and the bigger concept of style I ordered clothes from Modcloth, somewhere I have wanted to buy things from for a couple of years but always felt a bit awkward about.
I don’t have a great sense of style. Clothes have always been a weapon of disguise. When I was younger 15/16 I had a pretty awesome figure, a slim waist and a huge bust. But at the time I lacked the confidence to revel in it, and felt really self-concious. So I always chose clothes to minimise and disguise the figure. And then when I started piling on the lbs it was clothes which I felt hid my bulk (in retrospect they didn’t but in my head they did). This combined with the British school system means I never really got into clothes or developed a sense of style. I went from wearing a school uniform (at a school which was very strict over it, they used to measure skirt height) to a 6th form which had strict clothes guidelines, so to make my life easier I developed my own uniform of dark wash jeans and jumpers. And because of reasons outlined above I never really experimented at the weekends. I created this style uniform for myself that didn’t really express anything. And then as my weight escalated even more I used this uniform of dullness to hide from the world. Then as I started to find my feet more (even before the weight loss) and started using shoes as a way to express myself. But I still felt funny about clothes, and avoided certain brands terrified that they wouldn’t fit or wouldn’t be flattering and I guess in some ways unworthy of some stores. But as I’ve been shedding weight I’ve also been shedding some of my insecurities. It started at the beginning of summer and has slowly been building momentum, which is what led to my Modccloth spending spree. And do you know what, not a single item was black, or even a dark grey!
Actually it’s a pretty monumental NSV isn’t it?
Right I’m excited to go read everyone else’s NSVs!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday
So Weigh in Wednesday, +0.6, which isn’t surprising. Especially as last night we were down to Ikea again (I'm begining to feel like its a second home) and ended up having KFC for tea, d'oh! But enough, I’m really going to work hard to try and achieve my goal of 175 for the new year! But it’s going to be tight (I'll have to lose approx 2.5lbs a week) so I have a plan of action. I’m going to start Jillian again I had a great 10 days streak before I went to Uni and then when I got back I kept putting off starting again because I thought I’d have to go back down so why start only to be interrupted again. Which is a terrible excuse! So I’m back to it! I’m also going to try and run 3 times a week, instead of my current 2. Oh and the regular indulgences have to stop! But it’ll be worth it. I’m super excited about it, and having this goal is going to help keep me on track as Christmas approaches. And now that I've announced it to the blogging world I'm hopping that's going to keep me accountable!

One more thing I did my measurements (just the main ones) (I lack the same enthusiasm for my arms and legs). Since I started I have lost 5 inches off my bust (but still haven't changed my bra size!). 3 inches off my waist and hips. And the last one is the one I'm most excited about. The measuring tape came with tabs for keeping track, and instructions on how to take your measurements. It said take a measurements at your widest point, indicating the hips/backside area. Thing is that's not my problem area, I carry all my weight around my stomach. SO this measurement isn't from the start, just from the last time I took them, and I've lost 4 inches!!! Which was just the type of motivation to strengthen my resolve to do this! 
Oh and I just wanted to say thanks so much to everyone who voted on a hair colour last week. Obviously I'm not quite there yet but I am stoked for the change.
Short and sweet this week folks. How goes everyone else?

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

tosday innit!

Its Toooousday

Unless you have watched Miranda that joke will be completely lost on you. And if it is I pity you, what dull and boring things your lives must me without a bit of Miranda Hart.

Anyho, I may or may not have had a bit of an ugly weekend diet wise. No binges per ce just lost and lots of poor choices. People I do not deal well with rejection, I am a chronic people pleaser and all this rejection from job applications is slowly destroying my people pleaser soul!!! It started on Friday with a rejection from a job I’d reeeeeeally wanted with this feed back “On this occasion, there were other applicants whose skills and experience more closely matched the requirements for the role”. Rubbish! So I had a brownie cookie (on a separate  note these are an amazing thing and if you’ve never had them you are living your life wrong). Then on Saturday we went to IKEA again (you know you’ve been too many times when the sales assistants recognise you). I had a subway, not bad per ce but I read a PCOS diet book that advocated cutting out grains so I’ve really been trying to avoid bread and pasta (but not cake obviously because everyone knows that those don’t count as grains). Then there were several slices of M&S treatwise millionaires shortbread. This stuff is awesome. Its scrummy and pre-packaged into individual portions of only 120 calories. I don’t get to M&S often so I picked up 2 packets (of 5) the theory being they would last a while. Over the course of the weekend my Dad and I have eaten them both, d’oh! Then I discovered the holy grail of Starbucks.

We only get pumpkin spice lattes in October, and they are usually all sold out before Halloweeen rolls around. Which means (as someone who doesn’t get out much) I usually get one pumpkin spice latte a year. So I was more than a little excited over the above announcement! Then we had a Chinese takeaway, mmmmmm msgs. And finally there was also a small bar of Cadbury with Oreos consumed over a 2 day period (sooooooo good!).

None of these things by themselves are bad. And it’s still a far cry from past behaviours/eating habits. However, I had a secret goal (a quite ambitious secret goal) to reach 175lbs by January 1st, and all those indulgences are not going to help me get there. There was one bright shinning moment though. On Sunday I woke up early and I just knew I wasn;t going to be getting back to sleep, so I pottered about for an hour until the sun rose and then went for a run!!!!! It reminded me why I never exercise in the morning, I want to eat first but then get a stitch half-way around d’oh!

In other news I had a wardrobe clear out (again) of clothes that don’t fit, I’m being ruthless, the moment something is too big it’s out the wardrobe into a charity bag because this time there is no going back. Lately I seem to oscillate wildly between 2 extremes. On the one hand I feel quite smug and slim on the other I feel frumpy and fat and despair over the amount of weight I still have to lose to get to goal, I’m not even half way yet! Anyway I decided to do something I’ve dreamt about doing for years! I ordered some clothes from Modcloth as my Christmas present from my parents (they don’t do online shopping, this year I’ve been in charge of buying their gifts for each other, and keeping all these secrets is killing me). I bought some poetic licence shoes I’ve been coveting for nearly 2 years (and which are dis-continued in the UK) a fabulous dress and a shirt and then because I got a discount code for it being my first purchase I got some earrings too, everything was in the sale AND there was free shipping! Score! Anyway I bought the clothes in a Large, which may be a little snug right now but I’m hopping will be the correct size in the very near future!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Thwarted by the internet


I had this plan, I’m 3 posts (well 2 now) shy of 100 posts and I had this idea of what to do for my 100th post. I was for once being organised about it rather than just my normal go to of starting to type an hope for the best. I was going to do a progress photo and then talk about how I don’t have a photo of me at my heaviest and how there are very few photos of me from the past 8 years kicking around because I hated the way I looked. I was going to talk about what a shame that is because I have gotten to visit so many great places and done some pretty fantastic things but you’d never know because there is no photographic evidence.

Then I came across this article.

And it’s brilliant and says everything I wanted to in a much better, and far more coherent way. So I highly recommend you all go read it.

 I’ll just leave thinking about my 100th post until the last minute, like it should be!

In the mean time I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend.


Thursday, 5 December 2013

NSV Thursday and all that jiggles

I LOVE this link-up! Every week I think “I got nothing” and then every week without fail I remember something (no matter how small) that counts a s a victory in this long (so very very long) journey to health!
This week’s happened on Tuesday’s run. For this NSV to make sense we’re going to need a little bit of context, cue wavy out of focusness that always signals the start of reminiscing.
 When I first started running I ran off road, partly because I like nature (I am a tree hugger, literally) partly because its kinder on your joints but mostly because I was too self-conscious to be running where, heaven forbid, people might actually see me. I was convinced that people (including the ones driving) would see my wobbly backside huffing and puffing as I “ran” my way through the C25K and would a)wet themselves with laughter and b) scoff and demand to know what a lardy like me thought I was doing attempting to run (because obviously it’s for the thin people, you know the ones I mean, the ones that don’t have a spare ounce of flesh on them and that definitely don’t have any bits that jiggle independently of the rest of their body!).
Anyway, as I got better at running I switched my route to a local forest reserve where occasionally I met off-roading biker types, but as I consider BMX bikers certifiably insane I didn’t count them as “people”. Then I had to move home and my off-road route got a little busier. But I was back up-North where people are generally friendlier (true-story) and most of the time they were full of sarcastic encouragement. Then the stupid council decided that flood defences were more important than preserving my running route, how out of whack are their priorities?! This forced me onto the road, at first I was a bit nervous, people might actually see me running, so I carefully selected routes that would minimise the possibility of meeting someone else, not a hard task when you live in the middle of no-where, the area is riddled with tiny country lanes. Sure occasionally I would meet a car but normally they were too busy doing their best impression of race track drivers tp pay any attention to me, so little attention in fact that I often consider it a minor miracle that they don’t clip me with a wing mirror!  Occasionally I’d make eye contact with the other runner in the village (yes there is only 1, everyone else cycles, and they all insist on wearing lycra as they do it, but that’s a whole other story), sure I do sometimes worry that he’s going to lap me but mostly he seems too happy to pay any attention (seriously he always has the biggest grin, how does he not end up with flies stuck in his teeth?).
Which brings us bang up to date with Tuesday. I was out on my run, a little earlier than normal thanks to the ever-encroaching darkness so I met more cars on the way back into the village than I normally would. When I rounded the corner before the dairy farm I was met with a whole line of cars, stuck because there was a huge flatbed lorry parked outside the dairy with a digger on the back (presumably they needed the extra height?). It seemed although they were leaning over the hedge one side of the road, grabbing a bucketful of dirt and then swinging it across thro ad and depositing it in the farm yard. I’m not sure whether the cars couldn’t get past the flatbed lorry or if they didn’t fancy driving under the swinging digger arm, either way they were at a standstill. I ran past them all, paused by the lorry cab, uncertain as to whether if really was a good idea to run under the arm, as I was standing there trying to calculate the probability of encountering my death, the farmer leans out of the digger cab and yells “go on luv, I’ll wait”, so I didn’t have to run under the  swinging arm of death! SCORE! It wasn’t until 5 minutes later, and I was in the village proper, when all the cars that had been stuck began to pass me that I realised what I’d done. I’d ran past all those cars, full of people with nothing better to do than watch my slow progress, and not once did it cross my mind that they could be watching and judging me, instead I was thinking “so long suckers there is space for me AND the lorry, mwhahahahaha”.
And this folks is my NSV, finally realising that the world does not care about my running nor my jiggling behind!
I should go for a run, but as there is a severe weather warning and it doesn’t look like I could make it to the end of the street let-alone around the village, I’m going to give it a miss, what a shame (no, really, I’m actually disappointed). If I’m feeling terribly energetic later I might do an exercise DVD, or not.

Me hugging a tree (I was frustrated because it was too big to give a proper hug):

Ps can we all take a moment to appreciate the brilliance of the word jiggles. Jiggles. Go on say it out loud...... fun isn't it?

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday
First things first. I weighed in today at 183, well technically 183.8 but due to the sensitivity of the scales I usually only pay attention to the whole lbs. I’ve been doing really well diet wise, but I’m seriously struggling to get back into a routine exercise wise. Having said that my new distance based running plan seems to be working out for me so hopefully I’ll get better at that this week, I’m really going to focus on exercise. I want to get out for a run at least 3 times and I’d like to try and get into the habit of hooping for 15minutes a day.
Anyway, my goal for dying my hair is actually 180 which means only 3lbs to go. So I’m currently trying to decide what shade of red. I’ve done a bit of research (hazard of the job) and the web agrees red is definitely an option for me because I have pale red-toned skin, was blond as a child and have freckles. To be honest I could have guessed this because underneath the brown hair dye there are more than a handful of ginger strands (thanks to Dad). But the real question is what shade of red do I go? I posed this question on Monday and the response was hopeless in terms of helping me decide! So this time we are knuckling down and getting serious, and deciding using actual hair dye boxes. There are 2 main categories, Auburn or Red.
In the Auburn corner we have:






In the Red corner we have:



Or if none of those appeal you can look at some of the colour options from the original post here! But whatever you do I beg you please vote, I'm far too indecisive to make this decision on my own!!!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Pie Tuesday!

Eh up!

Sorry this post is so late, I’ve been procrastinating from going for my run all day, which means that I have basically wasted the entire day :/ opps!

SO we haven’t had a pie Tuesday in a while, and we are really stretching the definition of pie with this one, but it’s supposed to be served in a pot with a food lid which makes it a pie, right?

Chicken and bacon rosti pots

4 Chicken breasts

3 lean bacon rashers, roughly chopped

1 medium onion, chopped

2 Large leeks, sliced


1tsp Dijon mustard

1/22 swede (turnip) grated

1 egg beaten

1tbsp cornflour

Spray a frying pan with oil, lightly fry chicken and bacon until browned.

Stir in the onion, leek and thyme, and cook for a further 5 minutes

Pour in stock and mustard and bring to boil, then turn down and simmer for 25 minutes.

Make the rosti by mixing the swede and egg. Divide the mix into 4 and spoon onto a frying pan,  flatten with a fork and fry for 2-3mins on each side.

Add cornflour mixed with water to the chicken mix and simmer for 2 mins until it thickens.

Then you’re supposed to poor into individual pots and then top with the rosti. But I’m lazy:

It was goooood, though cooking the rosti’s made the house smell funky, but I reckon you could substitute with potato.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Bonus post: Hair decisions!

Getting to hear from me twice i the one day, aren't you the lucky ones!

So my cousin recently reminded me that I originally set my "red hair goal" when I was 194 and that I'd said I could dye my hair at 180. This earlier deadline is FANTASTIC as I really need to dye my hair again (those pesky greys that everyone else claims they can't see are back!).

However this does leave me with a decision to make over the exacty type of red I'm going for. I'm hopeless with decisions so I thought I'd see what you lot thought!

So DO I play it safe with this one:

Or this one:

Or step away from the browner tones with this:

Or go full on Ginger with this:

Or even this one:
5 (Kinda loving this shade)

SO what do you think, can I actually pull off any of the above (and if I do will it affect my job hunt like my mum fears). No pressure but I will most likely do what you say lol!

weekend catch-up/ parental trauma

Soooooooo originally I was going to do a normal weekend re-cap, instead I’m going to recap the weekend by using different incidences to illustrate why I’m seriously messed up as a result of my parents. The older I get the more I realise just how much damage these two have done to me:

(apologies for the blurriness, I was laughing so hard I couldn't get it to focus)
Let’s start with this photo, it’s a pretty good example actually. Looks like a perfectly normal photo of a couple by a Christmas tree, right? WRONG. This is the photo I took, what you can’t see is to the right there is a huge dessertcase which is what they were actually posing next to, because and I quote “what’s more Christmassy than cake” Also just out of shot in this photo is a bridge (we are in a restaurant) we had to run over the bridge in case the trolls got us and then continued to traipse around what we later realised was the children’s section to find a table under the “best” fake tree.

Evidence #2

We went out for dinner after a family outing to B&Q for paint (B&Q is a HUGE DIY chain). And the phycological scar here: I wasn’t being sarcastic I genuinely LOVE B&Q. When we moved to our current house it needed alot of work and my parents did most of it. SO my brother and I spent alot of time in alot of DIY stores. SO much time, that from an early age I had a favourite DIY chain (B&Q) and a favourite store within that chain (they liked to rotate their business). Drop me into the middle of any B&Q store and I can find my way to any deparment because I have their standardised floor plan memorised. How’s that for life skills. All this I feel could be brushed under the carpet, but for the most damming piece of evidence. When Ishmael came to visit my Dad had to show me the way to the beach despite the fact we are only 20minutes away. But yesterday when my parents got confused about the way to B&Q I KNEW THE WAY AND COULD DRIECT THEM! That is a sad indictment of my childhood!

Evidence #3

Whilst shopping in IKEA mum suddenly announces that IKEA is a terrible place to be in case of a zombie incursion. The damming piece of evidence is not that as a family this is deemed a perfectly normal observation but that we then proceeded to discuss a survival strategy. FYI you want to get to the kitchen section: weapons and easier to defend.

Evidence #4

On coming out of IKEA both my dad and I started to power walk, then do a weird sort jalk, then we descended into an all out run. Why? Because unless I beat him to the car he get’s in and locks me out and only opens the door once the car is moving so I have to jump into a moving vehicle! Where is my mum in all this? Walking, safe in the knowledge that Dad will unlock her door before starting the “game”.

Evidence #5

It is so engrained from growing up that fruit and a yoghurt is a pudding that when I have it for breakfast I actually feel naughty!

Evidence #6

I had arranged to pick up a rocking chair for Mum’s Christmas from Liverpool on Saturday night. To do this I needed to borrow Mum’s car and preferably dad to drive it. What followed was a 20minute discussion on the pros and cons of telling Mum why we were going out and letting her come with us to have a say in the chair purchase. What settled it is the fact that if she saw it, it would no-longer count as a Christmas present because it wouldn’t be a surprise. This approach doesn’t stop her from trying to spoil her own surprise by attempting to work out what she’s getting for Christmas. I’m fairly certain my Dad hasn’t fixed the garage door, which has been broken for 3 years, simply because it means mum can’t get in and it gives him somewhere to safely store presents. And the bit that means I’m messed up as a result, I see absolutely nothing Wrong with this behaviour in a 53 year old woman!